Addiction - It will never leave you satisfied

abuse addiction awareness Aug 13, 2020

We have to find the Why we became addicted and it will show us the window where we need to look and to heal.

Why do you do it?

Why do you take substances?

How do you feel in that moment?

What are you looking for? And why are you looking for?


This window opens the big wounds that we felt big pain, big stress or big trauma, and we are compelled to run away from that pain and we look for anything that allows us to stop feeling that pain and that brings us some relief, some calmness, some peacefulness, some feeling of true connection.

I want to invite you to recognize that you always have the choice and the power inside of you to do the work. The work, that is the path back to yourself. I want to invite you to recognize that no matter how much pain, no matter how much horrible experience you have in your life - you have the capacity to ask for help. You have the capacity to say I need help. You have the capacity to forgive yourself no matter what.

And stop judging and criticizing yourself and look to the personality structure and the ego structure as a possibility to work with yourself.


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