Conscious Prayer, Setting Intentions and Daily Ritual Meditations

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Conscious Prayer, Setting Intentions and Daily Ritual Meditations

If we speak about prayer, our mind can usually go into religion, despite many people already have a different perspective. 

Of course, prayer is an essential part of religions, and when it comes from an authentic place, it is an instrument to connect yourself with the God of that religion, with the belief system that you might have. 

From my perspective, I consider that prayer, beyond any religion, is a right of any person, is something fundamental. And why? To pray is more than asking God or anything you want to call to the higher force, or nature or higher consciousness. Prayer is your inner dialogue between your authentic self and pure consciousness, the matrix. God for some, nature for others, but it happens inside you, and you become the channel that opens that door to that connection.

We have several types of prayers:

  • The informal one, when someone, for example, goes in the car saying, "God, if I arrive at the gas station without running out of gas, I promised that I'd do something";

  • The formal prayer, when you're sitting down asking God, "please make me feel at peace." You have this dialogue with something higher and stronger, wiser, or more intelligent or powerful than you. 

  • The ritual prayer, where rituals can be in movement, doing specific actions, or with mantras, for example. Through these rituals or mantras or even prayers that we read from books, you allow yourself to go into a trance.

  • Meditation prayer, where you will allow yourself to expand out of the limits of the rational mind, and you can perceive the Oneness. 

In these several prayers, there is something that we are doing: we are in action, and then we need to go to the other part that is going beyond asking.

We are in an era where science is coming closer to spirituality, where quantum physics is stepping into the unknown and the mystery and tapping into consciousness. 

Quantum physics starts to speak about consciousness and explain consciousness from quantum formulas. 

Before, we would say that "there's an empty space," and many people would say that we are in this empty space when we are meditating. However, studies showed that there's no such thing because there's always energy in movement all the time.

Quantum science is more and more talking about consciousness and getting closer to spirituality. They observe these tiny quanta of energy that can come to matter when there is an intention and direction of energy.  

Think about your daily life. Our body is made up of over 70% of water, and there's a lot of studies saying that the intention and the prayers we give to the water change their crystals. 

Imagine the power of your daily thoughts: if you have ideas or feelings that you are not worthy of, that you feel frustrated all the time or a victim. Suppose you start to have an addiction to that particular kind of thought and add all your experiences and traumas living inside you. These memories live on the cell level, emotional, and energetic levels. 

Usually, our inner dialogue has a certain quality. So, when we go into prayer, inside religion, or out of religion as an internal dialogue, asking for help, you stop that kind of thought in a moment. You are giving a certain quality to raise the rate of your ideas to align yourself with the principles of your life, desires, and longings. 

In awareness facilitator training school, we teach, and we learn that our feelings have a quality of vibration in our hearts that creates a magnetic field. The heart rate induces certain kinds of thoughts, and the thoughts have electricity that makes an electrical field. So, combining the heart and the mind, we combine electromagnetic fields and vibrate that! That's why we say "more than what we say, we are what we are" that is what we vibrate. 

If you think in terms of emotions only, for example, when we feel frustrated or with fear, we are activating the "fight or flight mode" in our sympathetic system. It is where we try to defend and to survive, and we focus only on survival modes. So, we activate everything! For example, we release cortisol so that we can react to that situation. 

Imagine that this quality of emotions surrounds your daily life. You are constantly activating the "fight or flight mode," which will induce a vibration in your heart and induce an electromagnetic field in the thoughts and the quality of your thoughts. So, when we are in this state, we don't see that we have infinite possibilities. When we start to train ourselves to come into gratitude, peace, compassion, joy, we activate the parasympathetic system that induces relaxation, trust, creativity, and meditative sensations. We can start to go beyond the personality structure, beyond the individual, to the Oneness to the pure consciousness.

For me, in the end, if we go out of dogmas, we are saying that there is a field that we melt our individuality into Oneness. In the end, all religions and all the dogmas and ancient traditions are pointing in that direction. And they are always pointing that the House of Oneness, the door from our own body, own individuality is our heart.

How do you think the heart ignites? 

The language of the heart is the emotions and the feelings.

The more you dream, the more you design, the more you focus your attention. And to invite your unconscious mind and all the infinite potential that you have to become aligned with what you want, you start to create the actions that will take you there. 

Asking, thinking that is designing inside your mind the experience you want, but the ultimate door to invite that manifestation of that experience is feeling. You feel that you are in that experience already.

Prayer and daily rituals create a momentum, a movement of the body or an inner movement that allows you to step in into your emotions and feelings, that will vibrate and start to induce a quality of thoughts, so you can have visions about what you want to create and to decide. 

So, if you ask me if it's possible to reshape your body, to design your life to create, I will tell you, "yes, it is!" but it requires work. You must train till the moment that you are a daily prayer, that you can have the ability to be self-aware of where your unconscious traumas and belief systems are attacking you and taking you out of awareness.

The more you train the ability to be in presence, the more conscious you will be to see where you are standing in that moment. 

The more you prepare yourself to feel gratitude and compassion, and love, in your daily momentum of each moment of life, the more you become this vibrational field, electromagnetic field, that will permeate all the fields. You will become aware of other vibrations. You will have the ability to activate even more your vibrational field through consciousness or to move out of particular vibrations in the field.

We need training. That's why daily rituals are so important in our lives! 

We are in one of the most incredible eras, where science is saying we bow to ancient wisdom. In their language, they were already for centuries telling us about the quantum field, the inner potential that we all have. And of course, this is not about the institutions of religions that try to control; they try to kill in the name of God. No, I'm speaking beyond that; I'm talking about the true message: humanity, compassion, love, and the energetic vibrational field that we all are.

Questions and Answers

What is the soul? How can I interact with it?

When we speak about the soul, there are many definitions. If you read this book or go to this guru or to that person, they will tell you several meanings. And, for example, if you go to the Bible, they make a difference between body, soul, and spirit. They say the body is the matter to receive the soul. And the soul for them is the emotions, is the ego structure is where we desire and where we feel. But the spirit only arrives at life when we have the conscious decision to enter in the spiritual life or through the child's baptism, so we invite the spirit to be awake. 

Then, if you go to other philosophies, they say the soul is only pure consciousness. This concept about spirit and soul doesn't exist, and everything is a creation of the mind, even this reality, so we all come from this pure consciousness into individuality. 

In my perspective, and it's not the truth, is what I stand for now; I believe that we are all pure consciousness, this quantum field that comes from this Oneness to individuality. And we don't remember that we are this Oneness. 

Through the process of becoming individual, we lost this connection. 

So, we are drawn to experience where we feel the Oneness, that we feel that we belong to something bigger than ourselves, than this life. 

     In the process of becoming individual, the soul, the concept of the soul, for me, is what reminds us that we are this true essence that never dies, that leaves before we come into this life, that will remain existing when we let go this body and this dimension. The authentic part that is present and exists is that I am from a place where we can work through the personality structure, and we can see the illusions of this lifetime. It is what holds us in this human relationship from a space of genuine authenticity. We see the more we work in ourselves, the more we see all the illusions see all the attachments, even to the concept of the soul, even to the concept of consciousness. There's something that remains when we are there. There's this sensation of existence that at that moment, everything melts into that existence without space and time, without even the feelings of the mind that rationalize and create existence.  

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