S H A M A N I C  B R E A T H  W O R K

The Breath Of the Shaman shows how to spiritually journey in the same way shamans entrain to the rhythms of drums, rattles, or music by using the breath.

Much like traveling to sacred places , encountering totem animals this practice can be used to enter altered states of consciousness, connect to cosmic consciousness, increase other ways of understanding and sensitivities, and awaken the shaman within.  

By using your breath in a powerful and transformative way along ancient sounds and rhythms, blindfold, drum and intention, participants will be able to move into their core self and engage in a highly intuitive connection to their inner teacher, or higher self, also known as their wisdom keeper. 

This inner place of wisdom has the answers and guidance that cannot be found anywhere else but within your own inner world.  

Breath-work can also be used to resolve traumas and shape-shift unproductive modes of thinking in order to move beyond them. 

The Shamanic Breath work can provide an opportunity to understand and access the part of ourselves that knows, remembers and can tap into universal love and wisdom


TIME: 3 hours each session

*Minimum of 20 participants for booking a session

Available for Festivals & Gatherings