Module 1 | In person
22 - 28 February 2024

Duration: 2 years | 6 Modules
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Become a Facilitator
Who Works Through the Perspective of Awareness,
helping people to overcome their conditioning and traumas, supporting the evolution of mankind into a compassionate society.



 Who is an Awareness Facilitator

Awareness Facilitators are people with a highly developed sense of awareness. Their primary key to life and work is a personal, spiritual, and emotional transformation.

We believe that one of the most critical qualities of an Awareness Facilitator lies in a strong commitment to self-discovery before working with other people and helping them along their inner spiritual journeys.

The main focus of Awareness Facilitators is Higher Consciousness, which leads people into a compassionate society, reminding them that nature is our temple.

They combine integrative therapy methods with ancient wisdom from indigenous tribes and meditation to create an all-encompassing awareness facilitating technique.

We prepare people to become citizens of the new world based on the unity of humanity beyond any religion, culture, or country, beyond any personality or color of the skin. Everyone is sacred, and we create a safe space for that embodiment to unfold, respecting each individual uniqueness.

What is this School about

The Awareness Facilitator School Serves to Raise Consciousness. And through consciousness, every human being moves beyond trauma, conditioning, belief systems, fears, and doubts into what really matters.

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What is an Integrative Approach


It is the combination between Modern Therapeutic Techniques and space of awareness with Ancient Wisdom and Meditation Practice

With Integrative Approach you will gain a profound understanding of the natural processes of healing and self-regulation. It will help you to facilitate people with a deeper presence, compassion, and awareness than they can find anywhere else. By doing so, you will embody the true principles of a compassionate society and have the strength to be the one who respects each culture uniquely. 

Therapeutic Technique

To support the capacity to recognize and analyze emotional, mental, and physical body, so you understand how to overcome difficulties and transform them into new ways of relating with yourself and others.

Meditation Practice

To support the growth of your Inner Observer, to support your peace of mind and your meeting with your true essence, expanding your consciousness and raising your awareness.

Ancient Wisdom

To support your spiritual growth and deepen your connection to the Oneness of the Universe. This is so you can remember your true essence and experience life as a sacred and privileged blessing.

The Awareness Facilitator School is for you if:

You feel the mission to contribute to a more conscious society and to become a part of the change

In this moment of humanity, a big shadow is taking control of our lives. And we have to uphold the principles of life, respect, and dignity for each human being. What we can do is learn how to be ambassadors of peace in a very active way.

You want to be able to support yourself and others in crisis moments including war situation

You are ready to be the true support in any circumstance and be able to manage an emotional crisis that brings deep fears, uncertainties based on the war situation, always finding the way out and turning those emotions into resources.

You are looking for ways to connect your mind and soul to help them act in harmony

You want to find interconnections of manifestations on different levels: physical and emotional, rational and spiritual. You want to learn how to work with each of them, supporting your own inner growth and the client's self-awareness.

You are ready for deep transformation through dealing with your fears and inner limitations

You seek to find the source of the greatest impact on your life. You want to identify the roots of negative strategies and release the pain, grief, anger, shame, or resentment that is contained there. And then use your own experiences to help other people.

You realize that everything is interconnected and depends on the flow and balance of energy

You are looking for ways to open your sensitivity, recognize your feelings, and hear your intuition. You feel you have potential and seek to develop these abilities to support others on their inner journey of healing, awareness, and blossoming.

You are ready to meet any manifestations of the client and accept them with respect

You understand that the healing process begins with acceptance, and you are ready to hold a safe space of trust and support. You want to learn how to relate with clarity and understanding, without judgment of yourself or of the other.

Anyone who is seeking advanced personal development from an integrated Eastern, Western, and ancient perspective is invited to learn how to work with others while also developing themselves.

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What You Will Learn:

  • Holding a state of emphatic resonance, availability for emotional depth, and presence without judgment;
  • Personal responsibility for healing and growth;
  • Modeling appropriate behavior and emotional intelligence;
  • Creating an empowered and safe space for yourself and others, clarity of communication, sincere and calm presentation of yourself;
  • Willingness accept constructive criticism, ask for help, and adapt to feedback;
  • Clearly defining and enforcing boundaries, personal and professional;
  • Letting go of your rational and thinking mind, opening the door for feeling and intuition;
  • Observing how the body responds to traumatic experiences and strong feelings;
  • Your family dynamics and understand how they affect you and those around you;
  • Sources of the destructive states of "I am unloved, unworthy, incapable" and removing the causes of these negative states;
  • Stepping out of the drama and endless analysis into a state of awareness;
  • Energy readings and transformations within a group or with individuals;
  • Ancient sacred rituals that reconnect you with nature, the planet, and the entire universe, acceptance, and awareness of the fundamental mystery of life;
  • Operating with self-ease and sincerity, not taking oneself too seriously.

Special training in a war situation

In wartime, we need to keep our presence more than ever and be ready to act at moment's motice. A lot of people already require huge support, the ones who are in a war zone and the ones who are outside. So, you can decide what is needed at that moment to sustain life or to help to sustain life. It can be from within a situation, or it could be from the other side of the world, supporting people there.

