A Very Old Soul Story, Women’s Soul, Humanity’s Soul, Man’s Soul… Our Soul

articles by satya Feb 15, 2022
A Very Old Soul Story, Women’s Soul, Humanity’s Soul, Man’s Soul… Our Soul

Many, many, centuries ago I did not remember being able to be so free.

Many, many, centuries ago I did not remember not being afraid.

Fear of walking on the street, fear of not being married, fear of not being able to speak, fear of feeling and even thinking.

The fear that they might hear my thought made me shrink even from the very men who could love me or the women who could judge me.

Fear of being too old, fear of not having a husband, fear that the husband would die and that no one would protect me, fear that the children would be taken from me ...

Fear of being new and beautiful, fear that my body would be violated, fear of existing as a woman, because it meant only property, fear of fear.

Fear of being wise, fear of knowing and being burned alive for helping, fear of speaking and that my dignity would be robbed, fear of constant humiliation and paternalism at best.

Fear of having to become that manipulator of everything and everyone to survive so much misery, fear of sex without pleasure just to swallow a few more power.

Until fear stopped being fear, because I had already been killed so many times, I had already been raped until the body no longer hurt, I had already shut up and consented, I had already sold myself, I had already given myself to death to end with suffering, I had seen lovers and parents die in my defense, I had been polite, I had been submissive, I had been mutilated without a sound coming out of my chest ... but nothing, nothing changed.

The soul waited for someone came to my defense ... but nothing, nothing changed ... I only saw fear, I only saw dirt, I only saw misrepresentation of life ... until one day I only had the struggle of the one who stood up ... who stood up against everything and everyone, everything and everyone who did not see me, who did not hear me, who did not set me free, who did not respect me ... and all fear left my soul and in its place was born the source of dignity, the source of humanity ... I had carried it in my womb for many centuries ... but now I started to carry it in my soul.

The soul arose and spoke ... not against men, not against women ... but only in favor of me, in favor of us, in favor of all sons and daughters who do not have to see their mothers die or suffer, who does not have to fear his own life.

The soul arose and spoke in favor of humanity, where man and woman, of any race or continent, where any social class or status are embraced, because they were born free, so natural...

The soul got up and fought, because it was the only way to be heard, it screamed for others and others to understand that they could also scream, that they could also free themselves...

The soul got up and danced, took off the gray clothes, the clothes that only serve to please or hide and found herself naked before the truth, we are daughters of the sea, of the sky, of the divine, of love, of this nature and mystery...

So, she lost her fear of being alone, she lost her fear of her wisdom, she lost her fear of bleeding, because she is a divine source, she lost her fear of loving herself, she lost her fear of being able to taste, she lost her fear of fighting, she lost her fear to sing.

Her soul rose and her throat dry from so many centuries of not being able to sing began to flow ... today she sings poems of hope, values, principles and loves ...

And she sings for everyone, for all those who still live in that grief, for everyone who has yet to wake up.

Today, there is a choice ... there is a choice to stay, there is a choice to leave, there is a choice to speak, there is a choice to think and taste ... that this life is one that I live without fear of walking, without fear of speaking, without fear to feel, without fear that life will be taken away just because I was born a woman to love.

Today, yesterday, for so many lives I stopped being afraid of dying, because I have something to fight for ... and it's not for me, it's for us ... humanity ... when a soul rises ... your children rises, your parents raises, raise those who smile at you and those who tear you apart ... because when a soul rises ... humanity sings.

Today is the day of humanity, it is the day of the right to life, it is the day of all of us ... it is our day.

Satya, Working With Satya

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