A Simple Recipe For Life

tips Feb 15, 2022
A Simple Recipe For Life

This time last year we were stepping into a challenging year, where fear took over our lives. More than being locked down at our house, we were trapped inside our emotional homes facing our deepest demons.

Forced to look into the fear of not being enough, pushed to the feeling of not being loved and adding another layer with the fear of loss.

The loss of the ones we love.

The loss of certainty.

The loss of our financial stability.

The loss of freedom.

The loss of life as we knew it.

This uncomfortable journey can take us to a lonely place and that is where beauty is, planted at the root of who we are, waiting for us to grow into the best version of ourselves. Having no fireworks from the outside will help us see how precious we are, the unlimited power we have inside and how we can shine our brightest light.

This is an endless beautiful road, that can start with a simple recipe:

  • Breathe Gratitude: create a daily practice to meditate on gratitude. While breathing is the source of all energy in the body, gratitude is the flame of the soul. You can find Satya's Gratitude Meditation here.
  • Feed your mind: set aside at least 30 minutes of your day to grow. Mindfully choose what to read or listen, instead of being available to whatever comes your way. We die the moment we stop growing.
  • Contribute: there is so much joy in making people happy. Be aware, every day, on how you can perform small acts of kindness towards others. Sometimes all it takes is a smile.

As you allow these rituals to sink in you will find that life is much more than your limiting beliefs.

Much LOVE,

Cristiana Vaz Franco

Images: First two Elizabeth Messina + Last two much-valued unknown artist

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