Pray Every Day For The Waters of The Earth

shamanism Feb 15, 2022

As we thank and honor the gift of Life that is WATER we are reminded that 748million people today don’t have access to clean water. Here’s a 3 minute video that educates.


"We live in water in our mother’s womb", Hopi grandmother Mona Polacca explains.

 "Moments before we come into this world, the water of our mother’s womb gushes out, and we follow behind." That is why the Hopi call water our first foundation of life.

"It is not coincidence" the Grandmothers say, "that the Earth has the same percentage of water as the human body does."

“It is also not a coincidence that, as the sacred waters of the planet - Mother Earth’s blood - are becoming dangerously polluted, we are at the same time forgetting our innate connection to the Sacred Universe, the only understanding that will save us.

…If we consciously greet the water as we drink and bathe in it, for instance, we begin to have a relationship with water", the Grandmothers say.

“We know the Creator can bless us with answers through water", Grandmother Mona says. "That element can help us with understanding. The more we honor and feel gratitude toward water, the greater the assistance we will receive from it in our lives."

"Because of our connection to the elements, we also have the capacity to heal the waters, just as the waters can heal us."

The Grandmothers say that "quantum physics is proving what indigenous people have known all along, that prayer can change the pollution in the waters." The Grandmothers pray every day for the waters of the Earth to become purified again.




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