Humans Can Feed Off Each Other's Energies Just Like Plants

articles Feb 15, 2022
Humans Can Feed Off Each Other's Energies Just Like Plants

Studies done at Bielefeld University have proven that plants can duplicate energy from other plants near them. This study also applies to other living creatures.

This can lead to further discoveries in the field of bioenergy.

And this can finally prove that people can draw energy from their surroundings, just like plants.

Professor Olaf Kruse, Ph.D.led research that discovered this green alga called Chlamydomonas, not only photosynthesizes to produce energy but also originates from other surrounding plants.

All these studies have been published in the magazine Nature Communications.

Humans are just like plants, they need water and sunlight to grow.

Our bodies can absorb energy from our surroundings.

In case you’re wondering why you feel uncomfortable around certain people, this might be the reason.

According to Dr. Olivia Bader-Lee, the things that bother people are mixed emotions, and the energy surrounding them.

Dr. Olaf Kruse proves that in the case of lack of energy sources, Chlamydomonas pulls it from other isolated plants in the form of cellulosic enzymes. These enzymes become simple sugar components. They are digested by the cells as a source of energy.

Even when water and light are lacking and conditions are not conducive to photosynthesis, the seaweed doesn’t stop growing.

This is the first research of this type and the first discovery of this kind of thing.

We only see a plant feeding on other plants according to Dr. Kruse.

Scientists are trying to prove these results by experimenting with other types of algae and plants.

As technology is still proving, scientists will be able to confirm these results in humans.

Humans and plants organism is not that different. And their cells need the energy to reproduce.

The human body needs the energy to overcome certain emotional stages and is also able to produce cortisol in cells to fulfil their emotional needs.

Bader-Lee also thinks that bioenergy will be easy to show us soon.

Studies will finally be able to prove that humans, like animals, can be healed by simply absorbing it from one another.

He thinks that we are able to absorb energy from creatures around us in order to heal.

How can we protect the space and stop energy drains from other people?

First, we must remain focused and rooted. Staying in our spiritual self is very important so that we can feel when a person has entered our space. If we are calm, we will liberate the negative energy of other people.

And we should not resist, by doing that we draw negativity into ourselves.

So, if we end up with people who make us uncomfortable, we should not resist so hard.

We probably think that we protect ourselves by resisting.

But in fact, negativity will pile on us. So, we should stay relaxed and put ourselves in the right mindset. by doing that, this negative energy will come through us.

Embrace your aura!

We all have energy fields that surround our bodies.

And it’s the aura.

Knowing our space and its limits are essential.

They are about one arm in all directions of our body.

We should try to imagine this field and keep it safe from foreign energies.

Only in this way can we protect our spiritual space.

In addition, we should keep our energy clean.

Colours are important in this.

Gold is perfect for releasing strange energies.

We should let pure gold cross our aura and our body.

As a result, we’ll end up feeling clean and fresh.

Through time, we discharge a lot of energy.

However, it doesn’t matter how that energy goes, we must bring it back.

Try to imagine pure gold raining on you and let it represent a magnet.

We should give this magnet to absorb all our energy from everywhere.

We should also imagine it as a clean golden power.

After absorbing it, we should bring that gold back into our space and our body, and then release it into our personal space.


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