An ancient ritual in the Shamanic tradition.


Sacred Sauna has originated from several ancient cultures from the Native-American, Mexican, Maya. So according to the origin we can recognize it by various names: Temazcal, Inipi, Sweat Lodge, but all these traditions had in this ritual the objective of physical, emotional and spiritual purification, liberating  us from old habits that prevent our growth, opening us to a healthier and more harmonious life.


Within the Sacred Sauna we reconnect with our primal wisdom and increase our clarity of thought and intuition. It is a space where we seek new answers, where we establish intentions for life and we are reborn into a world of consciousness and purpose. It is the space where our Inner Warrior manifests, as we sweat we ask for strength and guidance to strengthen our existence and to understand what we really want to do with our lives.


This ceremony is one of the most powerful and ancient rituals of the Shamanic traditions that have been shared by men and women of medicine around the world. In honor of this lineage, Satya  maintains the traditions with great respect and gratitude.


This ceremony is not linked to any religion, it is open to people of all faiths. It is undoubtedly a gift for those who want to go deeper on their path of self-discovery.


The Sacred Sauna is a round and closed structure. The heated stones are placed in the center of the structure and herbs are added. The water is placed on the hot stones producing steam that purifies the environment and the body. The vapor and round structure represent the uterus, where all life has its beginning. The fire that is used to heat the stones symbolize the light of the universe and the source of life and power. Just as the fire of the sun penetrates the dark earth and gives rise to life on our planet.


In the Temazcal the 4 elements of nature - earth, water, fire and air - invite you to interiorize, on a visit to places almost unknown by your perception or conscience. A journey deep inside to get the parts you want to transform, so that others can be born.


This ritual usually lasts 4 "doors" or rounds of the 4 directions, North, South, East and West.


Each "door" or round is dedicated to each of the directions and winds of change starting from the East. The East represents new beginnings at the door we begin by establishing our intentions. The South represents the child and the relationships, in this direction we choose to ask for the good of others. The West is the space of time, death, rebirth and healing, at this door we release the negativity and meditate for the healing of all. The North is the direction of the ancestors. We embrace the silence, the deep wisdom of the ancients, the strength and gestation as we prepare to be reborn. It is at this moment of the sauna that we ask for our ancestors and future generations.


The Sacred Sauna has become a regular ritual with Satya because we feel the benefits it brings. Many speak of a stripping of patterns and a deep connection with all participants and nature around them, others feel it as a blessing to be able to sweat all that no longer serves them and to connect with their inner wisdom ... and still others talk about their benefits in terms of improving their physical and emotional condition.


It detoxifies the body, purifies the skin and its internal organs immediately feel the reflex of the improvement of the blood circulation, the cleaning of the airways and the great activation of the immune system. And with the body more purified, the improvement of the nervous system will help increase the relaxation of the mind and the elimination of stress.


For a rejuvenating experience in nature, we invite you to participate in the sacred ritual - temazcal - to purify your body, mind and spirit as ancient civilizations have done for thousands of years.


Are you ready to be reborn? This is an opportunity for transformation.


Satya initiates the ceremony with words of intent, with drum beats and inspiring songs, putting  water on hot stones. Each participant can offer their intentions in gratitude for the purification that will pass.


TIME: 4/5 hours each session

*Minimum of 20 participants for booking a session

Available for Festivals & Gatherings

sweat lodge
sweat lodge
sweat lodge
sweat lodge
sweat lodge
sweat lodge