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Guided Meditation - Letting Go Preoccupation. Healing Purple Fire

Shamanic guided meditation is designed for you to give your preoccupations, worries and fears to the Master Fire that will help you to transform all the worries, preoccupations, conflicts into wisdom and to liberate you in that moment from that energy and to align you with your peaceful heart, peaceful mind and tranquility. So you can gain more different perspective from those situations to connect yourself with your own awareness and ability to remain into inner silence.

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Working with Satya guided meditations are designed to support your inner journey into your self-discovery path. They serve to help you to connect with different dimensions of your true essence and true being beyond the rational mind, where you can dive deeply into your own existence and become in contact with parts of yourself that normally we don't have access. It is a big opportunity for you to discover yourself in a deep way and to heal parts of your own being.


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