23 - 27 OCTOBER 2024,




The Mystery of Being a Woman


It is a unique, loving, and liberating process for women to awaken and realize their full human and spiritual potential into the mystery of being a woman's essence


Language: Portuguese, English, Russian


White Lotus
for Every Woman:

This is a special space where you can breathe new life into your body, mind, and soul.

It is a profound process of self-discovery that liberates and fills you with love, it opens your heart to the world allowing you to stay true to yourself.

It allows you to realize your potential and bring it to full fruition in your femininity. It revives the spirit, clears the mind, and makes you feel like a confident woman again.

You will reconnect with your beauty and strength, find the energy and courage to live your life the way you want to live it.

Ask Yourself:

What does it mean to be a woman in the 21st century?

What is your role as a woman in this life?

What do you really want for your life?


In this unique space, you will find a connection to your personal source of wisdom and the sense of self-worth that lies in femininity

By Saying YES
to White Lotus
You Will:

  • Immerse into your soul and unveil your true potential as a woman, create magic and transform your life with authenticity;
  • Express your passions and share your intentions with fellow women on the path;
  • Tap into the unlimited power that lies within you;
  • Find your femininity and make peace with your masculinity, inviting true love and dwelling in the feminine mystery;
  • Become in touch with your body, your sensuality, sexuality, creativity, and emotions;
  • Listen to the longing of your heart to bring these gifts into the unlimited realms of your soul.

It is a sacred space embed in beauty and the mystery of sisterhood, connection with nature and silence, dance and rituals, modern therapeutic techniques, and meditations.

Supported by the strength of our femininity, hand in hand, we move beyond our limitations. Together we explore our highest potential as Sacred women, we celebrate our uniqueness and bring more light into this world. 

It will be a real celebration of strength and openness that you can transform into self-respect and self-love.

White Lotus has supported hundreds of women worldwide to recover their inner strength, beauty, and authentic selves


Satya is a Consciousness Activist

She dedicates her life to helping people to heal their wounds, uncover their full potential, awaken their own soul wisdom, and expand their consciousness.

Her approach is loving, inspirational, and authentic.
Blending a balance of being supportive and challenging she empowers people to realize their greatest potential & to bring more joy and relaxation into their own lives.

In her passionate and light-hearted way, she shares a comprehensive approach that goes beyond cultures and traditions.

She has years of professional working experience with several transformation processes and therapies, such as meditation, breathwork, bioenergetics, primal work, emotional stress and trauma release, shamanism, fire-walking, soul expression, and energy reading.

Satya sees an authentic essence grounded in the human body and daily life. Through the expansion of our consciousness, healing of our pain body, we can return and awaken the pure presence of our authentic being beyond the busy mind and egoistic sense of self, accessing infinite wisdom and creativity.

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