How to Remain Calm, Stay Aware and Strong in Difficult Times

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Working with Satya
How to Remain Calm, Stay Aware and Strong in Difficult Times

This Awareness Meeting will support your ability to observe and to acknowledge when you are being triggered by difficult situations and how to deal with them without losing yourselves and to remain in a center. We will explore how to stay in present consciousness, the place where we activate our own wisdom and creativity. In this way we can have different perspectives of the same difficult situation and to find the best solution for that moment or to realize that there is no solution.

Conflicts and challenges will always exist. Life is in a state of flux all the time. The only thing that remains is our true essence, who we truly are. And by that, I don't mean our personality structure. Our emotional lives, intelligent minds, and physical bodies will naturally react to life's challenges, will naturally react to our inner conflicts, and are the source of how we lose ourselves to the situation.

We deal with a lot of conditioning in our lives as a result of centuries of repression and the way our ancestors were taught, so we received from our parents the way they felt and thought about life. And as children, we learn that this is the typical human response. The most important thing is to realize that we are much more than our thoughts. So, you're the one who's in charge of allowing the emotions to take place. We are only working on the personality structure if we only focus on questions about how the mind works, how to become more successful, and how to become a better human being. As a result, we'll be able to make use of it, but the core of our existence, the core question is "Who am I?" and that is the direct work that we must all begin. Because only then do we realize that all of our emotions, relationships, challenges, and internal conflicts take place on a certain level of our true existence.

When I work with athletes or musicians, for example, I always ask them, "Who are you if you lose your legs, or if you lose your hands, and you can't play the instruments or run? You are the athletes, or you have had the opportunity to experience yourself as an athlete or musician?”. Allowing yourself to work on the personality structure, but always reminding yourself that you are not that, is the best way for you to come back to that presence, calmness, and awareness in difficult times, in difficult moments.

Visualize now that pure consciousness is the vast ocean. And our uniqueness is a wave on that sea. So, this wave, she's having a good time or doing whatever she wants, and she's shrinking. This wave is our personality structure and individuality. And the emotional body, physical body, thinking mind, rational mind, and even energetic body are all part of this wave. However, she is unaware that she has forgotten that she is the ocean itself, the pure consciousness itself.

So, what we can say is that whatever who you are, you are pure consciousness itself, but you forgot totally, and you are so focused in your individuality, that it's so hard for you to remember that you are the ocean itself. And this is the dance between duality and non-duality. This duality that we live in this matter, this physical life, is for pure consciousness to experience itself.

The more we learn to deal with our personality structure, physical body, and mental body, the more we allow ourselves to train our inner observer, who is not attached to the emotions, thinking mind, physical body, or energetic body, but grows into awareness and goes into observation, eventually reminding us that the observer is the observed. 

When you are in a difficult situation or a difficult moment in your life - it can be losing a job, or depression, or losing something you really love, or ending a relationship, or having a conflict - accepting the situation is the most important thing to do at first. Don't resist, avoid, or create illusions in your environment. Accept whatever is going on at the time! Examine the facts and make a decision. Then pay attention to what happens to you: how do you feel? what is going on in your mind? And how does your body respond to your emotions and your thinking mind? You will be able to understand what your conditioning is and who your true essence is if you learn to do so. You will be able to recognize when you are reacting and when you are truly acting, through observing and consciously choosing how you want to respond to life. Second, don't suppress your emotions; instead, acknowledge them and give them space to exist while always remembering that they are passengers. And, if you're just starting out on this path of self-awareness, find someone to guide you and support you. Someone can support you with their own energy, their own path, their own silence, to be by your side, but you will be the one who will need to sit there and watch.

The simplest thing I can give you today, and the most honest thing I can give you from where I come from, is: Work with yourself in the sense of learning about your human system - emotional, physical, mental, and energetic - but that is not the central question. Consciousness is the central question, and it isn't even a question. What's your name? Who is frightened? Who is happy? Who is thinking? Is pure consciousness allowing itself to be experienced by individuality?

Now I'm going to invite Alex Makarov, a beloved friend from Ukraine who is an incredible filmmaker and musician. He'll ask a question.

