Soul Wisdom - Understanding the nature of the soul and its manifestation in our existence

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Soul Wisdom - Understanding the nature of the soul and its manifestation in our existence

We discussed the possibility of the soul's existence, as well as what this mysterious energy is, during this Awareness Meeting. We wondered how to connect with our soul and hear its wisdom - this "little voice inside" that reminds us that we may be greater and provides us messages for our everyday lives and mission on Planet Earth.

What exactly is the SOUL? Do you think it's true? Or do you just read and believe in the existence of a soul? What does science think about the existence of the soul? Can we think we have a soul without any proof?

What is the wisdom of our soul, assuming we have one? What is the best way for us to hear that wisdom?

Beyond any religion or philosophy that I study, beyond psychiatry or psychotherapy that I truly immerse myself in, I always return to this moment, where I truly surrender to ancient wisdom. I firmly believe that planet Earth, other constellations, other dimensions, all humans, animals, plants, and rocks, as well as the things we produce, are all connected. And if we consider the questions, "Where did we come from?" and "How did we get here?" Why are we living, and what will happen to us when we die?” I'll always return to the one without a name, as well as the force, and the mystery.

Everything rises, everything manifests, even in ways that the logical mind cannot comprehend. The ocean might be viewed as a metaphor... That is the ocean of life, the ocean of endless realities, the ocean of the unknown, where I call the greatest consciousness, the one without a name, expressed in everything that gives birth and IS everything.

And in this ocean, we have many waves, each of which recognizes its own identity. “I'm so big,” “I'm so strong,” “I'm so small,” and “I'm so calm,” they think to themselves. When it comes to humans and other forms of life, what occurs, in my opinion, is that this universal force of awareness has no consciousness of itself, but when it comes to individuality, this expression of uniqueness is like a wave that forgets, which is the ocean itself.

This tidal wave comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Animals are a possibility, and they have their own mind, neurological system, and body. It may be the plants themselves: they have their own intellect and wisdom. It might be the rocks... or the humans! In this moment of interaction with other dimensions and realms, the humans... We are the only species on this planet with the potential to make art. All other entities with various types of intellect and material manifestation do not have the same opportunity that we do.

We create music and poetry, we can study, we can look after other people's lives... And we, as humans, may have lost touch with the deeper consciousness that we all are, that we are the ocean, due to our awareness of our own individuality. We are completely cut off from the relationship that exists inside us. Because we have the greatest gift, which is the ability to create life and beauty, we also have the greatest duty, which is to protect life, because we have the ability to do massive destruction.

So, where does the soul fit into all of this?

Higher consciousness, mystery, the one that has no name, the force that is present in everything and everyone, AND individuality. In my perspective, the soul is the link between higher consciousness, mystery, the one without a name, the force that is present in everything, and the personality structure, the human form, in the physical, emotional, and mental ways, that forget where it comes from.

The soul is the eternal link between individuality and ALL.

For now, our brain, our consciousness, cannot have access to this ALL. But the more we return to the stillness of our minds, hearts, and personality structures, the more space this consciousness inside has to blossom, expand, take time and space, and inhabit this human body. It's so beautiful when we can bring together and link the personality structure with emotions, bodily sensations, joy, agony, reasoning intellect, and the power to create anything we want.

Every instant of life may be a lesson in remembering who we truly are, in connecting with the profound essence that is inside us but that we are unaware of. We don't even recognize that we are the key to unlocking that which is hidden inside us.

In my opinion, the soul is the link between our remembering and our willingness to melt and disintegrate our personality structure. Even if we require the personality structure, our ego, the body, and the emotional system in order to exist here, in this paradise, on this world, and interact with one another.

When we begin to experience this inner silence, we may gradually connect with our soul. And how can we find our way to this inner silence? This is the result of multiple routes intersecting. We must go beyond our belief system, beyond our family's conditioning, beyond our society's and culture's conditioning, beyond the traumas, beyond the memories that lead us to feel that life is in a particular manner.

Century after century, humanity's consciousness has risen, as seen by human rights, how we educate children, and how we place such a high value on education, meditation, and self-growth that they are more available to all of us. What is the reason behind this? Because mankind has reached a stage where we require and demand more. What do we crave the most? It doesn't matter how many houses we own or how many relationships we establish... We're seeing more and more individuals who have everything, yet what they really want is a profound hunger for quality and meaningful connection.

Something starts to change in our life when we link this memory of being the one without a name, in the individual force, that we are all in this individual form, that we are ambassadors for each other. We begin to wonder why we've come here in the first place... The soul, on the other hand, is the one who lives for eternity, may appear on the physical level, and can leave the physical level to return to oneness and individuality.

The major focus of my work is to provide practical assistance for this remembering, this memory of your own soul, independent of religion or philosophy. That is why, when we come to sessions where we may meditate, do sacred rituals, and go through our personality structure and traumas, we can accomplish just that. Is a way of constructing awareness of how your conditioning was activated in you, as well as how you behave and connect as a result of it.

And once you recognize the conditioning, you can begin to detach from it, to realize that you are not that, and you have the conscious option to reframe, to rebuild yourself, to rebuild your personality in a way that supports your soul, your values, your genuine essence, and your authentic being.

If we remember who we truly are, compassion, deep connection with others, and honesty begin to emerge, and you are no longer afraid to say "I'm sorry", to say "no," to say "I don't agree with you," and you are no longer afraid to leave your body because you know there is an eternity ahead of you.

Your soul's power is to remind you who you truly are, and who you truly are is the one without a name, that this individuality, full of responsibility, and most of the time, without any conscious decision, chose to destroy or create. These two powerful forces are the result of our conscious decision, and the more awake we are, the more we feel the divinity and sacredness of life in all things.

I'd want to send you a message of hope, that no matter what happens to you, no matter how chaotic your life may be, no matter how painful or beautiful it can be, and for whatever reason, it can break apart, there is a space inside of you that can be quiet, at peace, in stillness, and return to oneness. No one can take this from you, no matter what happens. Whatever the world throws at us, if we all maintain this, we will be the ambassadors of a consciousness that will prevent so many tragedies.

The more we connect, the more we allow this soul, this consciousness, to have room inside of us because it exists, the more we allow it to speak to us and lead us, the more we become ambassadors for this vibration, for this dimension, for everyone around us.

Full Awareness Meeting Video recording is available in our International Community of Spiritual & Conscious Seekers.


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