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Exclusive Women's Retreat



Bringing clarity to the hidden parts of your being 

Languages: English, Portuguese, Russian

an Exclusive Retreat for Women.


what lies in Your Unconscious


Responsible for Your Decisions


Self-acceptance and Compassion

The pressure to be "perfect" and the need to be accepted made us start hiding parts of ourselves from an early age.

We learn to mask ourselves and even identify with the way we want to be seen in the world and we repress ideas, instincts, impulses and fears... 

but where do they go?

They are alive, they are parts of us, they live in our unconscious... and they are calling for our attention.

Black Lotus is about connecting with our True Whole Self.

A journey for Women who see in the Dark.

What is the
Black Lotus retreat?

Black Lotus is one of the petals of the Lotus Sacred Journey. It is dedicated to opening the secret box of our unconscious, where a vast world of true feelings that are also part of who we are, dwells. We all have difficulties, insecurities, and doubts, but we usually don't want to deal with them and we hide them to protect ourselves from pain. 

In this 4-day retreat, we will bring blockages and stuck emotions like anger, fear, jealousy, and hurt to the surface in a loving and safe atmosphere, to understand their roots and become responsible for the whole of who we are.

The Black Lotus is designed for us to see ourselves without judgment, to take off the masks that have kept us in an inner conflict for so long, and to focus all our energy on searching for who we really are.

Bringing light to the unconscious frees us from being controlled by old beliefs and traumas we are not even aware of, and to remember our essence so that living with heartfelt passion feels natural again.


At Black Lotus we will explore our shadow and our masks


 “Shadow, in this work, is everything that is repressed: emotions, beliefs, memories, that when they are not recognized, start to control us.

What do we mean by shadow work?

We want to allow all these parts that live in our unconscious to have more space, to be seen. By recognizing them and giving them the attention they deserve, we can heal them and melt them, so we don't act out on them!

Our shadow is not something we should be ashamed of, quite the opposite. They are just points that we need to embrace, understand and become responsible for, so that we don't project onto others and live more healthily and freely.

If I don't recognize my shadow, I can find myself in behaviors such as:


Blaming myself or others for the inability to take responsibility for parts that are mine;


Pointing out flaws in others, being unaware that I have them myself or something that makes me feel insecure;


Lack of empathy or compassion, criticizing behavior that touches me in some way.

Shadow work allows us to uncover these repressed energies and is one of the most powerful tools for transformation. Exploring your shadow can lead to greater authenticity, creativity, energy, and personal awakening.


Masks are the roles that you play in your lifenot being your authentic self! The masks are the behaviors that you recall to yourselfso you are or you feel that you are accepted.

“And when you repeat those behaviors so frequentlyyou forget that that is not your true essence.

What do we want to work with our masks?

To recognize the masks we use, what they are protecting, and why do we still feel that we need to keep holding them!

Black Lotus is a safe space to dig into ourselves, layer by layer.

To bring the unconscious into the conscious, to interrupt our patterns, to discover our triggers and learn how not to let ourselves be affected by them.

It is a journey of transformation, from the way we arrive to the way we leave, a little more aware, more compassionate with ourselves and others.


We will work in all dimensions


Modern therapeutic techniques support the understanding of the feelings and behaviors we have in certain situations. They are tools to explore the patterns and masks we have adopted, to understand their origin, to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and to conquer a life with authenticity.


We explore the mystery of life, recognizing how it transcends our self. Through ancient rituals, we realize that there is no separation between me and the Mystery, which welcomes us just as we are, because we are also the Mystery itself.


We will learn how to become more aware of our emotions. We enhance compassion, love, empathy, for ourselves and for others and dilute hatred, resentment and anger by giving them the attention and space they need.


Through breathing techniques, dance and movement, we will unblock memories and emotions that have become stuck. The work with the body, container of our existence in this life, is a key for many understandings. In this way we can open ourselves again and bring more life into the body, heal pains and the isolation we put ourselves in and expand our consciousness.


The practice of meditation and the sacred rituals of ancient wisdom allow us to go deeper into the connection with ourselves, with our true feelings in the more subtle dimensions, which are often left aside if we stay only in the analysis that therapy allows. The connection with the sacred is more and more a necessity, reminding us that we belong to the Mystery of Life.


We will explore our dimensions, through techniques and practices such as:

Authentic Exposure
Trauma release
Dance and Movement
Ancient Rituals
Soul Expression
And much more!

With Black Lotus
you will be able to...


  • Learn how to let go of a fear-based perspective and recognize and confront your fears;
  • Take actions that are more in alignment with your true values, needs and longings;
  • Feel more integrity, by living with honesty and truth;
  • Accept that you are a complex being, and even what we repress are parts that we need to embrace;
  • Improve your relationships as you become able to see yourself more clearly. Authenticity is a key for intimacy;
  • Feel an expanded sense of joy and capacity to be grateful for and celebrate your life.



Meet Satya

Satya is a Consciousness Activist. She dedicates her life to helping people reach their full potential, awaken their own soul wisdom, and to raise their consciousness through a method that combines Modern Therapeutic Technics and Indigenous Ancient Wisdom.

Satya always tried to put into practice what her restless soul was asking her to do. That is why she soon began studying and traveling around the world to discover ways of understanding existence and the human being. She has been inspired by the indigenous tribes and cultures of Indonesia, Mexico, Hawaii, Peru, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, England, Portugal, and Kyrgyzstan.

 Having worked with several transformation processes and therapies for the past 13 years, Satya created her own method and founded the school where she teaches it: Awareness Facilitator School.

With the knowledge of modern therapies, Satya supports the process of bringing to the surface the wounds that need to be healed, the consequences of traumas that have become ingrained in the body and mind and the patterns of behavior and thought that does not allow us to live our authenticity. Ancient wisdom and its sacred rituals enable us to reach into the subtler dimensions of our existence, remembering that we are much more than our history and personality structure and regaining our connection with the Mystery of Life.

She serves the evolution of consciousness for the transformation of the world into a compassionate place where Humanity means Unity.



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