How to Trust the Universe and Find the Flow to Live Your Authentic Life

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Working with Satya
How to Trust the Universe and Find the Flow to Live Your Authentic Life

We are usually put to the ultimate test during times of great crisis. In those moments, we can really see where we are in terms of awareness, principles, and actions within ourselves.

That is why it is critical that you take advantage of any opportunity to work with yourself.

There is always the possibility of expanding your consciousness, becoming more aware of your patterns, and deciding how you truly want to respond to life.

How are you able to do that?

Let me give you an example: you were born into a family where everyone complains about society, their neighbors, and politicians, but no one in your family ever took responsibility. You could also see that if they didn't agree on how they lived, they could do something about it, but they didn't. You might be conditioned to do the same in that environment.

And if you do so, you're putting yourself in a position where you're a victim with no control over how your life is transformed or created.

So, in a very concrete way, if you put yourself in a situation where you are constantly stressed and fearful - and normally when we are fearful, we go into a fight or flight response - you must either control the situation, fight the situation, or play dead to avoid being attacked. In this situation, you're causing a chemical reaction in the body that causes cortisol to be released.

Cortisol prevents you from being creative or thinking about different possibilities. It simply allows you to consider how you can flee, defend yourself, fight, or play dead. On the other hand, if we are a person who is able to connect with emotions, we can bring ourselves to calmness, love, trust, and all of these emotions, even if it is only through visualization. What happens is that other chemistry in your body starts to make heart coherence and brain coherence and connects the two, allowing you to relax in a deep state, expand consciousness, and experience true joy expansion.

As we can see, we can respond to life in a variety of ways.

You are teaching your system how to expand beyond what you already know by practicing silence, visualization, and inviting new feelings into your system. And, if you've noticed, many great leaders – and I'm not talking about celebrity – are people who, no matter how they're feeling, exude a vibration of trust. Why? They invite this trust into their system because they invite it in. They can have the capacity to be fully aware of how emotions and thoughts are processed if they have the feeling that "no matter what happens in this moment, I am responsible for everything that happens to me in this moment." They are aware that their own system can cause them anxiety or mistrust, but they are confident in their ability to work with it. They can recall their creativity as well as their life's true principles. They are capable of acting in accordance with their true principles rather than simply reacting and responding in terms of fear and conditioning.

One thing we should do, in my opinion, is have rituals in our lives that take us from darkness to light, from unconscious to conscious, and rituals that assist us in designing reshaping reality. Because beginning to shape reality requires beginning with a dream, beginning with thoughts that elicit an emotion, allowing us to begin to vibrate in that emotion, allowing us to begin to believe in that dream.

The more we align ourselves with the vision we want, with the emotional states we want to feel and leave, the more we begin to program our system, emotional system, mind system, body system, energetic system, and spiritual system to act in accordance with this designed and reshaped dream vision, in a very simple, direct, conscious, and unconscious manner.

The more you work on yourself, the more you will gain trust in yourself, the more you will understand how your personality is conditioned, and the more you will be able to step out of it. The more you align yourself and give time to self-observation through silence, and then even beyond self-observation to the space of pure conscious consciousness, where there is no goal to achieve, it's just about being present, feeling oneness, which is not something you create with your mind, but something that happens to you naturally.

Because you are already present in that state, you are vibrating in that state, the more you will feel the magic, the synchronicity of life, and I hope that this awareness meeting can truly support you, to inspire you to continue with your self-awareness work, and to begin your self-awareness work. It's such a beautiful path in terms of true freedom, reshaping your reality, healing yourself in the moment, rather than waiting for your body to somatize so you can pay attention. It's quite an incredible journey through life. And I want to reassure you that healing is possible. Even the worst trauma can be turned into joy, and one of your worst moments can be turned into one of your best. And to connect with creative spaces, to open up infinite possibilities, and to reshape your life. However, you must practice! And you'll need to set aside time for it. You will get what you already have if you sit on your couch doing the same thing all the time, if you keep behaving and taking the same actions. That is why it is critical that we change our perspective of life so that it is no longer something that happens to us, but something that we can co-create with the unknown and mystery, which we are so afraid of. And, to be honest, we should be content with the unknown because it hasn't seen everything; there's still a lot more to see. So, there's the mystery, the unknown... The more you dive into silence, the deeper you'll dive, the more you'll be there in this unknown, and it's on the unknown that presence flourishes even more because we're not in our busy minds. We are at the level of pure consciousness and energy, where anything is possible to manifest, but we are so afraid, so conditioned, so at ease in our daily lives, that we believe we already have everything. Even if you don't have everything you want, you're complaining and refusing to believe. The practice is not from desperation, is from curiosity, is from a place where you are really there, allowing yourself to expand, not because you will get something, because you feel something...

