Serra da Estrela, Portugal





The Quest-Retreat to Find Yourself, Meaning and Direction in Your Life.

A Shamanic Retreat for Self-Discovery.

The deepest journey to find your true longings embraced by nature.

Ask with the soul, discover with the heart.

Language: English, Russian





Serra da Estrela, Portugal

18 SEP - 28 SEP 2023


SOUL VISION QUEST: Shamanic Retreat for Self-Discovery


The Quest for Meaning and

Direction in Your Life.

The deepest journey to find your true longings embraced by nature.

Ask with the soul, discover with the heart.

Language: English, Russian



Your authenticity.


Your daily actions with your principles.


A happier and truer way of living.





Do you believe it is time to make a profound change? 

Do you feel that your existence no longer has a true purpose?  Are you tired of a routine that has taken the joy in your daily life?

 Do you believe that the true meaning of life goes beyond what you have experienced so far?


Become the one, who is brave enough to ask the questions, get the answers, and act.

Dare to stop, to quiet your mind... so you can listen and SEE...


Soul Vision Quest — a spiritual retreat to find yourself — is an immersive experience in nature, a deep encounter with oneself and with the Mystery that goes back to ancestral origins, which helps .

It is a 4-year commitment in which we are planted on the mountain like seeds that want to grow. We pray for a vision for our lives and for future generations.

In this first year, the self-discovery retreat lasts 7 days, 4 of which are spent in absolute isolation, without food, phone, but with the opportunity of going within as never before. This is one of the oldest processes of consciousness and spirituality in Human History.

The purpose of this self-help retreat is to explore and discover what calls you, by allowing your essence, your soul, to speak to you. Taken as a rite of passage, of death and rebirth, in the light of modern times, it can be understood as a turning point towards a life more in tune with who you are and the principles by which you want to guide your actions, your relationships and your own existence.


We plant a body, we plant a spirit, and through the days and nights embraced by nature, we will witness the rise of a vision for life




A Soul Vision Quest is a deep process for an effective inner change. An inner orientation, the end of living as a victim, a decision to no longer play small or avoid what you really want to achieve because of fear. This self-love retreat is a commitment to loving oneself, to act according to your principles, to become who you truly are by the lens of your soul.

Soul Vision Questers may feel inspired for very different reasons:

  • when faced with a new or challenging situation, such as a career change, relationship or marital problems, psychological or spiritual crises, grief, or existential processes.

  • Because they want to discover their gifts and purpose in life.

A Soul Vision Quester is curious and finds courage in the face of fear of the unknown because he/she knows that sometimes we have to take leaps...of consciousness to reach the next step.


Authentic Solitude

Holistic Detox

Each participant is alone, without contact with the outside world, and stripped of their social roles, habits, and infinite expectations. It is also the time for a digital detox, without access to technological devices - with which we normally spend several hours of our day and much of our attention.

It allows us to let go of all the stories we have been told and have accepted as absolute truth and to see what lies beyond the conditioning we have grown up with.




This unique experience could only take place in nature, the ideal place to re-experience ourselves as an integral part of an ecosystem. At Soul Vision Quest shamanic retreat, we are reminded that we are the ones who belong to nature, not the opposite. We leave the man-made world to lie down in the world that created and shaped Humanity.

This allows us to awaken all our senses, which are numbed and distorted by the stimuli of cities, technology, and the stress with which we live our daily lives.

 … and nature said:

"Meet me, and you will meet yourself"



Fasting is a central part of Soul Vision Quest.

It generates changes in human consciousness, calms the speed of internal discourse, and allows access to new perceptions about ourselves and others. Physiologically, after about 24 hours of fasting, cells enter into a process of autophagy – that promotes detoxification through ketosis - the switching from glucose to fat as body’s energy source. It is natural to feel hunger, and loss of energy, but this period of fasting poses no risk to a healthy person.

Fasting gives elasticity to our focus, and our thoughts and you will find yourself thinking about situations you have not dealt with before. In this quiet discovery, our true voice begins to expand and surface.



We often attribute prayer to religions, but this word surpasses all those frontiers.

Prayer is a dialogue between our being and the Sacred. Some call it God, others Creation, Mystery, Nature. It happens, when all other dialogues stop, to share, question and ask honestly. In this Soul Vision Quest, this becomes a special moment of taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions, so that a new consciousness and way of being in life can be shaped.

Prayer is the first way to give matter to consciousness and to find the inner strength to put into practice.





The most intimate dimension of our existence, waiting for us to learn to listen to it. Feeling with the soul is a new way of perceiving life. It is the vessel of our wisdom, just as the body is the vessel of the soul.

Consciously returning to it is the way to hear the whispers of the soul.


It refers to the encounter with what lies beyond the ego and cultural and social conditioning.

A vision is considered a gift from the source of creation and the real reason why iconic figures from our history have gone on Vision Quests for millennia.


The opportunity to ask honest questions that come from the depths of the soul and detached from the roles we have taken on, habits, and cultural beliefs. A renewal of the true commitments that can guide our lives.

