Where you can be who you are, a space without judgments.... Boom Festival

articles by satya Feb 15, 2022
Where you can be who you are, a space without judgments - Boom Festival

We started at the Fire…the Sacred Fire! And Boom as Begun. An Opening of the sacred space where thousands of people came together around the Fire… united to elevate their souls and prayers. Singing in one voice to the Fire. The Ritual was leaded by Satya and The Fire Keepers – Iris, Fer Pal, Kike e Ana Pomar – and we had the surprise from the “Adufeiras”* from Idanha-a-Nova singing their traditional Portuguese music for everyone. It was a ritual that always will be printed in our hearts.

Working With Satya wants to give a special Thanks to Artur Mendes , Marta Gato and all the Boom Team for all the trust and support for us to be part once again at this incredible Boom Festival. Deep Gratitude.

Boom Festival, one of the most prestige festival in the world, where you can be who you are, a space without judgments....
- Satya

Boom's main focus is to integrate a sustainability ethos with arts and culture.

The key goal is to provide a transformational festival for people of different ethnic backgrounds, nationality and ages. In its own words,

"Boom is not only a festival, it is a state of mind. Inspired by the principles of Oneness, Peace, Creativity, Sustainability, Transcendence, Alternative Culture, Active Participation, Evolution and Love, it is a space where people from all over the world can converge to experience an alternative reality."

We can’t help but wonder what our ancestors were doing across these lands: hunting by day, and singing songs around the fire at night under a star-pierced sky to the sound of drums or other instruments. It is likely they welcomed the spirits and that the whole community would unite for a dance.

During these times, perhaps a shaman would orchestrate the sounds and music. Meanwhile an elder would tell stories, inviting the whole community to participate in this collective ritual.

Today, in the exact same area, we celebrate the Boom Festival. We continue to honour festivals of transcendence on these lands. Instead of shamans, we have bands, DJs and live acts. Our storytellers are the lecturers or facilitators, and the community which gathers, is international. So we are not only from the area of Monsanto, but from across the entire world.

There was no lake back in those days - but yes, we continue to dance under a beautiful sky as the topography around us continues to change over time.

Dancers celebrate their life, their love, their sexuality; they discover the interconnectedness of existence. Many others worship through yoga, wellbeing practices, arts, workshops or meditation. While some are simply there to enjoy the moment, the people, the nature, the vibration, the Boom state of mind.”

We know music and sound can affect tremendously our collective state of mind and have the power to connect us with mystical dimensions. A great DJ, a band or a producer can change the lives of people in a heartbeat. They are the ones capable of sharing emotions, understanding us and help direct us to a better place.” - Source : www.boomfestival.org


The human being is a creative being, capable of producing or feeling art thus connecting with an extra-sensorial and spiritual dimension. This ability also allows us to resolve scenarios and create new models fundamental to an evolving global consciousness.


*Adufeiras – the name given to the people who play Adufe. Adufe its the Tradicional Drum from Beira Region of Portugal

Satya leaded some Rituals and Meditations at Boom Festival:

  • Vision Ritual Meditation
  • Unfinished Business Meditation
  • Sacred Fire Ritual
  • Official Opening Sacred Fire Ritual

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