A new frontier for healthcare and a key to consciousness evolution


Our Approach



Working With Satya provides an integrative method, which involves the evolution of consciousness and the deepening of the spiritual dimension put into practice in daily life.

Our work lies on a bridge between indigenous ancient wisdom and science, where natural psychedelics reveal themselves as a key - but not the only one - for the development of the human being.



Natural Psychedelics are part of our approach for their healing and therapeutic benefits, and also for their potential in consciousness expansion.

We see them as a gift from Nature, which should be honored and used with the highest responsibility and professionalism. However, we believe in the complementarity of the processes we offer, since it is our conviction that there is no perfect technique or tool for effective change in life, but that it is in their combination that deep transformation happens.

The work with natural psychedelics is carried out during the Amazon Sacred Retreat, in the Peruvian Amazon jungle. In other retreats, such as Soul Wisdom and Lotus Sacred Journey, the structures are created with several contemporary therapeutic techniques, meditation and other ancient practices, but without the ingestion of these medicinal and sacred plants.

Satya’s Vision on the role of Psychedelics

In this time of Humanity


Our aim is to contribute to a new paradigm with more conscious human beings, and for this, inner growth is unquestionable. The various available tools, which have always existed in nature or have been developed by human beings in ancient and modern times, should converge to help us in the present towards a better future.

 We believe that Natural Psychedelics are a new frontier in Mental & Emotional Healthcare and the next step into the evolution of consciousness towards a new Global Society.

What are Natural Psychedelics?


Natural Psychedelics are psychoactive substances, typically found in plants or fungi, that have been used for thousands of years by indigenous cultures in healing and spiritual contexts.

Also called entheogens, the chemicals they produce cause altered states of consciousness and it is now accepted that they have the potential to deeply transform our perspective on life, ourselves and the world. We believe that the level of awareness they provide is related to the possibility of overcoming the barriers of the personality structure, self-defense strategies and the belief system we have built inside us over time.


You can read more about natural psychedelics here:

Some examples of Natural Psychedelics:




The name ayahuasca refers to a preparation of different plants, the amazonian vine ayahuasca, Banisteriopsis caapi, and usually chacruna, Psychotria viridis, whose active component is dimethyltryptamine (DMT).


More About Ayahuasca


A Shrub, Tabernanthe iboga, from Central Africa (especially Gabon), whose root bark contains the alkaloids ibogaine, ibogaline and ibogamine.



More About Iboga


It is a cactus, Lophophora williamsii, which contains Mescaline and grows mainly in the deserts of Mexico and the United States under bushes.



More About Peyote


About 180 varieties of mushrooms contain the alkaloids: psilocybin and psilocin, whose effects are psychoactive. The largest variety of these species are found in Mexico.


More About Psilocybin Mushrooms


San Pedro, Echinopsis pachanoi, is a columnar cactos native to South America. Mescaline is the responsible alkaloide for its psychoactive effects.


More About San Pedro



 The benefits of using natural Psychedelics do not apply to everyone.There are cases, situations or moments in life, in which they should not be taken. It is important to be aware of the risks they carry and that their use should be done with good practices by the person who is leading the session, whether in preparation, during or after.

 All the work done with natural psychedelics at Working With Satya includes a prior general and mental health questionnaire, as well as a one-to-one interview. After the retreat, our team remains in contact with all participants, providing the materials and the necessary support for the integration work - the stage of the process in which the insights from the experience are processed so that they can be put into practice in daily life.

We see Natural Psychedelics as a gift from Naturewhich should be honored and used with the highest responsibility.


Satya’s Journey with Natural Psychedelics


Satya started working with natural psychedelics in 2008. At that time, there were few people in Europe, especially women, who knew or had taken these plants, considered sacred by the indigenous tribes and called teacher plants. She was given teachings of ancient wisdom by masters and healers and helped to support various groups of people seeking their own healing and changes for their lives until the day came when she was invited to lead ceremonies. She refused, she doubted, but in the end she felt in her soul that this was the path she had to follow, and for which she feels deeply honored and grateful.



Every year Working With Satya holds at least two retreats in the Peruvian Amazon.

The next Ayahuasca Jungle Retreat with Satya takes place in August of 2023.


Natural Psychedelics & Healthcare

We are witnessing a resurgence of scientific research around psychedelics and many studies show promising results, especially concerning mental and emotional health.

We share some published studies below:


Effects on depression and anxiety symptoms with Ayahuasca


Possibility of rapid and sustained reduction in suicidal ideation with ayahuasca


Positive effects of psychedelics on depression and wellbeing scores in individuals reporting an eating disorder


Ibogaine associated with substantive effects on opioid withdrawal symptoms and drug use for whom other treatments were unsuccessful


Changes in inflammatory biomarkers are related to the antidepressant effects of Ayahuasca


Antidepressant potential in therapy with psylocibin.



Psilocybin holds considerable promise in promoting long-term abstinence from smoking


How do you see the


of science research

on natural



The bridge between two sources of knowledge:

Ancient Wisdom and Science


We are facing a new advent of psychedelics, but we believe it is necessary not to abandon the wisdom that comes from thousands of years of experience from indigenous tribes about the realm of sacred plants.

Their rituals and practices must be respected and interpreted.

In the western world, we are moving towards holistic treatment, which, with all due differences, has always been the perspective of indigenous ancient wisdom.

The sacred visionary plants, Natural Psychedelics, were used by our ancestors to find and heal the root of the problem that a person was facing, harmonising their state so that they realign with their essence, with the community and with nature.

They speak about spirits whilst science speaks about the chemistry produced in the human body; perhaps the distance between them is not as great as it seems.

We deeply believe that the potential of natural psychedelics goes far beyond  therapeutic and medicinal purposes.


The dive to new dimensions of consciousness that they provide us, to which we normally cannot access, allows us, through them, to perceive - and feel - the true meaning of union, compassion, true spirituality, and Humanity.


It is in this expansion and evolution of consciousness that we believe that, through this work with the sacred plant realm, we can develop a more honest, solidarity-based society, with respect for each other and for Nature.

Healing with Natural Psychedelics


More and more people are seeking natural psychedelics and the reasons are very diverse.

Healing of the physical body, rebalancing of the mind and comfort of the soul are just some of them. Science may not explain the results, at least not yet, but countless people report the achievement of effective changes in their lives.


Besides the healing of the body and the mind, and dealing with the issues we all face, the search for a true meaning in life becomes more relevant, where BEING overcomes having.

Who do I believe I truly am?

What are my principles and how can I guide my decisions based firmly on them?

This is the basis for the transformation of the paradigm in which we live, and which natural psychedelics allow us to FEEL. More conscious human beings will become ambassadors of new social and political values for the development of a new global society whose focus is not on individuality but on the well-being of all.

My healing, the evolution of my consciousness, is the healing and evolution of Humanity's Consciousness.


Talks and Podcasts about Natural Psychedelics

Here you can watch or listen amazing Talks and Podcasts where Satya dives into her work and experience with Teacher and Visionary Plants:

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