Did I believe in past lives, reincarnation? If so, in what ways?

articles by satya Feb 15, 2022
Did I believe in past lives?

After some years of working as a therapist and a therapeutic, self-discovery retreat’s facilitator and a lot of research on human behaviour and relationships, something made a point: Did I believe in past lives, reincarnation? If so, in what ways?

Besides having always, a deep feeling that reincarnation exists since small age and many dreams that revealed to me these lives, besides having a clear internal perception, that there is past, present and future, that all these linear spatial times in fact are projections that we need to live in this reality .... but in the cosmos, they all coexist at the same time .... which means that we all live in these realities of infinite possibilities, but somehow our conscious understanding only allows us to reach here and now in a very limited way and at the same time, the safest way for our coexisting in this society.

All these constant questions since very young age and working with power visionary plants in indigenous tribes and observation of many people in spaces of deep inner research leads me to believe that we are much more than we can access and that many of our relational issues are beyond this reality and the relationships it contains. Many of our internal issues do not exclusively concern what we live in this life, are constantly and closely related to our entire memory as a human species, as part of a planetary ecosystem, planet earth, which is within an eternal matrix ... that we can only access through our spirit.

To explain human behaviour and to expect that psychotherapy is sufficient for a true transformation does not seem to me to be plausible ... I believe as a therapist that psychotherapy plays a very important role in the development of the human being, a fundamental piece for us to be aware of who we are, what patterns we have acquired during this life, helping to choose which patterns we want to break, transform, and re-create ... but it stays around. I believe that a vital transformation has to be helped by a true inner questioning of each one, personal questions and universal questions, who am I, what is life, what is the meaning?

This brings us to the question of matter and the spirit. And again, to the question of the reincarnation of souls. The visionary and power plants of the ancient indigenous tribes are undoubtedly one of the keys that opens the doors of the soul ... and a soul is beyond this life ... a soul is an eternity ... where we are all one and where many revelations can take place helping a vital transformation.

Almost all great religions believe in reincarnation, all great spiritual teachers speak to us about reincarnation and accountability for our actions, what we do today makes us the person we recreate at every moment ... but nothing is forever, we have always possibility to recreate our life and our being with our inner work .... an eternal work until we become awareness, compassion and energy in which there are no qualifications of good or bad .... just energy ... energy that gains a body in this reality and is taught through the human mind to qualify ... until we are diluted in an eternal consciousness.

Satya, Working With Satya

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