Look: in the in the worst moments of your life… In jail, someone died to you… In war, in a situation of sexual abuse. This is the kind of pain that can drive you to the brink of despair, robbing you of all hope in life. Every experience that happens to you can turn into deep wisdom the more you work on yourself and allow yourself to be in this space of oneness, knowing that it's not about the mind, but how you feel. And I can tell you that you can recover everything because of my own history, my own experience as a child who was sexually abused for years. It will take some time. Yes, it takes effort, but it's incredibly liberating. What happened to me provided me with the opportunity to gain this knowledge. That's what it's like to be here with you!

Maybe I wouldn't be here if I hadn't had that experience; maybe I'd be someone else. We reach a point where every situation becomes an opportunity for us to grow.

And that is the point: what is your perspective on life? What are your plans for the future? And I honestly believe you are a co-creator of the unknown and mysterious. You are, but you must take responsibility for your actions. And I'm confident that you'll be able to do it.



In a few words, Satya, how should we deal with fear if it arises during this self-examination?

Fear is an important emotion because, in many situations, it will save our lives! But there's another aspect of fear that paralyzes us, preventing us from doing what we really want, from being who we really are, and from saying what we really want. This fear is usually triggered by a situation that has caused you a trauma, no matter how minor. And this fear is still present in many of your daily interactions. So, when you have a fear, it's critical that you understand where it comes from. Maybe it's because you were on the verge of drowning. As a result, when you hear what are, your fear is triggered, and you are unable to swim. Perhaps your parents used to call you stupid and dumb, and they were always criticizing you. So, when you're in a position where you need to stand up for yourself, you're afraid to speak because the conditioning that caused you so much trauma and fear of being judged and not being loved just for being alive the way you are will be activated in moments when you're afraid of being criticized. So far, I've only given a few examples. It's critical to comprehend where it comes from through therapy and awareness. Then there's the matter of figuring out what sets it off. Because the more aware you are of the triggers that bring this fear to life, the more likely you are to say, "I feel the fear." “I understand.” And if you look around, if you look at the present moment, you will not find the dangerous, the critic. As a result, it's not true. It's a fabrication. However, your emotional body and mind are immediately activated, and you begin to defend yourself. And when you're defending yourself, you want to keep control of the situation, to keep your feelings and fears to a minimum. You begin to control, and this control is not limited to others; it also includes yourself.

And while you may be in control of the situation and following the conditioning, you are not being your true self or utilizing your true capabilities. As a result, I would always recommend therapy or self-awareness work. And this is a daily practice that you must engage in in order to see the reality around you and say, "OK, I'm not in danger, and these people aren't criticizing." I am capable of speaking my mind. But who do you put your faith in? You lost faith in yourself to truly be who you are; you lost faith in yourself to defend your point of view, to defend who you are and what you believe.

What is the primary cause of fear and reluctance to let go?

One of the reasons is that you are completely unaware of it. You're afraid, but you don't know why it's there or what's happening to you, so you're perplexed. The fear is usually the result of a trauma, which is a very difficult situation that was memorized in your system. And because of the cortisol and stress, you're in an emotional state where you want to defend yourself and take control so you don't get hurt or feel afraid again. What happens is that this is a completely unconscious process. So you don't want to let go because you don't know what you're doing. If you were truly aware, you would do everything in your power to overcome your fear. This process of letting go of fear is referred to as awareness. To be aware, you must first comprehend the process: why you were brought there, what was activated, and how you will deal with it. Normally, you don't let go because you're unconscious and afraid you won't make it, so fear is still working on you. And it's possible that you don't have the necessary tools.

Many people play a dangerous game in which they already know what they can do to start letting go of their fear, but playing the victim allows them to get what they want, which is usually attention. And, of course, being the victim is a dangerous game to play. It's a surviving mode of human structure's self-strategy. As a result, not letting go at the end is an unconscious process that allows you to feel secure.

When we become aware, we want to let go, to reclaim our calm, peace, and joy. And we'll go to any length to get there. But, of course, this is a continuous process. Of course, being the victim is a dangerous game to play and it's unconscious. It's a human structure's self-strategy for surviving. As a result, refusing to let go at the end is an unconscious process that allows you to feel safe.

