Synchronizing Your Energy to New Potentials

articles Feb 15, 2022
Synchronizing Your Energy to New Potentials

"I always say, when you change your energy, you change your life, but I often wonder — how many of us actually understand what this means and how we can apply it to create changes in our life?

One of the most important principles we teach in this work is how to create from the field instead of from matter. For a very simple understanding, think of the quantum field as an invisible field of frequency or energy that connects everything physical and material. It is this field of pure energy, which exists beyond our senses, that gives form to this three-dimensional reality.

We can all agree that we possess a physical body in a physical universe, and that this universe is made up of people, objects, and things. Because all of these things appear to occupy a particular place or space at a particular time, our senses (which allow us to plug into and experience this reality) fool us into the illusion of separation. In other words, I am aware that my body is occupying a particular space at a specific time, and that the chair — which is a “thing” — is occupying a different space in time. As a result, everything appears to us as separate.

Since where we place our attention is where we place our energy, then in order for us to create from the field instead of from matter, we have to abandon — and thus remove — all of our attention from everything known that we associate with in this physical world of matter in space and time.

If you're no longer paying attention to anything in this three-dimensional reality, it makes sense then that it no longer exists for you. This is exactly what is required of us to pass through the portal or the door to enter the quantum field — and that requires us to become no body, no one, no thing, no where, in no time. That’s what I call getting beyond yourself.

By abandoning your invested attention and energy from the material three-dimensional reality of the senses, and instead shifting your attention and energy to a world of frequency and energy, you must lay down your identity. If your identity in this lifetime has been created by identifying with all of the known elements in your environment, as well as your awareness that you are living in a body local in space and time, then the moment you open your eyes in the morning, your present personal reality is reaffirming and reminding you of who you are as a personality — or as an identity.

The Vehicle of Consciousness

Since we need a physical body to experience our physical three-dimensional reality, think of the body as the vehicle of consciousness that is subject to physical laws. While we live in this lifetime as a body local in space and time, when we have thoughts, they produce chemicals that make us feel certain ways. Those chemicals are essentially more matter and less energy.

However, when we get beyond our associations to everything known in the material world and enter-as an awareness-the non-material, non-physical unifying quantum field, there is an entirely different set of rules. In the field, there is no space and time as we know it, and because there is no space and time, there is no separation. Therefore, if there is no separation, we are connected to everything.

When we enter the field of infinite frequencies as pure consciousness, every thought we have in this realm produces an energy or frequency. In this invisible world of energy, it stands to reason that our thoughts are more energy and less matter. Since every new creation starts with a thought, if we — as an awareness — can become conscious or aware of a new thought that will create a new experience in the material world, then that thought will possess a certain frequency. If we can feel the frequency of that thought and stay aware of it — stay connected to it, notice it, pay attention to it, be present with it, and entrain our energy to it (that is to say, if we can become more of it and less of us) — now we're connected to the energy of that potential reality. Since the field creates matter, when we create from the field instead of matter to matter, we can exert greater, more immediate effects in our material world.

Heart and Brain Coherence

There is one caveat, however: our research shows that, in this creative process, the brain has to be coherent in order to marry a clear intention with a heart-centered elevated emotion. When we become no body, no one, no thing, in no where, and in no time, and when we put more of our attention on energy and less on matter, the brain changes. In doing so, we change our brain waves to a state of creation, and this synchs our nervous system with the unified field.

In turn, our brains become more coherent and more orderly. That’s how our brains become entrained to energy. In addition, when we feel the emotions of our future before the new reality collapses from energy to matter, our research shows that the heart produces an external magnetic field and the brain becomes entrained to a harmonic of its frequency. This is what allows us to synchronize to the energy of a new future. In essence, we’ve created a WiFi signal that can send and receive information.

If thoughts are the electrical charge that send signals out into the quantum field, then heart-centered emotions act as the magnetic charge that draw events back to us in our three-dimensional life. By consciously and intentionally creating a new potential reality with your mind and brain, you are sending a signal out into the quantum field.

By the same means, by embracing the elevated emotions of your future creation before the experience happens, your heart will produce a strong magnetic field that will draw your future to you. When you learn how to open your heart and tune in to the feelings of your future, the longer you stay in heart coherence, the more you draw your new future to you. So when there's a vibrational match between your energy and that future potential, you are synchronizing your energy to a new experience created from the field. Instead of dragging your body through space to get your new experiences (and that takes time), those new experiences should “come to you” as new opportunities in the form of coincidences and synchronicities in your life.

The Creative Process and the New Potential

This process of synchronizing your energy to a potential is the process by which we create new things in our lives. However, why we want that “some thing” is the emotion we should focus on. If you think of it as the sponsoring thought or feeling behind the reason you want to create the experience in the first place, it will help you get in touch with the creative heart-centered emotion.

As an example, if someone wants to create abundance, maybe what they really want is freedom. If they want a new opportunity, what they may really want is some new unknown experience too; then inspiration will be the fuel to create a new life. If they want health, maybe what they really want is wholeness. If they want love, perhaps what they really want is joy. If they want a mystical experience, it’s possible that what they really want is their mind to be so blown open that they feel awe and wonder.

If you keep practicing synchronizing your energy to these new frequencies, and if they become so familiar to you that you can live in this new energy everyday with your eyes open, then you should experience synchronicities in your life that will come in surprising ways that you least expect. That's what makes this work so much fun and what actually causes us to wake up from the illusion of separation in this dream. In doing so, we move from being victimized by life to realizing we are actually the creators of our life."

Written by Dr. Joe Dispenza



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