Special . Spiritual . Sacred . Satya

5 NOVEMBER 2023 








Conscious Relationships


 Portugal, Lisbon | In-person event

Simultaneous translation available: Portuguese and Russian

Limited places


Special . Spiritual . Sacred . Satya





Conscious Relationships

Portugal, Lisbon | In-person event | Limited places

Simultaneous translation available:

Portuguese and Russian

Serra da Estrela, Portugal

4 - 10 DECEMBER 2023




Retreat for Men & Women


Dare to live your authenticity

by understanding the layers of your inner world.

Language: Portuguese, English, Russian

7 days | 95 hours of Personal and Spiritual growth.



15 hours designed to dive into your own being


practices and self-development tools


gathering of people that dare to look inwards


leads a full day to expand consciousness and celebrate life





SDAY was born for everyone! For all those who seek to grow in their being and for whom consciousness, spirituality and self-development are themes they want to explore or deepen.

 This year we have chosen the theme "Conscious Relationships". We will explore it together and give you precious tools so that you can live your relationships in a healthier, more authentic and happy way.

A day to be together...The day you decide to come and discover Satya's work live...The day when the feeling of belonging awakens: because we are all walking the path of consciousness.

 Come... as you are!

SDAY'23 : Conscious Relationships


What does it mean to have a conscious relationship? Can you have intimate relationships?

How is your relationship with yourself? Are you able to be authentic?

Or do you mask yourself because of the fear of being rejected?

How is your relationship with Nature? With Life? How can we embody trust and self-love?

 Welcome to a day where you will learn precious tools and discover the potential you have inside that is just waiting to blossom.




SDAY is about rising consciousness together!




15 hours of practice and celebration - @Artkaizen, Lisbon

We open the doors at 7am for morning meditation - the base of Satya’s method and the perfect way to awaken your inner observer for what awaits you! (Bring comfortable clothes if you want to join this practice!)

The welcome will be at 9am! If you missed morning meditation, your SDay starts here!

¬†During the day we will have different practices using all our dimensions ‚Äď body, mind, heart, soul and Mystery ‚Äď different structures with music, movement, reflection and exploration. They will be a support to dive into ourselves and the theme of the day‚Ķ S is also for Secret, so we will not reveal it all.

We will have¬†Satsang ‚Äď a moment where we melt in Satya‚Äôs words. A time to listen and quest inside. After, Satya will open a moment for questions and answers for us to grow and rise together.

And to bring to a perfect end - a sacred ritual with live music, played by great artists and amazing friends.

SDAY, a day to dive into ourselves with:




Body, Mind and Soul

Ancient Rituals

Awareness Movement

Live Music


Dance & Movement

Exposure Work

And much more!

Meet our Musicians


Carlos Mendonça

He is a living, breathing testament to the transformative power of music and the boundless capacity of the human soul to express itself through art. 

Luis Paniagua &
Marlen Martha Maria

Their improvised sound is created through their authentic expressions of presence, creating intuitive vibrations and sounds of presence that belong to everyone who hears them.

DJ Vladislove

His unique blend of house organic music, infused with deep hypnotic and mystic rythms, sets the perfect musical journey manifistation.


Her DJing musical style navigates in Organic House, medicine and profound sounds. She sings with a free and open heart, leaving no one unaffected by her pulsating energy.


Filipe Soares

His melodies are keys that unlock the doors to our innermost emotions and experiences, and invite us to join him on an introspective voyage.

Diogo Vilhena

Music has always been his language of emotions and sensations, imprinted in his soul. Through various musical instruments he take us on their journey.

 Diogo Mendonça

Through the beats of his drum, he shares with the world the ability to connect with the heart, body, mind and soul, through music.

Meet Satya

Satya is a Consciousness Activist. She has developed an integrative method that combines contemporary therapeutic techniques with indigenous ancient wisdom and meditation practice. She has been applying it for 14 years in profound transformation processes with which she has impacted more than 60,000 people worldwide.

Her work focuses on the evolution of consciousness and the development of the human being, through a connection between science and spirituality that has in Nature the greatest of all masters. She has years of professional working experience with several transformation techniques and therapies, such as breathwork, bioenergetics, primal work, emotional stress and trauma release, meditation, soul expression, and energy reading.

She has also a long path in indigenous wisdom. She is a Vision Quester from the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan, she became the first Portuguese Female Firewalker Master in Europe, she is a Sacred Pipe Carrier, a Sacred Sweat Lodge Keeper, and a leader in sacred ceremonies with natural psychedelics.

She works with sacred plants in the Sacred Amazon Ayahuasca Retreat, in Peru, but events such as Soul Wisdom Healing Retreat or The Sacred Lotus Journey Women Retreat do not include the use of these sacred plants. Satya deeply believes that we benefit from the complementarity of various knowledge and techniques and that each person should consciously decide the path she/he wants to follow.

Satya founded the Awareness Facilitator School where she teaches the method she has developed. So far, about 110 students are enrolled in the school, and their certification is completed after two years of theory, practice, and experimentation.

Her approach is loving, compassionate, authentic and goes beyond cultures and traditions.


Join us in the most special day of the year,

made with the essence and truth of each one of us!

Special . Spiritual . Sacred . Satya






Conscious Relationships

@ARTKAIZEN, Lisboa, 5th Nov.

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