Serra da Estrela, Portugal

4 - 10 DECEMBER 2023




Retreat for Men & Women


Dare to live your authenticity

by understanding the layers of your inner world.

Language: Portuguese, English, Russian

7 days | 95 hours of Personal and Spiritual growth.



what is holding you back from feeling at peace.


 Inner resources to face life's challenges


the courage to embrace and be who you truly are.





There are moments in life when we feel stuck... we may not even know what, but we feel something is missing. We run between routines, we do our best to perform our social roles... but we also disconnect from our true self in the midst of this rush.


Soul Wisdom is an invitation to stop and look within...

To question the present, to travel to the past and remembering our inner power.

To embrace what is stored in the body, in the mind...

...and to learn to listen to what our soul has to say!

A Journey

into your Soul


Soul Wisdom is a 7-day and 6-night healing retreat that is, above all, a safe space for an honest meeting with yourself.

We are going to approach core themes of everyone's life through structures designed by Satya. With a unique method, using various therapeutic techniques, different meditations and ancient practices, you will be able to recognize how you feel and behave in certain situations and understand the reasons why it is so.

This awareness is the first step to understanding who you really are, what you wish to transform, and how to put it into practice so that you can find a more authentic way of living.


This is a life-changing retreat. A true experience about caring for your body, your emotions, your relationship, your life. A truly unique experience in a beautiful setting dedicated to your inner growth.




“I believe we all have the wisdom we need within us

that it is just waiting to be uncovered, to blossom.”




We will delve into themes such as...

Inner Child 

The way we behave as adults is a reflection of what happened to us as children. We have often had to give up our authentic being because of our need for attachment to our parents.

Often, we are not even aware of how certain experiences have affected us. Healing the wounds and traumas that are stored in us allows us to free ourselves for a happier and more authentic life.


Drugs, alcohol, food, series, and codependency are often coping strategies to deal with deep pain, isolation or feelings of not belonging or not being seen.

Asking the right questions can be the key to truly understanding the root cause, how it came to be, and what it is suppressing. When we understand the basis of an addiction, it will be easier to stop relying on it and find healthier ways to deal with its cause(s).

Father and Mother 

The relationship with our father and mother, or those who have occupied their place, is often the starting point for the way we relate to others in several areas of our lives. As we understand and heal these primordial relationships, we grow up and take responsibility for our own way of living. Through this work, we are also able to become more conscious of our own ways of parenting, breaking patterns and becoming the parents we truly want to be.


Why do we attack first who we love the most? Why do we compete? Why do we judge and criticize? Why do we not support others when they shine? Where does this come from? We will also question why we allow others to cross our boundaries. As we gain wisdom about ourselves and what we want, we can put in perspective the way we relate to others, breaking patterns and developing more authentic and meaningful relationships.


Trying to be someone you are not and constantly living as if you were in a play is exhausting. We do it as a defense strategy, to protect ourselves from pain, and because it often seems the only way we can belong. This escape from our essence creates an inner conflict that isolates us, because we are not true to others and to ourselves. During this authenticity retreat we will learn to find the power of vulnerability, with compassion for our resistances and by understanding them.


Sexuality is much more than sex. It is a dimension of the human being that needs to be seen as a connection with ourselves and then with each other. We will explore topics such as sensuality, freedom and intimacy in a variety of practices.

We will find out why we suppress or misrepresent our sexuality and what lies behind the way we understand and live it.

Soul Wisdom

We deeply believe that every human being has their own wisdom and healing power. We will go through our conditioning, patterns and dimensions to reach our essence and listen to our soul.  This life purpose retreat is about coming home to our essence and a reminder that we are welcome in life exactly as we are. The loss of purpose that we so often feel can only be transformed by each of us, with truth, with inner work and by listening again to the wisdom that our soul holds.













“This is a healing retreat to bring new life to your soul, to have time to

recover your physical body, your energy, to open your heart and

expand your possibilities.



 Why is it so important to have a healing retreat

for Men and Women?



We believe it is important to have a place of healing and transformation that reflects the reality of the world, to develop and heal together. But in this men's and women's healing retreat, gender is not the most important issue. We welcome human beings, souls who have gone through centuries of repression and lack of rights, who come looking for expansion of their consciousness. Soul Wisdom is a "Find Your Purpose" retreat where we learn to be more authentic with each other, to become ambassadors of open heart and awareness out there... in our jobs, in our families, in society, in the world!



is a place for:


  • Understanding what is a life worth living;
  • Transforming your ability to communicate and to manifest;
  • Exploring intimacy in your most important relationships;
  • Developing the ability to listen and solve conflicts;
  • Taking risks to be honest, to open and to expose your vulnerability;
  • Trusting your own feelings, thoughts and intuition;
  • Staying present, feeling and accepting whatever experience is coming to you in each moment;
  • Rediscovering and reclaiming your natural life energy;
  • Exposing emotional honesty and freedom of choice.



During this healing retreat, you will get to work with several techniques and practices to discover your authenticity:




Trauma release

Emotional Healing

Ancient Rituals

Awareness Movement


Exposure Work

And much more!


Meet Satya

Satya is a Consciousness Activist. She has developed an integrative method that combines contemporary therapeutic techniques with indigenous ancient wisdom and meditation practice. She has been applying it for 14 years in profound transformation processes with which she has impacted more than 60,000 people worldwide.

Her work focuses on the evolution of consciousness and the development of the human being, through a connection between science and spirituality that has in Nature the greatest of all masters. She has years of professional working experience with several transformation techniques and therapies, such as breathwork, bioenergetics, primal work, emotional stress and trauma release, meditation, soul expression, and energy reading.

She has also a long path in indigenous wisdom. She is a Vision Quester from the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan, she became the first Portuguese Female Firewalker Master in Europe, she is a Sacred Pipe Carrier, a Sacred Sweat Lodge Keeper, and a leader in sacred ceremonies with natural psychedelics.

She works with sacred plants in the Sacred Amazon Ayahuasca Retreat, in Peru, but events such as Soul Wisdom Healing Retreat or The Sacred Lotus Journey Women Retreat do not include the use of these sacred plants. Satya deeply believes that we benefit from the complementarity of various knowledge and techniques and that each person should consciously decide the path she/he wants to follow.

Satya founded the Awareness Facilitator School where she teaches the method she has developed. So far, about 110 students are enrolled in the school, and their certification is completed after two years of theory, practice, and experimentation.

Her approach is loving, compassionate, authentic and goes beyond cultures and traditions.

Blending a balance of being supportive and challenging, she empowers people to realize their greatest potential and bring more joy and relaxation into their lives.


Words Of Gratitude 



A Complete Experience:


Soul Wisdom is not just a 7-day retreat. From the moment you apply, we want to support you in the best way possible. We will consider your current situation in various areas of your life, as well as the intentions that led you to apply, to provide you with the most fulfilling experience.

After this healing retreat, our team will remain in contact with you during the integration process – the time when you prepare to put in practice the insights gained during this self awareness retreat. You will receive special materials to further enrich your journey and support from the Working With Satya team whenever you feel it is needed.



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If you decide to participate, we will begin your process with an interview about important aspects of your life. This will ensure we can support you in the best possible way from the very first moment, so this very special journey can be done safely.




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