Mafra, Portugal

28 JUL - 3 AUG 2024


Working with Satya's Teens Camp



More than a camp, a unique opportunity

for teenagers to reach their full potential.


From 13 to 18 years old. Main language: English. 

Translation available in Portuguese, Ukrainian, or other languages, if needed.



your courage to dream


your potential and thrive in your life 



your uniqueness






"It takes courage to grow up

and become who you really are.”

E.E Cummings.


What is We Are One Camp and why is it important?


Our camp is a unique experience designed for teens aged 13 to 18. Through our carefully designed programs, we offer a very safe and professional environment where we will share the living space and have lots of fun whilst going on a journey of self-discovery!

 We center our work around the values of love, kindness, true attention and care, presence, humour, creativity, friendship, honesty and authenticity. 

 It’s no easy task to navigate the endless possibilities teenagers are faced with today. Common questions are:

What are my values? What kind of a person am I and who do I want to be in the future? What are my strengths and qualities? How am I unique? Where do I belong? Where is my tribe? Who can I trust?

In today’s society, teenagers have even more additional challenges like the lack of real physical friends in a world of digital connections.


Together with the teenagers, we will explore their talents, gifts and dreams about the future, whilst paying attention to common things that may hold them back from their true potential.

Things that most of them struggle with like fears, doubts and limiting beliefs about themselves and the world…



What will we do during our time together?


During the camp, we will share many fun activities involving things like dancing, performing and creating.

In an atmosphere of creativity and teamwork, we will explore really helpful tools for navigating this complex world.

Things like:

  • learning about emotions and feelings;
  • learning about self-reflection;
  • learning ways of improving communication, both with ourselves and with others;
  • learning about healthy boundaries;
  • finding ways to discover what we really love to do in life and how this might become our future profession;
  • exploring our dreams and igniting our creative powers!
Our approach is designed to meet the specific needs of each teenager based on our previous talks with them and their families.

Why are we much more

than just another camp?

Although our camp is all about having a lot of fun, it is not just about entertainment and collecting great summer holiday memories. It’s an unforgettable journey of self-exploration with a focus on personal development.

Our facilitators have a wealth of experience working with teenagers and expertise in different fields. At the camp, their combined skills will come together in a rich program carefully designed to assist each participant in their own individual blossoming.


 Teenagers are the future of our world and we want to

support them to dream big, to find their passions and

interests, to uncover their talents and gifts and…



At We Are One Camp, we will:

  • Establish a positive mindset;

  • Gain more confidence and self-esteem;

  • Improve resilience levels;

  • Identify hidden passions, discover true talents, and share unique gifts!

  • Enhance creativity and develop self-expression;

  • Get better at decision-making;

  • Learn about conflict resolution;

  • Identify their values and life goals;

  • Learn how to be part of a team;

  • Gain tools for leading a more authentic life;

  • Dream Big!


We will explore our dimensions, through techniques and practices such as:


Coaching and Therapy Techniques


Positive Psychology

Somatic Exercises

Movement Therapy

Dance and Fun

Ancient Rituals

Art Therapy

Team Building


And much more!


Meet our Facilitators

All our facilitators are certified by the Awareness Facilitators Training School, being educated and experienced in a number of other areas including Pedagogical Education, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Process Integrative Psychotherapy, Child Psychology, Human-Personal Approach to Children, Dance and Movement Therapy, Kids & Teens Coaching, Meditation for Children, Sports Mental Coaching and Surf Coaching.

Julie Burtasova is a Practical Psychologist, Social Pedagogue, Awareness Facilitator, and Trainer for teenagers.

She has a great passion for working with children and teenagers and has been doing so since the age of 18. She strongly believes in the potential of every child and that providing a supportive environment can change the teenage experience.

Julie's dedication to her work led her to study Psychology and Pedagogy at University and to continue her education by studying new paradigms of working with children and teenagers from all over the world.

For the past 12 years, Julie has developed and conducted training programs for teenagers, helping hundreds of kids to become more confident, pursue their dreams, make friends, and be true to themselves.

Ira Grysha is an experienced Pedagogue and Awareness Facilitator with over 15 years of experience working with teenagers and adults.

She believes in recognizing individuals' strengths and providing genuine attention and presence to help teens grow. Iryna understands the crucial role teenagers play in shaping the future, which is why she has worked as a teen development program trainer since 2010.

Her participants have completed numerous social and charitable projects, including fundraising, sports, and environmental events. With a first degree in Pedagogy, Iryna is continuously expanding her expertise in Psychology and facilitation.

Joana Rocha is a mother of twins, an Awareness Facilitator, and is specialized in child and adolescent therapy, held both individually and in groups.

She became the 1st professional female surfer in Portugal and has 25 years of experience organizing worldwide events and working side by side with the new generation.

For 12 years she taught more than 2000 girls how to live their dreams through surfing and in the last 5 years she has been applying psychosomatic techniques acquired at the Awareness Facilitator School.

Joana supports children and adolescents to become more authentic and courageous human beings in the pursuit of their dreams.







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