Mystery of Life - Shamanic Approach of Existence and Consciousness Understanding

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Mystery of Life - Shamanic Approach of Existence and Consciousness Understanding

A Shamanic Understanding of Existence and Consciousness always passes through the awareness of the possibility for everything to exist. And that is a Spirit itself - what we consider as living beings and what we don’t consider as living beings.

The capacity to observe and to acknowledge frequencies and vibrations in every piece of our Universe reminds us that we are all interconnected. And everything that we do always has a consequence in everything around us – in our human constellation, nature constellation, and Universe. When we have this deep understanding, true compassion and true care arise naturally in our hearts towards everyone and everything. And a deep respect for everything starts to live inside of us.

Shamanism is a way of living, a prayer religion. It is an understanding of how we are all interconnected and how are made the natural movements of the visible forms of nature and invisible dimensions.

There are many forms of shamanism in our days. You can go to India, Siberia, Amazon, South America, or even to Europe and you will find different explanations of their belief systems around shamanism. But for me, the most important thing about shamanism is not the form that it takes. For example, there are some who connect shamanism with teacher plants and they get wisdom from teacher plants, others connect with elements and invisible realms or with what we call the super consciousness that created all. And we can go deeper and deeper in each way of shamanism. But the most important thing is that shamanism is a way for you to understand the interdependence of everything. It means that every action has a consequence - doesn't matter if it's positive or negative regarding the belief system of each culture. It's an intimate relationship between your own existence and the whole.

Nowadays, modern society is really in a crisis of spirituality. But spirituality, not in terms of religion - it is much deeper. Spiritual crisis is really touching the core of our essence. That is a deep connection, feeling the connection and being the connection with everything - where we are, who we are, with what we are surrounded, and what we are interacting with. And sometimes with the understanding of that interconnection and trusting what we don't understand. That's why shamanism speaks to the most intimate parts of the human soul because it touches the most fundamental part of how we feel on the depth of our being more than what our rational mind can grab.

And when we say that it is a spiritual way - yes because it is remembering, it is a memory of our spirit before we embody with this body. And at the same time, it reflects how materialistic society is depleting ourselves from that sense, from that self-perception. We are much more connected with material things. We forgot who we truly are, and by this, we only live on the most superficial consciousness that we have.

In shamanism, we understand through a lot of experiences that the relationship that exists between all is the healthy and vital, fundamental pillars for our experience here. Without the interconnection, without the fresh air, the clear water, without foods, without harmony we could not survive.

In shamanism, we don't learn, and we are not taught by theory. Only now in this more modern age, we are bringing the theory of shamanism into quantum physics and metaphysics to explain what happens on rituals, on rites of passage, on taking sacred plants.

The most important idea is that shamanism is pragmatical. Through the rituals, through the rites of passage, through the momentum of the experience, the illusion of the superficial consciousness can be expanded, true deeper consciousness and more refined sensibility and perception expand. And when we expand that, we have altered states of consciousness that allow us to see what we couldn't see before, that allow us to go into different dimensions of our consciousness and to touch different realms of realities and to integrate them in this reality.

In our modern words, the shaman is the one who can be in different realms and he is the wised one. But in the ancient traditions, the shaman is the healer. He's the one who helps conflicting tribes to be solved. He is the one that listens to people, he is the one that conducts ceremonies of any kind. So, the shaman is very pragmatical. At the same time, he's very pragmatical on the different levels of consciousness and dimensions. And of course, he has the connection, the channel to understand if the spiritual dimension is calling attention. He is the one who can see and speak with what we call the spirits, the entities. I know that many people in our times are very obsessed to understand if these dimensions are real and if these entities are real. But if you understand in terms of the human brain, what happens in your dreams, what happens inwards is so real as something that you can see with open eyes. So, what we call reality is just a small part of what we can have a perception of.

People sometimes spend years studying entities - if they are real and if they interfere. What I can say is the interaction of your consciousness with these entities or different dimensions cause you an experience. Through that experience, you can expand yourself and you can have access to healing, creativity, transformation. And sometimes you can have even traumatic situations. So how can we say that all these experiences through different realms and dimensions are not real? They are! The question is how can we integrate them in this present moment?

And many of us can have access to different dimensions at the same present moment. And we can understand how we can live in different dimensions without losing ourselves in social reality. Many people, when they start to be in touch with different dimensions, feel fear and start to neglect this reality. They become dissociated and only wanting to live in those dimensions. So, healthy shamanism is always a process that will destroy your illusions and will help to take the veil of what you believe that it's true. It will put you in contact with dimensions of your own being with other real entities, so you can reflect on, so you can have an experience and to bring to this present moment.

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