Human Energy Field - Understanding the different frequencies of your being

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Working with Satya
Human Energy Field - Understanding the different frequencies of your being

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”
Nikola Tesla

The Human Energy Field is the manifestation of universal energy that is intimately involved with human life.

At the Awareness Meeting, we tuned into our systems' subtle energy and explore the language of our electromagnetic being.

We analyzed the impact of emotional energy on physical health and understood how stress becomes the fountain of unbalanced energy and physical sickness, damaging your energetic field.

You will see how your actions and belief systems affect and help create your reality for better and for worse.

Once you see this, you realize you have the power to change the things you don't like and enhance the things you do like about your life. That takes a lot of courage, personal search, work, and honesty. It is not an easy path, but it is unquestionably a worthwhile one.

Talk based on quantum physics and ancient wisdom.

We are in the times of humanity that we can combine spirituality with science, and integrate medicine in a more spiritual integrative approach of the human being, where the separation between mind, body, emotions, and spirituality is normally made. And we are in times that even scientists are acknowledging that the separation is not reality is an illusion. 

Let’s find out how to integrate them! 

Centuries ago, it was religion that was controlling even governments, with the separations of powers. In that time, many scientists would be killed by the priest or many women of wisdom or many men of medicine, they would be killed if that would be against the church, the religious system. 

Then, there was a period of time that the government power started to break the intimate relation between religion and governments, and after that science had its independence from religion. It was when we really saw the division between spirituality, science, and medicine. 

We went through some centuries where medicine perceived our body as an object of observation and healing, and our emotional part would be totally put aside, then, just in this century, we had Freud that was one of the main persons that started to say that emotions were an object of observation, and they could induce mental illness, or emotional illness. 

Now, in our days, more and more doctors and scientists are realizing that there is no separation and that the physical body is totally interconnected with our emotions, with our thoughts, and with our spiritual life. 

One of the most amazing things that are happening in our times is that quantum physics is arriving at the place where ancient wisdom already is speaking for centuries. There is a dimension of reality that is out of space, out of time, out of matter and is where everything can blossom because it's the infinite potential, the infinite possibilities. 

Quantum physics is arriving there and saying that there are no blocks of matter and everything is in constant transformation. And everything is everything, including rocks, the sky, and human beings. And how that affect us? So, if there are no blocks of matter, if everything is created by this infinite potential, infinite possibilities, everything that we think, everything that we feel is always interconnected with our matter, that is our body manifested in this reality. 

We are spirits living in the human system. We all are made of electromagnetic waves and energy fields that science, in our days, can perceive with instruments.  

Most people that were highly sensitive, were perceived many times as crazy and very emotional, and step by step, we are reaching a point that this high sensibility, this high intuition, is a true intelligence that is being recognized by scientists. 

Let's speak about seven energetic electromagnetic fields and layers of our auric field.

What is the auric field?

Auric field is the electromagnetic field that we can’t see, but we can perceive through the intuitive and high-sensitive perception that we can develop. Some of us were born with this already very expanded, and some of us have to learn even to control and to close. 

We divided the auric field into seven layers (there are more layers, but today I will stay with the seven layers). 

  • The first one is the Etheric Body. It is the state between energy and matter.
  • The second one is the Emotional Body and is totally connected with the quality of our feelings and emotions.
  • The third layer that we have is the Mental Body. This one is totally connected with the quality of our thoughts, the quality of our minds. 
  • And then we have the Astral Body that is about love and relationships. The love that we share as human beings and the quality or the resistance that we have. 
  • The fifth energetic body that we all have is the Etheric Template. And that is where sounds create matter, where sounds really heal. And that's why we have so many frequencies in music. And in our days, music is being used to reach a totally different level of helping human beings to expand consciousness.
  • The sixth body is the Celestial Body. That is the spiritual connection with the Universe, we feel that we are connected, that we are embraced by it.
  • The seventh one is the Ketheric body, where we totally feel that we are one with creation. 

The seven basic chakras of our energetic body that ancient wisdom speaks so much about it, we can connect with our physicality, emotions, thoughts, the ability of love, how we integrate power, how to really manifest our true essence, the ability to see in the dark, that is intuition, creating projects with our expanded creativity, and the sense of belonging, and that we are not separated from the mystery of life.

In my opinion, separation is where lies a deep sickness of the human soul.

We are in a moment of humanity when we can recover the unity between our spirit and our matter. That is to be here and now, in this perfect system, that is the body, the emotions, and the thoughts. 

You are not each part, you are the whole. And even when the body fades away, and your emotional system fades away with the body, your energetic body, your spiritual dimension, and your electromagnetic field will still exist in a totally different form. Maybe not with the way we perceive now, but it will be transformed and not lost. 

Where does this system come from?

The seven layers of the energetic body come from ancient traditions that now science is confirming. So, we have many authors speaking about them, and the correlation with the chakras since you know, you can read so many books about it, but now science is confirming too.

I really believe that we are in the age where spirituality and science come back together into a more integrative approach of consciousness human life, our ecosystem, and even from the mystery.

Full Awareness Meeting Video recording is available in our International Community of Spiritual & Conscious Seekers.


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