  • How to deal with war trauma and to help people heal war trauma or crisis trauma;
  • How to turn the trauma into wisdom;
  • How to help people to recognize the signs of trauma and to use them to stabilize themselves;
  • How to understand and read the facts of the situation;
  • How not to lose the connection with reality;
  • How to move from apathy, deep depression to action and respond to the moment making a decision;
  • How to deal with strong emotions, the willingness to cry, the feeling of desperation, the feeling there is no way out, and to turn those emotions into resources;
  • How to respond actively to what is truly needed to do at the moment;
  • How to deal with deep tiredness and stress and how to use the stress to remain calm and clear mind;
  • How to work days and nights without sleeping and how to find resources for yourself and others in those conditions;
  • How to become a leader in a crisis moment - when to be direct, strong, and to use power, keeping the direction, and when to be calm and understanding, connecting from the heart;
  • How to understand what are the main principles of your own life and how you can sustain them through a crisis.
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Modules Schedule

You will be able to hear and see beyond what your client expresses in words. It is a beautiful journey of inner growth, empowerment, and love.

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Meet Your Teacher

Satya is a Consciousness Activist

She dedicates her life to helping people heal their wounds, to realize their full potential, to awaken their own soul wisdom, and to expand their consciousness.

Her approach is loving, inspirational, and authentic.
Blending a balance of being supportive and challenging she empowers people to realize their greatest potential & to bring more joy and relaxation into their own lives.

In her passionate and light-hearted way, she shares a comprehensive approach that goes beyond cultures and traditions.

She has years of professional working experience with several transformation processes and therapies, such as meditation, breath work, bioenergetics, primal work, emotional stress and trauma release, ancient wisdom from Indigenous Tribes, fire-walking, soul expression and energy reading.

Satya sees an authentic essence grounded in the human bodies and daily life. Through the expansion of our consciousness, healing of our pain body, we can return and awaken pure presence of our authentic being beyond the busy mind and egoistic sense of self, accessing infinite wisdom and creativity.

What is Next

After you’ve completed training, you have an opportunity to become one of the first Certified Awareness Facilitators. This will give you an excellent background in human development as a facilitator. As a result, you will have access to a wide range of options for deeper study. 

Explore Ancient Healing

Optional 7 Module: Blossom into expanded states of awareness. It involves a sacred retreat to the Peruvian Amazon Jungle, where ancient wisdom can be imparted in ancient ways.

Facilitate People

Combine all your skills to positively impact the lives of others as a facilitator. You can provide your own practice, and assist on retreats with Satya, to be one of the Working With Satya therapists.

Become A Teacher

Take an advanced training for teachers to expand with us the International Awareness Facilitators Community, sharing your knowledge and experience with new students.

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The main goal is to maintain a deep respect for the necessary time and ability of everyone to go through their own process of inner awareness and healing, keeping a safe and professional space for the client to expand and manifest.

Meet our Awareness Facilitators Community

Iryna Grysha

I think you have to be brave to go on such a long journey to yourself and it is worth it. For me, everything that Satya shares is valuable, sensitive, delicate, profound. The space that Satya creates is already a healing. Each module of the school is a big shift and another huge step in my life toward love, compassion, joy, abundance, a higher quality of life itself. Also, it gives me many supports and tools in my professional life. I can see it in the way my clients share now, the requests they come up with, and the trust that grows between us.

And also for me the great value is the Awareness Facilitators Community that we create, how close we become, how much joy and warmth there is just from the fact that we are together. I thank you infinitely!

Irina Kravchenko

It is a sacred process of deeply discovering and healing myself from the safe space of love and compassion. Understanding and experiencing awareness on a completely different level. It has everything you need to be a true support on the path of healing, both for yourself and the clients. The whole program is carefully thought out and balanced. The transformation is very comfortable, interconnected, flowing. Satya is a master and a teacher of the highest level, a well of experience and knowledge that goes far beyond the mind and body. Her life principles, authenticity, honesty, vulnerability, and all facilitator's ethical principles resonates in me, my body, heart and soul! It is an incredible miracle and a great privilege to be a student of this school, to be part of the community, to have the opportunity to learn from a master like Satya.

Important to know for your participation


To pursue this school, you will need to dedicate yourself to personal and professional development. Self-healing, inner awareness, and spiritual transformation are the primary focus of this process.

You will be developing practical experience and knowledge of integrated ancient wisdom, therapeutic, and meditative techniques. They will be learned through the practice on yourself, so you must be prepared for the self-development effects of these practices.

The Awareness Facilitator Certificate will be provided to all individuals who complete the required six modules, attend individual and supervision sessions.

Certified Awareness Facilitators School with Satya

Language: English and Russian

  • 2 years of a profound own healing journey and high-qualified learning process;
  • Full package of learning PDF-materials, presentations, guided meditations;
  • Regular online facilitating practice, peer and instructor feedback;
  • A best-in-class online learning experience and intense practice on live modules-retreats;
  • Inter-module support: live Q&A sessions, group meetings with Satya and Assistances;
  • Access to a like-minded, mission-based International Community of Spiritual & Conscious Seekers;
  • Global recognition as an Awareness Facilitator.

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