Women Who Live The Eternal Powerful Inner Flame

15 - 19 March 2023 | Portugal

Yellow Lotus is the fourth petal of the Lotus Sacred Journey for women, an on going program that have several steps and stages where we work various dimensions of being a woman.

Language: English, Portuguese, Russian


Yellow Lotus
for Every Woman:

The Yellow Lotus Retreat opens the gate of virtue, that allows the awakening of the supreme wisdom of the inner peaceful warrior, the art of winning without a war.​

Inner Flame, a burning passion in your heart, your deepest longing. Once you tune with your inner flame you can do many great things with your life.

A profound journey to recover your own anemic inner powers where the essential is invisible to the eyes, but profoundly alive in our woman’s soul. 

Yellow Lotus offers an amazing retreat for women who have found themselves falling into caretaking others instead of themselves, self-sabotage, self-abandonment, relationship challenges, boundary issues and more.


Yellow Lotus retreat will help you to find and grow the capacity to dream and to put in action your inner desires, the capacity to truly enjoy life even with the natural challenges of life.


Igniting your inner flame will reconnect you with what makes you to vibrate and rise after any challenge, to stay inspired  after true moments of beauty.

These Days
You Will:

  • Establish your boundaries without holding on to anger and/or bitterness;
  • Heal competition, jealousies, comparison, mediocrity;
  • Discover how to come back from betrayal and disappointment;
  • Investigate how to get out of caretaking, victimization or martyrdom;
  • Understand enmeshment and deprivation. How it impacts all your relationships;
  • Grow inner admiration and self-realization;
  • Feel inner completion and release yourself from others opinion and approval;
  • Allow your qualities and heart to shine from a self-confident place.

Opening yourself for the true ecstasy of life, where you can rejoice with the success of others from a true space of love and compassion, allowing yourself to shine beyond fear.

Benefits That You Will Take:

  • Feel more empowered with your health;
  • Strengthen your immune system by changing your belief-system;
  • Increase positive emotions;
  • Accept love and support from others;
  • Develop a daily meditation practice;
  • Deepening your spiritual connection ​;
  • Access and strengthen your intuition;
  • Embracing sisterhood & social support.


Relationships Hard Core;

How to get out of Caretaking, Victimization or Martyrdom;

The art of being emotionally connected to yourself, partner, family & friends;elf-love;

Understanding Enmeshment and Deprivation: How it impacts all your Relationships;

Family Dynamics – Family of Origin Conflicts;

Boundaries and Consequences – Commanding Respect from the people around you;

The Pathway to Happiness and Peaceful Relationships;

How to come back from betrayal and disappointment.

Our Retreats Will Support You In:

  • Releasing suppressed emotions from the past;
  • Understanding yourself better. What are your needs, values and how can you live your truest self;
  • Finding your own way how to balance between boundaries and forgiveness;
  • Allowing others compliments to melt your walls of protection;
  • Expanding your capacity to say no, so you can say yes to what really matters;
  • Connecting to your inner shine and blossom supporting others to do the same;
  • Growing your capacity to stay strong to pursue your happiness;
  • Speaking your truth in public and expressing who you truly are.

Satya is an International Awareness Facilitator

She dedicates her life to helping people to heal their wounds, uncover their full potential, awaken their own soul wisdom, and expand their consciousness.

Her approach is loving, inspirational, and authentic.
Blending a balance of being supportive and challenging she empowers people to realize their greatest potential & to bring more joy and relaxation into their own lives.

In her passionate and light-hearted way, she shares a comprehensive approach that goes beyond cultures and traditions.

She has years of professional working experience with several transformation processes and therapies, such as meditation, breathwork, bioenergetics, primal work, emotional stress and trauma release, shamanism, fire-walking, soul expression, and energy reading.

Satya sees an authentic essence grounded in the human body and daily life. Through the expansion of our consciousness, healing of our pain body, we can return and awaken the pure presence of our authentic being beyond the busy mind and egoistic sense of self, accessing infinite wisdom and creativity.

Inner Flame, a burning passion in your heart, your deepest longing. Allowing our inner dreamer, who knows the meaning and why of things, to blossom through intuition.


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Satya's primary purpose is to help women abstain from self-destructive behaviors, and to replace them with helpful, empowering ways of being, and to carry on this message of recovery to those who are suffering.

At YELLOW LOTUS RETREAT woman respect each other creating a magnetic field where you have your sacred place, helping each other to shine, to grow and to celebrate life.

You will be in a space of love and awakening, in which a transformation is going to happen at your own speed. We will be by your side, supporting you where you need to go.