Real People Share - Luis Paniagua

real people share Feb 15, 2022
Real People Share - Luis Paniagua


Luis Paniagua

Age: 63 (in the year 2020)

Musician, composer, producer

What is the meaning of life?

I don't know, but it's wonderful when I fully enjoy it, and enjoying life is vibrating with my surroundings, at least with the closest nature.

What is true peace?

True peace is when I am not afraid. When I'm meditating and nothing else is needed. When you feel that you do not hurt people or things.

When I play music, especially when it's for others. When I am one with all of nature, when there is no difference of skin on the outside or inside.

What is the greatest quality humans posses?

Honesty, compassion, the word of honor.

Name 3 people that you admire and why?

  1. Jan Garbarek, great musician and composer.
  2. Arvo Pärt, great musician and composer.
  3. Johann Sebastian Bach, great musician and composer.

What does love mean to me?

Total confidence, delivery without defense.

Where does my happiness come from?

My happiness comes from within me, when I am not afraid or uneasy about my dark thoughts.

What is my inspiration?

People’s stories, beautiful music, ocean.

One song:

Amor verdad belleza pureza - Love truth beauty purity by Luis Paniagua.

Is Nature important for you? Why?

Yes, very important, the most important thing. Because everything around me is nature and I am part of nature.

What is faith for you?

Faith is believing in oneself with humility.

Do you believe in GOD?

Yes, I believe in GOD, in the divine part that is in everything.

Do you believe in a higher consciousness?

Yes, I believe in the divine consciousness that we all have.

What message would you give to the future generations?

Treat everything as you would like to be treated.

How do I want to be remembered?

As a human being who loved silence and harmonious sounds. As someone who appreciated love truth beauty and purity. As I have not yet left my body, I hope that life will give me time to come true or to get as close as possible to my words.



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