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Exclusive Women's Retreat

The Pleasure of Being Truly Alive


Opening up your heart to a deeper level

of intimacy and love

Language: Portuguese, English, Russian

Apply to Red Lotus, an Exclusive Retreat for Women.


Your Feminine Essence


Yourself as a Vibrant Being



Your Sensuality and Sexuality 







It is in our nature to search for love. We all want to build intimate, lasting, meaningful relationships... but the connection you have with others is directly related to the connection you have with yourself and with the Whole. 

Do you allow yourself to feel? The pain, the passion, the joy, the pleasure? Or do you feel you have an armour that doesn’t allow you to be truly present in each moment and express authentically? 

This is a journey to question, heal and grow…In your feminine essence, in your sensuality, in your true sexuality, in your responsibility for your well-being and your life!

Welcome to Red Lotus.


What is the

Red Lotus Retreat?


Red Lotus is one of the petals of the Lotus Sacred Journey, dedicated to lovesexuality and relationships. A circle of inspiring women is the ideal place to dive deeply into themes of the feminine that we often don't find space to explore openly. 

For 5 days, we will share unique moments in a safe space full of respect and compassion. A time for you to explore your sexuality and the impact that your relationship with your father and mother and society's conditioning has had on it. 

As we go through our dark corners, our wounds, we will regain confidence in ourselves, our bodies, and our vitality.

You'll have the opportunity to return to your true nature, beyond all the beliefs we've been holding onto that prevent us from expressing ourselves authentically. Together, we will take a journey through all our dimensions, appreciating and experiencing the mystery and grace that is being a woman.



In a safe and respectful atmosphere, you will be able to surrender to what your essence wants to express.

Exploring topics like sensuality, sexuality, passion and the power of creation will empower you for a healthier and happier life. It is the next step in your inner development, through modern therapeutic techniques and beautiful ancient wisdom practices.

This is a dive into accepting the totality of your being, transforming and integrating new discoveries that will remind you of who you truly are. 


 “Red Lotus is a journey to question, heal and grow in your feminine essence, in your sensuality, in your true sexuality, in your responsibility for your well-being and your life!



In our retreats, we work with structures designed by Satya,

going to all dimensions, with a beautiful blend of modern therapeutic

techniques and ancient wisdom.



We will immerse ourselves in what conditions us, our belief system and personality structure. In this way, we can understand the patterns we repeat in our thoughts, feelings and relationships. By understanding our past, we can give the next step to live the way we desire, with more authenticity and awareness.


We explore the mystery of life, recognizing how it transcends our self. Through ancient rituals, we realize that there is no separation between me and the Mystery, which welcomes us just as we are.




We will connect with the wisdom that each of us holds. We will understand how intimacy is beyond relationships with others, recovering our connection with the Mystery. Through beautiful sacred rituals, we will heal our more subtle dimensions, and remember that we are welcome to life, just as we are.



In the body dwells stuck memories and emotions originating from traumas and other situations we have been through.

With different breathing and movement practices, we will be able to unblock and process them. We will recover confidence in our body, explore it, give space to our true desires and discover how to live with more freedom and pleasure.


We will learn how to become more aware of our emotions. We enhance compassion, love, empathy, for ourselves and for others and dilute hatred, resentment and anger by giving them the attention and space they need.





Together, we will take a journey through all our dimensions,

appreciating and experiencing the mystery and grace

that is being a woman. ”



At Red Lotus,

we will dive deep into:

  • Mother’s influence on the woman I am;
  • The impact of my father on my relationships with men;
  • Healing the wounds, the shame and the disconnection that happened in the past around sexuality;
  • Bringing a new awareness to the potential of your sexual energy at this present stage of your life;
  • Opening up to the moment in the future when sexuality becomes inner union;
  • Deeply connecting to your womb and your natural intuition;
  • Unleashing your sensual enchanting power in a safe environment;
  • Reclaiming your deepest pleasure with self-confidence;
  • Releasing any feelings of shame or guilt around sexuality;
  • Releasing old blockages and psychic wounds stored in your womb and pelvis.
  • How to build intimacy and meaningful relationships.




We will explore our dimensions, through techniques and practices such as:




Authentic Exposure


Trauma release


Dance and Movement

Ancient Rituals

Soul Expression

And much more!


You will be in a sacred space of love and awakening, in which a transformation is going to happen at your own speed.

We will be by your side, supporting you in each step of the way, with honesty, love and compassion, honoring your decisions.



Meet Satya

Satya is a Consciousness Activist. She dedicates her life to helping people reach their full potential, awaken their own soul wisdom, and to raise their consciousness through a method that combines Modern Therapeutic Technics and Indigenous Ancient Wisdom.

Satya always tried to put into practice what her restless soul was asking her to do. That is why she soon began studying and traveling around the world to discover ways of understanding existence and the human being. She has been inspired by the indigenous tribes and cultures of Indonesia, Mexico, Hawaii, Peru, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, England, Portugal, and Kyrgyzstan.

 Having worked with several transformation processes and therapies for the past 13 years, Satya created her own method and founded the school where she teaches it: Awareness Facilitator School.

With the knowledge of modern therapies, Satya supports the process of bringing to the surface the wounds that need to be healed, the consequences of traumas that have become ingrained in the body and mind and the patterns of behavior and thought that does not allow us to live our authenticity. Ancient wisdom and its sacred rituals enable us to reach into the subtler dimensions of our existence, remembering that we are much more than our history and personality structure and regaining our connection with the Mystery of Life.

She serves the evolution of consciousness for the transformation of the world into a compassionate place where Humanity means Unity.


A Complete Experience:


Red Lotus is not just a 5-day event. From the moment you apply, we want to support you in the best way possible.

We will consider your current situation in various areas of your life, as well as the intentions that led you to apply, to provide you with the most fulfilling experience.

After the retreat, our team will remain in contact with you during the integration process – the time when you prepare to put in practice the insights gained during the retreat.

You will receive special materials to further enrich your journey and support from the Working With Satya team whenever you feel it is needed.


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If you decide to participate, we will begin your process with an interview about important aspects of your life. This will ensure we can support you in the best possible way from the very first moment, so this very special journey can be done safely.




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