Alex: My question concerns the future. Is the future already here or not?

Satya: In the beginnings of science, time was linear. So, in terms of how we perceive time, there was past, present, and future, with our minds normally being in the past or the future. And our goal on this conscious and aware path is to bring our mind to presence. There is no time when there is presence. We can travel anywhere by going through our dreams, our minds, and our energetic fields. And we are in that situation if we are with the mind in the past. Of course, for many people, this can come across as very intellectual and nonsensical.

According to ancient traditions, there is a time of mystery, during which everything happens, and a time of confusion, during which we don't understand what is going on. As a result, the time of consciousness is unbounded; there is no linear time, no circle, and no spiral. Everything is possible. That is pure consciousness in that energetic field.

That is why our brain is capable of extracting information from a variety of sources. When you're in a state of confusion, and an idea comes to you that you didn't expect... Because matter ages in the way we perceive it, time only exists in matter. And while we say matter dies, matter does not die; rather, she transforms into something else. It's because there isn't enough time to change into something else. Our perception, our scientific conditioning, which thought us that way, still put us here, and it is an agreement that we all have in order to interact.

However, because quantum physics is not based on matter, there is no such thing as time.

So, what's going on here, in what we refer to as the past, is already vibrating.

What we refer to as the future present moment is already present.

Satya finished by reading “Whatever Happens,” a Rumi poem that can be found here: "



Could you please give me an example of what the true essence might be, Satya? 

My true essence, I can tell you from my own experience, is when I don't feel my individuality, when I can drop in, in this inner environment that I am without being Satya, without being the mom, I just am and all these walls of perception. They are completely diluted; I can see them, and they are still there, but in this pure consciousness, they are completely diluted. If you ask me if I am an enlightened being right now, I would say no.

I've had a few moments of pure consciousness that I can always remember and return to. And I am aware that I am present. However, when the personality structure is extremely intense and we can become increasingly present in that state, there is no individuality and no separation.

Where the thinking mind simply vanishes, t he emotional body simply fades away. So, what exactly is our true nature? That is the question we must always ask ourselves in the present moment, in the silence... It's a question about which only poetry and simple words can provide an answer, because our true essence, our consciousness, or pure state of consciousness, are experienced in a specific moment. It is not because you practice meditation that you will experience this; it occurs naturally; however, all of the techniques serve to help us become more present and conscious.


What should you do when you realize you've lost your individuality?

So we've got two scenarios here. It is a situation when you lose your individuality because you lose yourself for other people. It's a completely different situation when you lose your individuality as you become more conscious. So I'm not sure what you're trying to say. But first, let's talk about the second. There's a peaceful state that rises within you when you start to fade, losing your individuality and becoming much more compassionate, and less and less egoistic. And you don't lose anything in the process. In fact, it's the polar opposite. You simply lost, melted, and let go, allowing you to become much more aware of your true essence. However, if you're talking about losing your individuality for the sake of other people, it means you're grappling with a question about your limits and boundaries, which you'll need to address. Because we can't have a relationship with others if we lose ourselves for them. We're losing who we truly are just to be in that relationship. As a result, I strongly advise you to work with boundaries and limits.

So that you can feel worthy of yourself, that you can feel safe in yourself, that you can respect and love who you truly are.


What effect does forgiveness have on your mind?

Forgiveness is, in my opinion, one of our most valuable resources. Because when we forgive, we let go of the pain we were carrying inside, allowing ourselves or others to be forgiven. We separate ourselves from the drama, the situation, the conflict, and the suffering. We let go of what we were clinging to, what we didn't want to open the hand for, and freed ourselves from it. The person who forgives is the first to truly receive something. It makes no difference how the other person behaves. At the mental level, the mind will become much more calm and stable because she will not be preoccupied with the pain of thinking about the situation or the person. Forgiveness is a very deep process, and it is also one of the most conscious. How can I let go of all the pain I'm experiencing? because someone harmed me, and I overheard it, there is such a release, such new space for everything that we can experience that isn't stuck, when we let go. We spend so much energy thinking about emotions till we finally forgive.

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