Satya is an International Spiritual Awareness Facilitator


Satya has traveled around the world and has been inspired by the indigenous tribes and cultures of Indonesia, Mexico, Hawaii, Peru, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, England, Portugal, Kyrgyzstan …


During 9 years she was part of the Board of Council Directors for one of the oldest pillars for Human Inner Growth and Spiritual Awakening in Portugal.

Now Satya develops a new solid & honest platform for transformation, awareness, healing and well-being.

She is the founder of several transformation processes like The Sacred Lotus Journey, Soul Wisdom Retreat, The Way Is IN, Founder & Director of the International Awareness Facilitator Training School… and other many processes.

Her passion and commitment to human being led her to co-found, in 2009, an institution that works with people in the corporate World, starting the Firewalking Corporate Movement in Portugal, as a way of Self-Knowledge, turning fear into power. 


Satya is the first Portuguese Women Firewalker Master in Europe.

She is a Vision Quester from the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan, a Sacred Pipe Carrier and a Sacred Sweat Lodge Keeper around the world.

Satya has been working with Amazonian Sacred Shamanism since 2008 when she dives for the first time in a profound Diet in the heart of Peruvian Amazon Jungle.

Since that time, she has been working at the Peruvian Amazon Jungle every year, taking international groups for deep healing and transformation.

Born in Portugal but belongs to the world, mother of the amazing twin boys.



She is a Vision Quester from the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan, a Sacred Pipe Carrier and a Sacred Sweat Lodge Keeper around the world.


She dedicates her life helping people to heal their wounds, to get their full potential, awakening their own soul wisdom, and expanding their consciousness.

Since very young age Satya was deeply interested in philosophy, questioning our origin and what would be our purpose as conscious beings.

In her passionate and

light-hearted way, she shares a comprehensive approach that goes beyond cultures and traditions.

She has years of experience of working with several transformation processes and therapies, such as meditation, breath work, bioenergetics, primal work, emotional stress and trauma release, shamanism, fire-walking, soul expression and energy reading.

Her main work lies on bringing together ancient rituals with contemporary therapeutic techniques.


Remembering Your True Essence

Satya sees our authentic essence grounded in our human bodies and daily life. Through the expansion of our consciousness, through the healing of our pain body, we can return to and awaken pure presence of our authentic being beyond the busy mind and egoistic sense of self—accessing infinite wisdom and creativity.