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real people share Feb 15, 2022
Real People Share



Cristiana | 37 years old | Wedding Planner & Curator

What is the meaning of life?

Understanding that it will come to an end eventually makes us realize that where we are NOW, is exactly where and when we need to be in order to create a poignant life, to make a difference, to plant the seeds of our own being into this cosmic wonderland.

Reality and illusion can be diffuse emotions but if we choose to listen to the whispers of our own heart we will for sure be able to leave a one of a kind, touching and meaningful legacy.

We are part of a much wider perspective and each action we take (or chose not to take) is what will make the history of human kind.

How is true peace?

True peace starts inside yourself, when you choose to let go of your ego and surrender to who you truly are.

The freedom awareness brings into being at peace with your own self.

Embracing every dark corner and shinning your brightest light.

What is the greatest quality humans possess?

Compassion. If we choose to see with a kind and understanding heart we will most definitely create a positive impact around us.

Name 3 people that you admire and why?

  1. My Father: because he has taught me the value of simplicity, the beauty of what matters the most and the magic there is in silence.
  2. My Mother: because she has a heart of gold and loves her family unconditionally and also for her courage, vision and resilience.
  3. My husband: for his bravery in pursuing his dreams, for his values and kindness, for his awareness, for being there for me unconditionally and respecting our differences.

All the angels on earth, that choose a life dedicated to the wellbeing of others and the development of human kind, despite the heavy load that can sometimes be.

All the incredible souls that have crossed my path. Nothing on this earth is left to chance. Everyone and everything, especially the deepest wounds or biggest challenges, add depth to my life and fulfill my path with meaningful developments. I admire and am grateful, for everything and everyone that surrounds me and helps me grow.

What does love mean to me?

All is LOVE. We are LOVE.

Look inside first, LOVE starts right there.

It is there where LOVE resides and holds the entire weight of the cosmos.

The LOVE that holds us all together in it’s many infinite, vibrant and gorgeous possibilities.

An universal LOVE that protects and carries us on every journey.

Where does my happiness come from?

My happiness comes from being true with myself, living a meaningful and honest life and making people happy.

Enjoying the simple and most precious moments with my family.

Discovering the world with no map alongside the love of my life.

Indulging with the pleasure of silence surrounded by nature.

What is my inspiration?

The colors, shapes, scents, energy and all the perfect imperfections of nature. The beauty of how everything always seems to be in the right place, at the right time. That gentle flow that reminds us of what truly matters, our own true nature, the magic we all have inside, that is a special part of this entire whole. We are one, all connected, and nature has it’s way of showing us just that, in the most beautiful way.

One song:

My life has a wide and diverse soundtrack, depending on the state of mind.

For the sake of having an answer, four songs popped in my mind:

Xavier Rudd: Spirit Bird

Imogen Heap : Hide and Seek

Bob Marley & the Wailers : Three little birds

Florence & The Machine: You’ve got the Love

Is Nature important for you? Why?

As I embark in this adventure of knowing more about human nature, life somehow seems to earn a whole new complexity. I now understand that each one of us has a mission, our own kind of beauty, that will not only give meaning to our experience and help us grow as it is part of a much bigger and incredible whole that holds us all together.

The magic we hold inside takes part in the beauty of nature, as nature itself is also part of who we are. It is this pure energy of togetherness that makes us whole, that completes us and makes us evolve.

What is faith for you?

Faith is that little spark of hope you feel inside when it is so hard to let go of the darkness.

It is there, when all of your beliefs and pillars are shaken.

It is there, when your soul and your conscience seem to have abandoned you.

It is there, when you have lost all your strengths and your convictions.

Faith is knowing that deep down you are safe, through the darkest of times, there will always be light.

Do you believe in GOD?

Whatever name we choose to give God, it is pure love and holds us all together as one.

Do you believe in a higher consciousness?

The wingspan of our soul can hold the whole universe inside.

What message would you give to the future generations?

There is tremendous beauty in personal growth. It is and ode to universal LOVE, an homage to our ancestors and a legacy to our daughters and sons and the ones coming after them. Making the world a better place starts inside ourselves.

It is a hard and never ending endeavor and it takes plenty of courage. But it is also unbelievably beautiful, fulfilling and insightful.

Have the courage to journey into your ego and make your part into changing the world.

For you and for the future generations.

Brace yourself with the tools of UNIVERSAL LOVE and strive with the light you have inside. That is how we will find progress.

You are magic.

May LOVE be your guiding light always.

How do I want to be remembered?

As a soul that had the courage to walk the path of self development, to visit the darkness to find light. For herself and others. Choosing to be real, honest and brave enough to speak her truth.

As a kind and compassionate heart, that was able to create a positive impact in peoples lives, leaving behind a legacy built on love.

As a fierce spirit that never stopped learning and challenged herself to be more, to do more, to LOVE more.

As an authentic human being that always strived to be the best example for her children, overcoming obstacles and conquering “her” world one smile at a time.

Cristiana Vaz Franco


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