Conscious Solitude is an Act of Courage, it’s a Need of the Soul.

articles by satya Feb 15, 2022
Conscious Solitude is an Act of Courage, it’s a Need of the Soul.

For many solitude means loneliness. When this happens means that we are still living from an unconscious place of need, doubts, fears, wounds... so we project on the other what we believe we can get to makes us feel safer... what we consider love...


Conscious Solitude is an act of steeping ourselves of the illusions of personality needs and bringing us home, a very intimate relation with our essence, with the true principals that are waiting for us to bring them to practical daylong life.

When we step into solitude there is a moment of fear of stepping out of the normal river of society and centuries of conditioning... at the same time we start to meet this peaceful state that nothing and no one can meet for us... creativity pours out, clarity expands... silence embrace us and beauty meet our eyes...we see where we were locked in the cage ... we see and fell the difference of this presence in us...

Solitude means a deep act of faith and surrender to the mystery of life... where we open our hands and arms to let go the life where we were playing small, where comfortable is enough, where we hide from each other and live inside other worlds just by our own... where we allow life to pass by because we are afraid to risk to be alive.

Solitude bring us home, to our most honest authentic self.

Love doesn’t mean anymore being with someone, reality change and what really matters starts to matter... and we are no longer afraid, we no longer afford to go with less than the truth and we give ourselves to acceptance of what it is.

Do not fear,

Do not avoid this feeling,

Do not repress this true need of the soul,

Till you become conscious of this you will feel a emptiness even if you, rationally knows that you have everything to be happy, but some how you don’t feel it...

This means that you are awakening a depth inside of you that only in solitude you will have time and space to listen.

Even if you are in a relation that you feel that you belong to you need time to learn how to dive and experience this solitude.

One of the main problems in couples is the lack of respect and understanding for this solitude (intimacy with oneself) and the illusion of the belief that the other will provide our needs... this is one of the biggest reasons for couples feel lonely in relations and a sense of missing completion... because each on of us is not allowed tho meet true intimacy... that starts by us.

Just living from this wounded part full of needs, projections, fears, doubts, comfort zone, interests, even the known ”makes sense, it’s easy” what we are all doing is creating a society that sells the most beautiful part of humanity, that Is: conscious, love, courage, dignity, integrity, honesty, respect, true care...

And the we all ask: why our planet is like this? You just have to see what part do you take on it... because it’s starts by us, how do we live in our homes, in our family... in this most intimate relations starts the biggest corruption of all... where we sell our truth, or honest feelings and what we really belief for all the needs of the child that once they were not meet... and we are still looking for... but now we are not child’s anymore, we have the choice to become the one that we admire, the one that would truly contribute to a better world... that’s why there is no other way: honesty with ourselves, courage to face it, humbleness to ask for help and dignity to live according to what really matters.

Satya, Working With Satya

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