Real People Share - Danila

real people share Feb 15, 2022
Real People Share - Danila



What is the meaning of life?

There is none. You just experience as much as possible and help as many people as possible, so maybe one day you stop coming to this beautiful Earth and instead become one with the creator again.

What is true peace?

True peace can be reached only internally since everything else is a beautiful chaos. We can softly touch peach in meditation & spirituality, but it’s important to come back to the Real Life. That’s why you chose to be born in this body and circumstances. Not for peace but to collect the new experiences. Then you die and wow .. hi, PEACE!

What is the greatest quality humans posses?

Sense of humor, survival skills, unexpected acts of kindness.

Name 3 people that you admire and why?

  1. Myself, for almost learning how to love myself.
  2. My mom, for trying her best in her lifetime and giving everything to everyone.
  3. My grandma, for having a very challenging life and still smiling and laughing somehow.

What does love mean to me?

Whatever it is.. it’s the opposite of selfishness. At the same you can’t love anything or anyone truly without fully accepting and loving yourself. Go figure :)

Where does my happiness come from?

I am happy if my grandma is having a good day, if I recorded a beautiful song, if my dog is running around like crazy with a new toy.

What is my inspiration?

People’s stories, beautiful music, ocean.

One song:

If I need to pick only one song I would rather pick silence, it contains everything.

Is Nature important for you? Why?

There is nothing more beautiful than nature, nature is us and we are nature. Now I am thinking maybe I would actually pick one song - Nature.

What is faith for you?

Total acceptance. Respecting the choices I made for myself before I was born into this body. Knowing that there is no good or bad. Everything is fair and perfectly alligned, even if I don’t understand it yet.

Do you believe in GOD?

It’s beautiful, ugly, compassionate, cruel, sexy, shy, funny… and if you think about it for too long you can go crazy how amazing it is.. We are GOD.

Do you believe in a higher consciousness?

Yes and I’m very much thankful for the tools that help us to connect to it.

What message would you give to the future generations?

We are ONE. Humans, animals, nature. The sooner you realize it the better.

How do I want to be remembered?

As someone who, when he needed to go through hell, walked hell-a fast!

As someone who walked through life with a smile on his face.

As someone who didn't regret anything.

As someone who really wanted to go back Home.

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