Trusting Your Intuition - Understanding intuition as a higher intelligence

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Trusting Your Intuition - Understanding intuition as a higher intelligence

TRUSTING YOUR INTUITION – Understanding intuition as a higher intelligence and a language of our true essence.

Recognizing the Voice of your Highest Wisdom.” - Simone Wright

For centuries we were taught to forget one of our most accurate intelligence - Intuition. It is a subtle skill that we ALL possess, but few of us truly understand.

It is not only about the gut feelings but the genuine connection with all multidimensional sensory organs made by our body, with our emotions, intelligence, and our energetic field.

At the Awareness Meeting, we learned how to connect with your intuition to stop blocking it in everyday life.

When the cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual parts are aligned, you can feel what is important for you no matter who is around you or no matter where you are.

What is intuition and how can we use it?

Here starts a journey into the depths of this theme.

Let’s expand our comprehension about who we truly are and our own potential as human beings, as souls, as a consciousness that is having the privilege to be here and now on this Planet Earth. 

Intuition is a deep and ancient intelligence that we all carry. 

Some psychiatrists, psychologists, psychics, and other people from Science wrote about intuition as something that is connected with the triangle of mind, heart, and gut.

The gut is what now is called the second brain and there are synapses linked with the brain. So, everything that goes in life on our gut has an extreme and profound influence on how we think and how we feel.

Many people say that it's intelligence that happens in our subconsciousness, that we don't have any control and just appears without expectations.

Others say, and here we are closer to the vision of quantum physics, that there is a field where it connects all the elements. Our intuition is exactly the same thing: it is the field that connects everything. 

In some scientific fields or ancient traditions is what we call the Akashic Records, the space where the memory of the Universe is and everything that happens from sensing beings, humans, animals to plants, to nonliving beings, to stars, black holes. Everything is memorized in these Akashic records and is our own connection to that space because we are that space, and we have the channel to understand and to remember everything.

Jung said that is the collective subconsciousness is a deeper level of the psyche, so it's the super personal being of human beings. 

In my perspective, we are multi-dimensional beings who come from pure consciousness that has no form. And all that is matter and mind process, emotional systems, energetic electromagnetic field that we all have, and matter that is our physicality. That is a product of this mystery, this pure consciousness where everything comes from without explanation. 

By being multi-dimensional beings, we have a perfect system that was created, but because we come from a society that had strong conditioning for many centuries is like we don't know how to use our own tools. 

I would say that intuition is consciousness itself having an expression that goes beyond the mind, brain, body, and physical sensations and emotions. And even beyond love, in the sense of human beings, but permeates the sensation and feeling of oneness through consciousness and awareness.

We need to understand that our own system, as human beings, is already perfect, but we are not using our abilities in the best way.

Intuition is not the same thing as wishes, longings, desires, biography, our own story, traumas, emotions, thoughts, fantasies, and instincts. And this is where normally people doubt themselves. Why? Because our intuition sometimes is really mixed with emotions, the way we perceive life, our own conditioning that makes us see life and people and reality in a certain way. 

Through meditation, self-inquiry, and honesty, we can start to grow the inner observer and to see when the conditioning, when the emotions and feelings are attacking. And by that, we will understand and perceive when true intuition is there and that is much bigger than all these voices. Intuition takes us as a whole. Intuition is like a field that comes from within and is manifested in all our parts. There’s coherence at that moment as a certainty of what we are receiving from a very conscious place inside of us. 

At this moment we receive much more information than we were used to 15 years ago. We are always putting information inside of us and Intuition is an opposite process.

Intuition is something that we need to allow to have space inside of us so it can blossom. It’s a true movement of your integral and honest self.

There are some things you need to know to work with intuition: 

  • The first rule is to enter into your intuition with innocence. Innocence is the ability of young children to allow themselves to play with reality.

Scientifically, our brain doesn't make the difference of what is happening externally or in a vision. For example, in dreams, or in visions, when we close our eyes and our brain starts to make images and thoughts, the brain believes that is true, that's why our body reacts to it and starts to pump, starts to cry, or starts to relax. 

  • Second, allowing yourself to really observe what happens to you on the dimension of the mind, on the level of the emotions, of the sensations of the body, of the perceptions of reality. So you can relax this system and help this innocence to come up. 
  • Third, remind yourself that you are a multi-dimensional being that has much more resources than you are used to using. You need to open up and say to yourself: "I want to perceive what is here more than my brain can process". 

Important reminder:

Don’t start thinking that everything is your intuition and that you should follow everything that you feel. Because, sometimes, when we don’t want to be responsible about our own lives, we can create the illusion that now we are really open and that we understand everything so we really don’t work on the level of personality. And if that level is not really worked you’ll create illusions about your own intuition and a big game of manipulation about yourself.

The known four levels of intuition are:

  • Gut instinct – sensations in our stomach or gut. Normally, it is about safetyness or survival. It is linked to the nervous system that is activated when we feel that we are being attacked or somehow, we perceive an attack. Instead of intuition, I call it - instinct.
  • Heart-based intelligence is close to what we call conscious intuition. It is about courage, true compassion, and understanding that everything is connected. It is the ability to allow ourselves to trust who we truly are.
  • The visionary power – the inner vision or dreams and mostly the creative possibilities that we can reach to deal with situations in life. Not only with problems but life itself.
  • Connection with the universal force/ Wisdom – it's where we reach the pure consciousness, the pure state of oneness. It allows us to see life as a privilege to enjoy. 

For me, the four levels are working together! 

Here is one exercise:

  • Grab a pencil and a paper.
  • Breath in and breath out…
  • Close your eyes and ask inside of you 3 times: "What does my life need now?'.
  • Open your eyes and draw a symbol.
  • Look to that symbol and allow it to speak to you: 'What does that symbol can represent for you? and what does that symbol want to say to you?' (You can do that for the next seven days)
  • The information that comes up from within, you can use in your daily life. 

Remember that we are much more than our biology.

In the end, there are no limits.

Embrace life with curiosity… be who you truly are!

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