Forgive the Past, Be Grateful for the Present and Design the Future

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Working with Satya
Forgive the Past, Be Grateful for the Present and Design the Future

This awareness meeting will be a possibility to look back. I will guide you to have insights about our lives today, so we can let go of the past, honor to be grateful for the present moment to reshape our next year and the future moments that they are coming.

We have been living a year of challenges, new realities, losses, but also a year of so many opportunities.

2020, in many ancient traditions, was expected because it's an ending process of so many years of transformation from darkness to light, from unconscious to consciousness. Of course, the more rational ones will listen to these ancient traditions, just like an ancient story, and it's okay. All the traditions, all the stories, only have the meaning we would like to give them. This year of 2020 was a year of pure transformation, where we had to look inside ourselves and look for our true principles.

I heard many people that they were in states of desperation, in conditions of fear. Still, at the same time, I could see the actual transformation, which gives us hope in human beings because we can see that even if we are broken and lonely, suffering, there's always a possibility to transform what we are experiencing. Look at me: In my life, I never thought that I would be working online. If you would ask me on the first of March when I was still in Ukraine working: "Satya, you will go online almost every day," I would say "impossible because my work is face to face." And here we are, already almost for a year, in this quarantine. We did for three months, nearly every day, live Broadcasting's and we were growing and growing every day, not because the number is essential, but because the space that we were here creating with each other was real, was authentic. We were caring for each other. And for me, it was a big surprise how something that I didn't give any attention to before became one of the most powerful tools of real connection in difficult times. We started to connect from all the parts of the world and interact from an honest space because we knew that we didn't know when we would be together again. So, what was very special and very beautiful was people just jumping into direct lives and opening their hearts, opening their souls to each other, and speaking. So that is something that I will always have in my best memories from 2020. And I saw many people becoming closer and helping each other. People they knew each other and people they didn't know each other. And that is something that has substantial value, and we need to start to remember the power of genuine caring in our communities to raise our future generations into these principles.

2020 was a year of many difficult situations. We saw people losing their houses, jobs, people dying, and families losing people. At the same time, I saw people desperation, people doing things that hurt other people. So, we always have two possibilities inside us. In difficult moments you can know where you stand in that moment. If you want to know a person, give them power, see what they do with that power, behave, treat people, or give them a challenging situation, see how they behave and relate with others and themselves.

How was your 2020? Who of you felt that you were surfing in these two polarities (light and darkness)? Who was coming out from an excruciating moment, and somehow you hurt yourself and others?

If you were in that place, recognize for one moment: what was your most intense emotion? Recognize that emotion: fear, doubt, comparison, competition, fear of not having enough, not knowing the future, not trusting...

Choose this emotion that was visiting you during 2020. Take a deep breath and feel what part of your body that emotion was or is still living.

Tell yourself and this emotion: no matter what happens, no matter how many times you visit me, I'm always home. And you have a place where I can see you, and I can learn with it.

I will give you my example to understand how we can work with this. This year for me, was a year of betrayals. The story is: people I deeply trusted somehow betrayed me in a very vulnerable space. In the most innocent and pure place inside of me, I would trust my life, money, and friendship with these people. And it was not only one but was some. And there were moments of deep pain when I was losing this company that I was so used to. Some were coming from work, others from intimacy. And I allowed myself to cry deeply, feel these emotions, and face reality. The moment that I turned my consciousness into myself and asked myself, how did I contribute to this situation? That was the moment that a lot of clarity came.

So how did I allow that? First of all, I let that because somehow, I understood that keeping that relation would allow my business to go, my retreats to go, that friendship to go on, have this intimacy, and stay in that intimacy. So, what was my responsibility? I didn't accept the person exactly the way she is, or he is. I had this childish hope that somehow, they would be different with me. But if we understand, if we are sincere, I couldn't be surprised because I can understand how that person behaves with other people, in the world, business, their relations and with their family. So, my responsibility was not to accept precisely the person how it was. And I had the illusion of hope that somehow, they would be different with me.

And that was another growth for me, again, another layer of consciousness, another layer to let go of illusion, another layer to accept reality exactly how it is. And that acceptance, that learning brought me to a prayer that is: allow me to see the truth the way it is, will enable me to respect and not wish that could be different. Allow me to accept what it is and work with that and not with my expectations.

I want to tell you that the process through pain, it's always intense. And I want to say to you that it is worthy of going through.

Think about the intense negative emotion that you felt during 2020. What is the learning for you? In that relation, in that situation? And let's use honesty as our best friend at this moment, because this is the awareness meeting, wherein a few moments, we can change our perception, so we can give steps into the direction that we want.

The next question is: what was your responsibility in that situation, in that relation, at that moment, or moments?

Take a deep breath and allow this self-inquiry to sink.

  These responsibilities are a door for you to make commitments with yourself, to understand where you lose your dignity, integrity, where you sell yourself, so you still have something from the other person or the situation, the relation, the business… Because we usually lose ourselves for that, that we don't stand for our principles, that we don't show up that we are not authentic, that we are hurting ourselves. And, of course, we are bringing that to the relationship too. So, if we are not getting that to the relation, we are at least 50% responsible for that situation.

Who you want to be in 2021?

Learn with 2020 and set your flames on fire because we are still alive, and we have a wonderful life to live together. Cry what you need to cry, ask for help. But set your life on fire. We are alive, and that is such a tremendous gift.

Full Awareness Meeting Video recording is available in our International Community of Spiritual & Conscious Seekers.


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