tips Feb 15, 2022

Just like a butterfly, life requires a certain level of metamorphosis.

Personal growth is an ongoing endeavor that can expand beyond our understanding and evolves at every stage further from our wildest expectations. If we allow ourselves to do so.

As you start digging inside your soul you will probably understand that certain aspects of your life no longer belong there, they are part of you but are somehow tied to your past self, and as with everything in life ... it is hard to let go.

These aspects are many times negative feelings or limiting beliefs or they could also be outdated goals or superficial ambitions, a job that no longer brings fulfillment or people that shade your joie de vivre.

Challenging ourselves into this metamorphosis is not easy... it demands us to surrender, to be patient and most of all to find serenity when there is a whirlwind of emotions inside.

Silence is wisdom.

It is there where you learn to see with new eyes, where you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and what surrounds you and are able to see from a wider (and wiser) perspective.

It is there where you are able to discern what feelings no longer have room inside of you.

It is there where you are able to confidently and consciously send away the ghosts from the past.

It is in that loving and honest place where you find hope to conquer and pursue the delicacies of your spirit.

Take time to be silent.



Let truth and honesty lead the way. Focus on the long run. Ditch the prejudices and allow your dreams to set sail.

It is only possible to sail with a course when there is a clear understanding of what lies inside.

The greatest act of LOVE is to allow yourself the luxury of time. To digest every stage of life’s metamorphosis and to be able to spread your wings up high and above.

Much LOVE,

Cristiana Vaz Franco

Images: An homage to Giovanni Gastel. A great photographer, a poet, an artist, but on top of everything a gentleman and a kind of soul, who died last weekend at age 65 due to COVID-19-related complications.

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