Acceptance of Being a Woman

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Acceptance of Being a Woman

In our times, women had to conquer for their rights to have a voice, to have work, act in their interests, and have freedom.

And now we see that so many of us are becoming very masculine, and we don’t even recognize the beauty of our own feminine energy.

What is accepting of being a woman?
Are not we women already?
What is our own conditioning?
Can we really connect with our true essence?
And what is our true identity?

These are fundamental questions for us. And they are significant, especially if we think in terms of the evolution of our own society.

"Evolution functions through polarities, just as you cannot walk on one leg, you will need two legs to walk, existence needs polar opposites: man and woman, life and death, love and hate to create momentum. Otherwise, there will be silence. The opposite attracts you on the one hand, and on the other hand, it makes you feel dependent. And nobody wants to be dependent. Hence there is a constant struggle between lovers. They are trying to dominate each other. The name is love, but the game is politics. The very effort of men is to dominate the woman, to reduce her to an inferior status, not allow her to grow, so she's always remains retarded."

When Osho said this, we need to understand that there was still a big difference between women's rights and men's rights and opportunities. But we will see that maybe it's still true, which influences the way we live as women and how we educate our own kids.

"The freedom of a woman from men's slavery will also be freedom for men to experience. So, I say the woman's liberation movement is not only a woman's liberation; it is also a men's liberation movement. Both will be liberated. Slavery is binding them both, and there is a continuous struggle. The woman has found her own strategies to nag the husband, to put him down, and the man has his own strategy. And between these fighting camps, we have been hoping love is happening. But it's not. Centuries have passed, love has not happened, or only once in a while. This is the situation of ordinary love, which is only love in name, not in reality. If you ask my vision of love, it is no longer a question of dialectics, opposition; men and women are different and complementary. Man alone is half, so is a woman. Only together, in a deep feeling of oneness do they feel for the first time, totality, perfection."

These words from Osho are profound. They are deep, and they contain such truth. For centuries, we lived in this repressive conditioning: women were the property of families, women could not have access to university and studies. Only later were they allowed to work, to vote, and only after they would be recognized as an authority in companies and politics. But, if you think that we are total with the same opportunities in our current moment, it's not true!

Here are some facts for you to understand how this is conditioning us:

Only 10 countries have equal rights for women and men: Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, France, Latvia, Luxembourg, Iceland, Canada, Portugal, and Ireland.

And now, imagine how many women in the world are in a position of an actual fight to get their own possibilities, opportunities, and respect!

Only in 2073 women will achieve full equality.
So, more than 50 years! In countries as the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa, women have under half of the legal rights.

Change is happening, but not as fast as it should be. Not because we are women or men, but because it's fair. It's because we are all human beings. We have to know that this fight for women's rights is still happening in many countries.

This influences us to repress ourselves because we are afraid to lose our lives. And that brings us to the point that we play small, that we don't show up, that we pretend that we are inferior, that we pretend that we are not so intelligent. So, we can stay alive. Or in countries like Portugal or France, or Latvia… even if we have the same rights, that was a big conquer, we still do not recognize the same way as men are. And so we tend to become stronger because we need to fight. We become more masculine because we need to have the same expression when we are in a meeting.

Somehow, we are still living in a moment where we don't honestly know who we are, as women, even in these countries that we all already have the same rights. For example, if we dress precisely the way we want, we can sometimes be labeled as the sexy one or as the ugly one. There's a lot of constrained moments.

For centuries, men have been in authority and power centers. So now we are meeting the men's world, the men's action world. And we, women, are different. We have different hormones, sexual organs, and different sensibility ways. Even the multitasking that people are discovering is not so profitable for work.

We measure that in terms of being achievers, but the multitasking exists in women because as a mother, we need to be fully present for kids and do our own tasks, expanding who we are, creating.

The truth is that it's when we combine the polarities that something will expand. Otherwise, we'll always be the same energy because it will be one pole, one part of the duality always in charge. And that doesn't allow creativity to blossom. And in our days, if you see the different cultures coming back together, they are finding much more solutions to our own planet to slow down the destruction.

I really want to wake up the woman inside of you to think about these details, to consider if you live in countries that you don't have the rights and don't have the same opportunities that start by you in your home, in your work to speak out, to say: "I'm here, I need to be heard, I need to be respected."

We are such a beautiful union: men and women. We give birth to another human being. We create. We are the only being on Earth that creates art through our consciousness and awareness. Women are the sacred altars, keepers, for centuries. And even that was stolen from us with religion. And I'm not saying that this man's fault. No, it's ignorance, it is power fights. And now we have the time, the opportunity to recover, not against them, but with them.

We are still in a moment of humanity that we all need to work together. We need so much to respect together, to respect each other, to support each other. And that journey of discovering unity, through the polarities, through the difference that we all have, will bring us to a place of communion of peace and joy.


Can you please share a bit about how I can accept my body and sexuality?

When you say in your question, "how can I accept my body and sexuality?" It means that somehow, that some pain, there's a criticism, there's a judgment around it. So I would invite you to start looking, what do you judge? What do you criticize in your body? And in your sexuality? What are you afraid of in your sexuality?
Imagine that you accept your body and sexuality. Still, you have a partner, or you have several partners, that because you are so sexual, that they judge you and criticize you and they call they labeled you names, you are too sexy, you are not the right woman for me. First of all, ask yourself, why are you choosing these partners? Why are you not choosing a partner that would be there for you in your sexuality, in your power? For example, there are so many different ways of sexuality. Why would a sadomasochist stay with a person that is not? This person needs to find a partner that finds sadomasochist a conscious choice, and for them is the right choice. So we always need to see where do we sabotage ourselves? Where do we constrain ourselves? Only by facing that the criticism, the judgment, choosing the partners that they don't respect us or don't support us will bring us to a more profound journey inside us of self-love, self-respect, and liberate a lot of conditioning and pain.

Sometimes, when we are totally true to ourselves with some men, they don't respect us or accept that we honor them. How can we change this? How to speak to them about this?

First of all, you need to understand if you have a person who is open to dialogue and really listens and think and quest by your side. If the person is not available, it will be tough to have a conversation. And when men don't believe that we honor them, somehow, there is a big wound inside them, they are afraid, somehow of being hurt, they are worried that you could manipulate them, or lie to them, or that you abandon them. And this is about their own wounds from the child inside of them, from their childhood, and society's conditioning. All this theme about men and women and especially women, our revolution, our liberation, is their revolution is their liberation. And at the same time, their liberty, their revolution, coming out of conditioning, coming out of who they should be, is our freedom, all of us. So we are here together, we are all here together on this planet, and we live together, and we create a life together. So the most beautiful thing is to find our path inside of us, as a woman, and by our example, owning our true essence of who we indeed are, what is essential, we will be an authentic human being relating with others.

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