S H A M A N I C  S A C R E D  W E D D I N G 

 Ceremony reflected as a rite of passage.


Shamanic Sacred Wedding Ceremonies are gatherings of the soul, co-created to uplift hearts, minds and spirits.

Creating unique weddings for conscious couples who are looking for something different, special and meaningful on their big day.


Collectively experience the frequencies of beauty, serendipity and grace as you step through this sacred rite of passage.

At the heart of our work, we believe that planning a wedding is a sacred journey for each couple.  We are passionate about guiding our clients through this once in a lifetime experience by infusing intimacy, unforgettable ancient rituals, fun, and quirkiness into the special moment.

 The result is an unrepeatable wedding that reflects your unique love and commitment as a couple, lasting far beyond the actual ceremony, as the clear water from the river to the ocean.

 W E D D I N G S