To dream again, to have a voice, to be present in the world.


Have the opportunity to gain knowledge about yourself.


Disconnect from all the distractions of the modern world.


Gain maturity by facing your survival skills.


Get the answers you have probably been waiting for a long time.

Be part of a rite of passage, considered crucial to a person's destiny.


Soul Vision Questers make a great journey without leaving the same place. 

You will experience physical changes, changes in mental attitudes, changes in the emotional paradigm, and the depth of the spiritual dimension.

It's the beginning of something new while also letting go of the self you wish to leave behind.


Soul Vision Quest reflects the role of spirituality and contemplative thinking in Indigenous cultures and it belongs to all.

Because we are all indigenous of this land, Pachamama, Mother Earth.



Buddha journeyed to the forest to fast under a tree, and during that time he acquired his enlightenment.

The visions he received became the teachings he passed on, influencing history with the birth of Buddhism. This was a Vision Quest.


Christ, Moses, Muhammad, and other icons of world history isolated and fasted to pray and receive directions on the path to follow. They made their Vision Quest, as did Black Elk and other Native Americans, to whom the name of this sacred rite of passage and transformation is attributed.

Seekers of their own personal and spiritual development participate in Vision Quests to get closer to the origin of creation, the source of existence, to find guidance and the strength needed to overcome challenges, faithful to principles and values.




The concept of Earthing, also known as Grounding, means the direct connection of our skin with the Earth, which contains a subtle natural electrical charge that provides us with several benefits. This practice consists of walking barefoot outside, gardening, or lying in nature, just as the Soul Vision Quest invites us to do.

The ancient wisdom of indigenous societies believes in the healing power of exposure to the Earth, and throughout history, several philosophers and scientists have alerted us to the importance of not disconnecting ourselves from direct contact with the natural soil. The direct skin-to-earth contact lets free electrons to flow from the surface of the Earth to our bodies. These electrons may neutralize the free radicals that would otherwise damage our cells.

Several researches show promising connections between Earthing and improvements in health and general well-being. It can improve chronic fatigue, sleep patterns, reduce stress levels, boost immunity, improve heart and nervous system health, among other benefits.







Satya is a Consciousness Activist. She is a Vision Quester from the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan. She became the first Portuguese Female Firewalker Master in Europe, she is a Sacred Pipe Carrier, a Sacred Sweat Lodge Keeper, and a leader in Teacher Plants Sacred Ceremonies, working with more than 60.000 people around the world.

On her long Indigenous Path Of Healing & leadership, Satya received teachings and blessings for her work from José Campos, Peruvian Shaman, Carmen Vicente, Equador Shaman, Don Toño, Huichole Shaman, and others.

Satya always tried to put into practice what her restless soul was asking her to do. That is why she soon began studying and traveling around the world to discover ways of understanding existence and the human being. She has been inspired by the indigenous tribes and cultures of Indonesia, Mexico, Hawaii, Peru, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, England, Portugal, and Kyrgyzstan.

Having worked with several transformation processes and therapies for the past 13 years, Satya's main focus is combining ancient wisdom with modern therapeutic techniques. Satya created her own method and founded the school where she teaches it: Awareness Facilitator School. So far, about 110 students are enrolled in the school, whose certificate is completed over two years with theory, practice, and experimentation.


Satya dedicates her life to helping people reach their full potential, awaken their own soul wisdom, and to raise their consciousness.


1st Year - 4 days - Red

The year of the Inner Warrior, of the one who has the courage to look within, to face challenges and commit oneself to the path of consciousness. It is the year of discernment, of the passage from the child who sees himself in the center of the Universe, to the adult who is part of a whole. This warrior patiently fights inner wars, becoming responsible for his thoughts and actions, returning to a life with purpose.


2nd year - 7 Days - Yellow

The year of planting your seeds for the future. The year of the sun shining into the dark night of the soul, to bring to the surface the values that lie beyond fears and self-doubt. The year in which we put true spirituality into practice, aligning actions, emotions, body, mind, and spirit. It is considered the beginning of the journey of the spirit, with new ideas and renewed energy.

3rd year - 9 Days - Black

The year of the unknown and acceptance of the infinite mystery, preparing for the time of death, in a conscious way. It is the time of detachment, and surrender to something greater than our individuality. One faces the fear of losing control to develop trust in one's own soul. It has the meaning of introspection and silence as gifts from the masters who face the darkness with their inner light.

4th year - 13 Days - White

 The year of the commitment to one's own light, and to learn from the wisdom of the ancestors. It is the recognition that we are already ancestors and that our actions, more than words, will be remembered and serve as an example. The year of forgiveness, acceptance, grace, Infinity beyond time and space. It is a year of connection with all dimensions.


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"Ask with the soul,

discover with the heart"



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 The Soul Vision Quest is a really intense and deep process. That is why it is open only to those who have already participated in a retreat led by Satya.

If you decide to participate in this unique experience, you will be interviewed so we can take into account all your needs and to provide you the best support in your Soul Vision Quest.