To Support Your Immune System

articles consciousness videos Feb 15, 2022

Dear Ones,

Now we are entering into another moment of this reality.

We were supporting you during 8 weeks with profound work lead by Satya at our lives at our Youtube Channel, Facebook and Instagram Working With Satya. Watch Here

It was an amazing field of trust, depth and practical spirituality.

Now we want to support your Immune System so you can go on with your life in a healthy way during this crises.

I invited, my beloved friend, John Tindall, a well known expert on health, to create a movie explaining you how to take care of your immune system and what kind of supplements and herbs you can take for this purpose.

With Kindness,


John Tindall - Chinese Medicine Practitioner Using Acupuncture Chinese herbs & Qi Gong.

"In walking the path of this life’s journey, we come to know ourselves a little better. Through all of life’s transitions we seek to attain health and happiness. To be loved and love others. To be able to participate in life’s rich tapestry and contribute towards the overall balance, leaving something meaningful and of value behind for future generations.” 

  • Trained and qualified in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in London, with continuous postgraduate studies in China and the USA (1984 – 1990)
  • Trained and qualified as a physiotherapist at West Middlesex University Hospital (1983).
  • Founder & Director, Yuan Clinic & Traditional Medicine College, where John specialises in cancer, leukemia and other acute and chronic diseases (2000 – current)
  • Pioneered multibed clinic programmes for remote tribes in the Amazon and Andes – a project partly funded by UNICEF (2009)
  • Founded the Gateway Clinic and its Chairman for 12 years. Responsible for developing the UK’s first full-time Natural Healthcare Service on the NHS (Lambeth Community Care NHS Trust). During this time, John specialised mostly in HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C (1985 – 2000)
  • In 1985 John worked with Dr Michael Smith at the Lincoln Clinic in the South Bronx, and at the Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota, where he specialised in acupuncture for detoxification and substance misuse.
  • Upon his return to the UK, John introduced the NADA protocol (auricular acupuncture for detoxification and substance misuse) into the UK, and is the founder of NADA UK.



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