Portuguese Conscious Film From Oceans & Flow

consciousness videos Feb 15, 2022
Portuguese Conscious Film From Oceans & Flow

Portuguese Conscious Film from Oceans & Flow wins International Award.

All begun with a dream...and the love to Water.

Violeta Lapa , Founder of Oceans and Flow, lives her dream, it´s her daily practice. She loves people and trips. Fascinated by Water and movement Violeta created Oceans and Flow immersions, a fusion of adventure expeditions, dance journeys and audiovisual productions.

Oceans and Flow invite us to connect with nature, with dance. An immersion in practices that awaken gifts, and share skills as we dive ourselves in the world.

Last month they travel to Brazil to won the First Place for the best International Documentary at the Festival Green Nation 2018.

The long version of the film (14 m ) was selected to participate in 15 Cinema Festivals and they won 6 awards. (Conscious Festivals, Ecological Festivals, Adventure Festivals, Sustainable Tourism Festival).

With a deep honor, Working With Satya wants to congratulate Violeta Lapa for her Inspiration and her commitment with her path.


"Dancing With your Dreams".

Film by Gustavo Neves, Peregrinus Studio.

Produced by Violeta Lapa.

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