We Serve Human Consciousness.

An Evolution to a New World Unity.



We Serve Human Consciousness.

An Evolution to a New World Unity.


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Satya is a Consciousness Activist


She dedicates her life to helping people to increase their self awareness, self knowledge and self recognition, to heal their wounds, to get their full potential, awaken their own soul wisdom, and expand their consciousness of self.
Satya sees authentic essence grounded in our human bodies and daily life. Through the expansion of our consciousness, through the healing of our pain body, we can return to and awaken the pure presence of our authentic being beyond the busy mind and egoistic sense of self—accessing infinite wisdom and creativity.
Her approach is loving, inspirational, and authentic, blending a balance of being supportive and challenging, enabling people to realize their greatest potential, developing spiritual awareness and bringing more joy and relaxation into their lives.

Satya uses an integrative approach, bringing together ancient wisdom and modern therapeutic techniques

Therapeutic Techniques

To support your capacity to recognize and analyze emotional, mental, and physical body, so you understand how to overcome difficulties and transform them into new ways of relating with yourself and others.


Ancient Wisdom

To support your spiritual life blossoming and connecting deeply to the Oneness of the Universe, so you are able to remember your true essence and experience your life as sacred and privilege blessing.


To support the growth of your Inner Observer, to support your peace of mind and your meeting with your true essence, expanding your consciousness and rising your awareness.

We support evolution of people to overcome traumas, conditioning, fears, doubts into self-trust, self-love, compassion, healthy relations, compassionate communication, ability to help others and to create a new society based on unity, brotherhood and sisterhood, respecting the uniqueness of each individual.

Awareness Programs And Retreats With Satya

We facilitate transformational self awareness programs and retreats into the heart of your soul wisdom. Our retreats are a unique opportunity for your personal growth, inner discovery, and spiritual awakening. A combination of Spirituality and Science is the core of your approach. Our work serves to raise consciousness, bringing light into the soul, reminding you of who you truly are.

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