We want to let go when we become aware; we want to reclaim our calm, peace, and joy. And we'll go to any length to achieve our goals. However, it is a continuous process.

Some reactions are so deeply embedded in my structure that I am only aware of them after a few minutes or seconds. Is it possible to alter the first reaction in such a way that the trigger melts? I have the impression that it will always be with me.

Yes, it's possible.

It will take some time. A long time for some, a short time for others. However, it is possible because it will no longer trigger you. So the trigger doesn't melt; it just fades away because you were working inside of yourself. To work through the traumas, memories, belief system, and feelings that you've grown accustomed to. When you become aware, the trigger loses its power. Seeing the subtle layers of how we might be triggered is a beautiful process of becoming more conscious, because we might be triggered and lose total consciousness, and we might start responding from our self-defense strategy. However, as we become more conscious, we begin to see "here is the trigger, this is how I feel," and then "how I want to react." The more we practice, the more it becomes embodied, and we see the situation that would have triggered us coming up and it no longer does. Then the magic happens: the trigger stops appearing because we are no longer vibrating there. As a result, that situation will no longer appear, or if it does, it will not affect us, and we will simply position ourselves in a completely different situation. So, yes, it's conceivable.

When I wake up, I usually feel like I've been on a roller coaster of emotions while dreaming. Every day is different: one day happy, the next sad. Is there something my personality is trying to tell me?

Certainly. So, in light of what you wrote, it appears that there are some repressed emotions that surface without being invited, and this is their purpose! The emotional system is an excellent system for drawing your attention to itself. So, I'd delve into my "why do I feel sad?" ponderings. What is it that is bringing that to me? “What are my requirements?” I'd begin to devote my full attention to it. “What is the source of this sensation? What exactly do I require in order to meet my requirements? And this is emotional healing work, which we have at Working with Satya and which could be very beneficial to you in this regard.

When confronted with the unknown, such as moving to a new location or changing jobs, how do you let go of control and trust the universe?

Of course, we must comprehend the flaws and strengths of new directions, choices, and we must make our decisions with our minds... Imagine, however, that life isn't a problem! Imagine that your perspective of life is an amazing journey, a quest in which you have infinite possibilities to experience yourself, and that if something goes wrong, even if it is truly disastrous, you will always have another opportunity to change reality, to learn how to do things differently. I believe that we were often educated in a fear-based environment by society and our families. As a result, we begin to see life as a problem, as something difficult to overcome. If we begin to shift our mindset and say, "What a new day!" Okay, I'm completely insane. I'm saying goodbye to my job, which pays well, but I'm tired of it and want to try something new. What are the potential dangers? If you have responsibilities, you must weigh the risks, but it will be critical from the standpoint of creativity and experience. So, when we take a risk, we are altering a relationship, a home, a job, our self-perception... there is always a risk in life. The question is whether you can assess your risks and determine whether you are willing to take them. Some people are willing to risk their lives to achieve their goals: "I want to be the best big wave rider in the world." I'm aware that I have the ability to die. Do I want to put my life on the line for that? Yes, I'd like it. Then get going!

It all boils down to how much you're willing to risk and how you view life. And I'm not talking about falling asleep. You need to measure risk. Then you must determine whether you are available for that. The only thing in this life that does not have a solution is when we leave our bodies. We can take chances until then. People usually fall into depression because they are in so much pain that they have lost faith in their ability to rebuild. Because the fear of failing again outweighs the willingness to start over. And, as far as I can tell, when we reclaim these new attitudes, new hopes, and new energies, everything changes. And then there's love, and then there's a new work. Of course, you will not be the same person; you will have gained even more wisdom. If you work with your emotions and belief systems on a deeper level. If you allow yourself to break through your frustration, if you stop complaining, if you stop going into depression and pain, and you tell yourself that you are still alive, that there is still life to be lived in the way that you want it to be lived, whether that way is completely different or the same as before, you will find that you are still alive. It's a methodical procedure. And I'm overjoyed that many people can reclaim this new perspective and reclaim their strength. And when you think about killing yourself, this is a very deep work. And when I work with people who are considering suicide, it's because they are in a lot of pain and have lost their sense of purpose in life. So, recovering the meaning of life will necessitate a lot of strength from the person at the same time, such as tender energy, beautiful energy, and compassion energy, because we don't take people out of their deeply painful states. Simply stating that life is incredible is enough. That's fantastic. We must recognize that the painful situation in which they find themselves is extremely sensitive and sensible. And we must assist them in gradually rising to the surface and regaining sight of the meaning of life.

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