Life Changer Sessions

for Teenagers








These online individual sessions are an opportunity to work in a deeper personal state focused on the personal history. To work with teenagers we use the 8 principles of Grow Coaching Method:

1- Objective Construction

- Purpose of the teenager, created in conjunction with

the parents.

- SMART Objective (Specific, Measurable, Achievable,

Realistic and time bounded).

- Clear indicators - for the teenager and the

Coaching process.


2- No Judgment

- Acceptance is a primary value for the teenager.

- Pay attention to questions, how to ask, to

body expression and tone of voice.

- Use a tone of curiosity.


3- No Suggestion

- The coachee will be much more committed to a solution

found by HIM!

- When we receive a suggestion that does not agree with

our reality, we stay in DEFENSIVE.

- When we give suggestions, the teenager understands that it is OUR objective.

4- Focus on the future

- Change in reality - actions in the present and for the


- Avoid asking "Why?"

- Conduct the conversation to go beyond justifications – parents and teenagers


5- Empowerment

- Believe in the Coachee.

- Help the teenager to believe in himself.

- To help the adolescent to elaborate concrete means for achieve what you want.

- Be protagonist and responsible for your own results


6- Change of Mindset

- Mentality, Mental Model

- Mindset that it is possible to change the situation

- Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset


7- The Art of Asking

- Increase possibilities

- Clarify the situation

- Analyze two situations

- Finding solutions


8- Focus on the Solution

- Focus on the problem X Focus on the solution

- Think of new ways to solve or improve the situation

- Wanting and deciding to have something new instead of what you have at the time

- Search for the most viable and not the idealized solution



Joana believe the work developed with teenagers to increase self-esteem and self-confidence, which many psychologists call emotional intelligence, makes then much better prepared for a present and a future in which they feel complete.With a higher self-esteem and self-confidence they become aware of what they really want. With this kind of work teenagers are going to relate with other people in a healthier and more humane way. All this work developed with teenagers will bring a healthier environment for the whole family, society and a kindness world.


Time per session:

60 minutes

All private sessions are held by Video call at Skype. 



all sessions are book directly with joana 

Group of Friends


With the processes of life changer sessions, teenagers are going to feel comfortable about themselves and about who they are. This kind of work will bring:


- Positive attitude

- The confidence to go through the challenges of life

- Motivation

- To choose the path of passion

- The self-esteem to have         healthy relationships

- Good environment at home

- Happiness by using their own talents

- Be enthusiastic with school and career

- Organisation for their life