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for whom suffers from war


In wartime, we need to keep our presence more than ever and be ready to act at the moment.
Our Awareness Facilitators are ready to give you emotional and mental health support on a free basis, providing individual sessions to help you to overcome the trauma of war and develop internal resources to restart your life.
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Who is an Awareness Facilitator

Awareness Facilitators have a highly developed sense of awareness.

They help people to overcome their conditioning and traumas, belief systems, fears, and doubts into what really matters.

Supporting people they combine Modern Therapeutic Techniques and space of awareness with Ancient Wisdom and Meditation Practice.

They are citizens of the new world based on the unity of humanity beyond any religion, culture, or country, beyond any personality or color of the skin. 

All of them are Students of Awareness Facilitator School and had special training in working with people in war situations. 

How to get Emotional Support


You are in a war zone or outside of a war zone and you need emotional support - we are here for you. 
We offer 5 free individual sessions from Awareness Facilitator School Students. 
Please follow these steps to get emotional support.


Fill out the form below, specifying your present situation and request for individual sessions. 


Our support team will contact you to clarify the details of the request and to arrange a time for the sessions.  After you will receive the emails with the schedule and links for the 5 meetings. Sessions will be provided online.


Find a way to take sessions at a time and place when you won't be disturbed. So that you will be able to go through the healing process in a most profound way. We are here to support you!

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Our Awareness Facilitators


We facilitate people with a deeper presence, compassion, and awareness. 
We will treat you with dignity and care, we will treat you the way we wished to be treated if it was us or our family. By doing so, you embody the true principles of a compassionate society and have the strength to be the one who respects each culture uniquely. 
Yulia Didyk
Languages: Українська, Русский, English
Anna Kirusha
Languages: Українська, Русский
Stanislava Susla
Languages: Русский, English
Taisiia Pysanenko
Languages: Українська, Русский, English
Stasia Klimenko
Languages: Українська, Русский, English
Nacho Perez
Languages: English, Español
Sofia Boyakova
Languages: Русский, English
Evgenia Lunekova
Languages: Русский, English
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How We Can Help You:

  • Overcoming the trauma of war and developing internal resources to restart your life;
  • Turning trauma into wisdom;
  • Recognizing the signs of trauma and use it to stabilize yourselves;
  • Understanding and reading the facts of the situation;
  • Moving from apathy, deep depression to action and responding to the moment making a decision;
  • Dealing with strong emotions, the willingness to cry, the feeling of desperation, the feeling there is no way out;
  • Responding actively to what is truly needed to do at the moment;
  • Dealing with deep tiredness and stress;
  • Understanding what are the main principles of your own life and how you can sustain them through a crisis.
  • Supporting kids and teenagers;
  • Integrating into a new country, finding home again. 
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We will maintain a deep respect for the necessary time and ability of everyone to go through their own process, keeping a safe and professional space. We are driven by our hearts, we are driven by the light of consciousness, and we are driven by dignity, honor, and respect for every human being. 
We do our best to sustain what is truly important in humanity.

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