Envision Tour 23





In November 2022, Estas Tonne and the Envision Tour 22 visited Portugal for two amazing events: a unique Solo Concert and a more intimate experience, an Internal Flight Experience. In both events, we gathered more than 1000 beautiful souls to experience one of the most beautiful journeys ever, the journey of sound and silence, dance and stillness, light and darkness...to experience a place where time is forgotten and the rhythm of the heart commands the Soul.


Welcome to a beautiful sound journey: mind, body and soul fed through the unique chords and artistry of a man and his guitar, ESTAS TONNE.

Diving deep into yourself,  layer by layer, music by music, chord by chord to the most truthful version of yourself, your most authentic self, lighting up the fire inside your soul and heart, the fire of Life!

 Art is a form of consciousness. Art is an expression of greatness, of the magnificence of life. Art is you. Let yourself be guided by it, from your body to your soul!



the modern day troubadour

Those who do not know the name Estas Tonne, with a quick search on YouTube will surely be enchanted by the art of the musician who started playing guitar at the age of eight. He does not identify with just one country or one nation but rather with the cultural richness of the world. 

In his own words:

"Music isn’t a career to me, it’s life. When I started to play on the streets, I just lived my life and I keep doing so today. Life includes it all: pain and healing, sorry and joy. Within the polarities, there is a great guide that keeps it all together and it’s in all of us, just feel.”

Through his art and his shows, Estas Tonne intends to promote the awakening of consciousness and build bridges - between people, between cultures. From his concert you can expect a deep musical and spiritual experience, guided by the sound of his guitar, in an immersive show, different from so many others - and different in each city/country he visits.

"Music is a continuous sound because life is continuous," says Estas.

Two opposites are the fields from where the music is formed. It is the underlying structure of “I know“ and the additional uniqueness of improvisation with the starting point of “I don’t know“.

Estas Tonne


The Envision Tour 2022 passed in Portugal with 2 unique dates:
an Estas Tonne Solo Concert and an Internal Flight Experience guided by Estas & Satya, both events totally SOLD OUT. Portugal received Estas Tonne with more than 1000 people! Our deepest gratitude to Estas Tonne for such two amazing concerts, that we will keep forever in our hearts and souls. We will be coming with New Dates Soon!


November 1st


Solo Concert at Casino Estoril

Estas Tonne international autumn tour Envision 2022 invites us to open up to a new story that is being written right now, November 1st, at Casino Estoril ( Salão Preto e Prata).
Meeting in the space of sound and silence gives rise to a special state of revelation that comes every time when perception interacts with creativity, pushing the boundaries of our inner spiritual landscape.

As the most “immaterial” and intangible art, music has a powerful awakening impact on our inner “optics”, our vision. With the new realms currently manifesting around us, it is time to use our enhanced perception and envision fresh pathways leading to the well-being of all. In this regard, every sound journey by Estas Tonne is a rare opportunity to view ourselves, as well as the entire Creation from a deeper perspective.

November 1st, in 2022, 900 people gathered to see this profound & deep sound journey, observing our inner spiritual landscape and visualizing new pathways to a more conscious and united world. In 2023, we will be waiting for you! Join us!



November 2nd


Internal Flight at Art Kaizen, Lisbon.

Internal Flight Experience is an invitation to explore sound, movement and silence as gateways to inner expansion.

As an opportunity to transition from merely static listening into an active inquiry through music, the Internal Flight Experience offers a safe space for immersing in a wholesome inner journey that encompasses listening, moving, and releasing physical and mental tensions with a purpose of an inner shift.

Let the dynamics of sound and spontaneous movement become a guide to cultivate deeper awareness and improve wellbeing. 

November 2nd, in 2022 at the amazing Art Kaizen, more than 150 people joined us for a more intimate experience combining music, meditation, and movement. An Experience where we recharge our souls from the inside out!  









Listen with the Heart

Get inspired by the uniqueness of Estas Tonne's Music and melt with his artestry and magic.