Feminine Worth

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Working with Satya
Feminine Worth

In that moment of the world, women's essence is essential.

Look at what is happening between Israel and Palestine and think: how can this occur in this century? How can we still have slavery around the world?

This is something that we can't close our eyes to, and for that, women's essence will be fundamental to remember what the principles of life are.

As you know, for many centuries, we had the Hero's Journey. In many, many stories, in our philosophy, ancient Greek philosophy… In all our stories, normally, we invite the hero's journey that Joseph Campbell was such a great teacher, and he was really passing us the story and the journey that the hero needs to follow. So, the hero is typically a man in the main of stories that we know for centuries. Even God has the figure of a man. And the hero's journey is always about a man that needs to confront a big fear or problem and how he can really face all these demons' problems challenge outside, facing the true fear inside. And the last big fear is always: "Should I give my life for it or not?" And commonly, the stories are about the brave ones that can even give their lives to a more important principle. 

I believe that we are entering an era that is Heroine's Journey

Do you remember "Alice in Wonderland"? She's a girl that has many things to do, but she decides to go into the mystery, and along her way, she meets all these broken characters that have so many difficulties inside of them: the rabbit, the Iron Man, the clock, etc. Along her way, she faces and embraces all the challenges in Wonderland. The heroine journey is a time about us, not about only myself, but how we walk and deal with life together. This journey is about how your well-being is my well-being, that we don't leave anybody behind, how we respect the difference of each other, no matter if we agree or not, but we accept how others are! 

For me, the Heroine's Journey is the story, the new dream for the future! And that says a lot about us, women! We are the ones that can take care of the family, that can be with kids, even giving breastfeeding them, and we are at the same time cooking. We can work and at the same time have friends that are depressed in the same room by our side, and we say, "I'm here for you!".

These principles of inclusion, of motherhood, of really taking care of us and not only me, are things that we are bringing back to us. The most beautiful thing that we can have is us. Nobody can taste life alone. Because we come to planet Earth, we come to life in a relationship with this planet, with the fresh air, with the oxygen we breathe. We are in a relationship with trees, directly! We are intimately related to nature. Everything that nature creates, that is: rocks, lands, stars, clouds, other human beings, animals... and we forgot the sacredness of relations, we forgot that it is in the relationship that we discover ourselves, that we rise together! So today, a woman's worth is the principle of life. 

In our society, everything points outside, mainly point "how can I be happy?". And we, as women, have the power to generate life inside of us. And this is deeper than the mind can understand because it leaves in ourselves! We give our teeth, our hair, our cells to generate a new living being.

When we speak about women's worth, I'm not saying that men are bad. Women have many difficulties that came from centuries of generations living repressed. 

We need to recover inside of ourselves this beautiful recognition: giving birth! Not only giving birth to a newborn but ourselves, and feeling that we carry the fire of life, every day, till menopause. We need to look to ourselves as a sacred vessel and respect the principle of life, interconnection, and interdependence. 

When we heal ourselves, we expand ourselves, not only past and future, but we vibrate so much in the present moment. And if we think in terms of nonlinear time, that goes beyond duality. And remember, only by a deep acceptance of duality we find unity, as men and women, only by accepting making love with a man who gives you his energy, create unity by the difference. 

Let's awake this awareness that we are all our grandmothers, all our great, great grandmothers, and we are the future generations already!

You have a responsibility, that is, to expand who you are. You didn't come here to play small, and you didn't come here to live with fear. You didn't come here to accept what is unacceptable, and you came here to create. You are a creator of life. You have the power of generating life, and by that, you can regenerate yourself, you can heal yourself, you can transform yourself, you can recreate who you are, you can grow in the direction that you want!

And by that, you don't need to step over on someone. It's the opposite! By giving a hand, you grow, helping you succeed! This is the Heroine's journey that speaks about humanity's rising on a planet that invites us to be here. How can we don't remember that this planet is our mother?

Coming close, being authentic in your relationships through that you will be able to see, to face who you are and sometimes what you face is not so beautiful…. So, you play small and go against your true essence. You are the mother of the universe. 

Let's do this exercise:

  1. Everyone, take a deep breath. Breathing in and out, focus your attention in your heart, and put there your hands if you want.

  2. Behind you, you'll see your mother. And at this moment, it doesn't matter how challenging or beautiful your relationship was. All the mothers are here with us. No matter what your mother did, she's behind you. 

  3. Invite your two grandmothers: behind you and your mother. Feel their essence. Feel some moments with them and how they took care of you. Remember that each of them was a woman with their own stories, difficulties, and qualities. 

  4. Behind them, you start to see four great grandmother's and behind them, you begin to see lines of women that gave birth to each other. They gave birth to thousands of universes, to endless stories, to infinite craziness, infinite life, and love. There's strong support of this lineage of women of your family that arrived here to you. 

  5. I want to invite you to open your arms, with the palms up. Sense how, since a kid, you were giving birth, to friendship with other women, relating with other women. Some of them were so close to you, and maybe they still are. Put your arms in front of you and imagine. If you have a daughter or a son, he or she is in front of you. If you don't have kids, imagine the kids of your friends or kids that you don't even know, and start to imagine that with your face, energy, and smile, how do we influence them. 

  6. When they are looking to you, visualize their back, see how many kids, how many relations they are giving birth, second by second. Feel that on your back, on your side, and in front of you. 

  7. Ask for a message from your grandmother. Listen to her voice. What is she telling you? What is she whispering into your ears? Take a deep breath and thank all of your relationships and every memory that lives inside of you. Put your hands in your heart and say goodbye to your grandmother. Say goodbye to your future generations and thank them for what they will be. 

In this exercise, we started reconnecting with our lineage. We recognized that we live in relation all the time. Isolation is impossible because you can't isolate yourself from the planet and the universe. 

You are much more than you think!

You are much more than you are aware, and all the moments, all the stories, and broken hearts, all the conquers are your own product. And you have the fire of life in you. I wish, I pray that we all remember that. That we have the power, the strength, the wisdom to let go, to integrate, to melt all the personality structure into our true essence. 

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