Fake Positivism and Spiritual Bypass

awareness consciousness emotions religion spirituality Jan 14, 2021

There is a division, a separation of what is spiritual and what is not spiritual.

Somehow, we create an image of what it means to be spiritual person. We have a projection of what it really means, and it puts us in a place that we need to behave, to speak, to think, even to dress in a certain way.

Everything that we live, that we feel, and think is impossible to be in a separation of what is spiritual, because EVERYTHING IS SPIRITUAL, the matter is spiritual, the life is already spiritual.

But the separation and the judgment that we do, the criticism that we provoke, all the labels that we put of what should be spiritual, isolate us and separate us from what really means to be in our true essence and spirituality.

Spirituality is something that goes beyond any religion, it goes beyond any philosophy, or any description of what it should be. The true spirituality means that we have the capacity to hold what is really happening to ourselves without judging, without separation, without wanting to be different.

True spirituality is an act of consciousness, it is where we allow ourselves to dive deep into the pure consciousness, to really be in touch and to accept the present moment and our true essence.

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