There is so Much Poetry to Talk About by Satya

articles by satya Feb 15, 2022
There is so Much Poetry to Talk About by Satya

There are days that we cry⠀

There are days that pray⠀

There are days we shut up⠀

There are days we scream⠀

There are days like there is none⠀

Enter a vacancy that takes us⠀

We are taken without option⠀

We are taken without a heart⠀

We are thrown into these waters of life⠀

I know I have no metric in poetry⠀

But I also know that there is no metric in life⠀

So ... I shrug my shoulders⠀

Not because I don't want to know⠀

But I just shrug my shoulders and shoot my gaze up to the sky⠀

And I try that my prayers join so many prayers⠀

I try that my prayer, which is in every action, fills some heart⠀

I always have this feeling in my chest that I do little⠀

There is so much to do⠀

There are so many mouths to feed⠀

There are so many tears to wipe⠀

There's so much soul to pack⠀

There are so many arms that want to work⠀

There is so much music to play⠀

There is so much poetry to talk about⠀

There are so many laughs to drop⠀

There are so many kisses to give⠀

No, I cannot remain indifferent to those who need to go and ask to eat and have shame in their eyes⠀

It's as if they squeezed me by the neck and hung me there in a place without a floor⠀

No, I can't not feel the pain of the other⠀

It hurts me anyway ... and this pain has no color, no border, no name, no tongue, no age ... just looks hidden on the floor

It hurts me to know that there are so many without eating⠀

Even if I fill the days, hours, minutes, seconds to help ... I always have this feeling that my arms stretch a little to give ...⠀

Come to hope⠀

Come to innocence⠀

Come love⠀

Come the regrets that grab those who have no hand⠀

Come to freedom⠀

Come ... please come ....⠀

And whoever writes this has no despair ... there is but it's heart⠀

And then ... I look at that horizon and I remember the word forgiveness ...⠀

Come come...⠀

Come on ..."⠀


Ericeira, Portugal⠀

1 May 2020, 1 :00 AM ⠀

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