The Original Nature of The Heart

25 - 29 OCTOBER 2023

Red Lotus is the second petal of the Lotus Sacred Journey for women, an on going program that have several steps and stages where we work various dimensions of being a woman.

Language: English, Portuguese, Russian


Retreat Red Lotus for Every Woman:

In this retreat we will deepening other dimensions of The Mystery of Being a Woman, we will quest the qualities of LOVE, PASSION, SENSUALITY, SEXUALITY, RELATIONS AND CAPACITY OF CREATION IN LIFE.​

No matter whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, black or white, small or large, rich or poor, whether you are a rebel or a proper lady, a lawyer or a hippie – the Red Lotus belongs to you.

The Red Lotus symbolizes the original nature of the heart. It is the symbol of love, compassion, passion and other emotions associated with the heart. 

In this workshop you will be able to feel the openness of your heart to a deeper level of love.

When you choose to feel, you can accept the pain, heal and grow from it to ultimately transform your life…

These Days
You Will:

  • Healing the wounds, the shame and the disconnection that happened in the past around sexuality;
  • Bringing a new awareness to the potential of your sexual energy at this present stage of your life; 
  • Opening up to the moment in future when sexuality becomes meditation and inner union;
  • Healing and Empowering relationship to the Feminine in you and those around you;
  • Deeply connecting to your womb and your natural intuition;
  • Discovering your most authentic expression;
  • Releasing any feelings of shame or guilt around sexuality;
  • Unleashing your sensual enchanting power in a safe environment;
  • Discovering ways in which you are dimming your own radiance.

“Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside, when it is inside.”

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Benefits That You Will Take:

  • Having made deep connections and maybe even friends for life;
  • Feeling soft and connected to your femininity and sexuality;
  • An expanded sense of You;
  • Feeling relaxed, nourished, open and grounded;
  • Reclaiming your deepest pleasure;
  • Feeling radiantly alive;
  • And even some new tools and techniques that you can surprise and empower your partner with;
  • You will start loving yourself more and also loving all the people around you. This will drastically improve your relating with your family and your friedns. It will make them softer, more loving and caring.


  • A whole new vision of what are feminine sexuality and sensuality;

  • Deep sense of self-confidence and self-love;

  • Your capacity for intimacy and deep, authentic, heartfelt relationships;
  • Mother's influence on the woman you are;

  • Influence of the father in your relationships with men;

  • How to path from pain to love, from wounds to freedom.

Our Retreats Will Support You In:

  • Explore different aspects of the feminine experience to enhance your strength and vulnerability;
  • Make a significant shift into self-esteem, respect and dignity;
  • Develop your sensitivity and sensibility;
  • Expand your ability to lovenbsp;yourself and others;
  • Quiet your mind so you can focus on what’s most important;
  • Release stress and defuse anxiety so you can enjoy deep levels of relaxation;
  • Meet your inner limitations so they could lose their power over you;
  • Create a real change regarding your ability to feel alive and fulfilled;
  • Create more inner space, with renewed courage and confidence;
  • Dive deeply into the mystery of a compassionate heart.

Satya is a Consciousness Activist

She dedicates her life to helping people to heal their wounds, uncover their full potential, awaken their own soul wisdom, and expand their consciousness.

Her approach is loving, inspirational, and authentic.
Blending a balance of being supportive and challenging she empowers people to realize their greatest potential & to bring more joy and relaxation into their own lives.

In her passionate and light-hearted way, she shares a comprehensive approach that goes beyond cultures and traditions.

She has years of professional working experience with several transformation processes and therapies, such as meditation, breathwork, bioenergetics, primal work, emotional stress and trauma release, shamanism, fire-walking, soul expression, and energy reading.

Satya sees an authentic essence grounded in the human body and daily life. Through the expansion of our consciousness, healing of our pain body, we can return and awaken the pure presence of our authentic being beyond the busy mind and egoistic sense of self, accessing infinite wisdom and creativity.


We’ll experience ourselves as vibrant beings, free to enjoy the pleasure to feel really alive, in all our dimensions.


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At all Satya retreats, you are supported in a powerful, sacred and safe space, where you can heal, nourish, transform, and build your life energy.

In Red Lotus retreat, you are welcome to have a life-changing experience of your feminine essence, which you will take with you into your daily life.

You will be in a space of love and awakening, in which a transformation is going to happen at your own speed. We will be by your side, supporting you where you need to go. In our retreats, each participant feels acceptance, caring, empathy, and gentle support, which allows you to relieve external pressure and return to who you really are.