The Original Nature of the Heart

Love, Sexuality & Relations

Red Lotus – The Original Nature of the Heart is the second petal of the Lotus Sacred Journey for women, an on going program that have several steps and stages where we work various dimensions of being a woman.

During several retreats we deepening, we heal, we expand and we remember who we are.


The RED LOTUS is the raw and free heart that lives within each woman.

No matter whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, black or white, small or large, rich or poor, whether you are a rebel or a proper lady, a lawyer or a hippie – the RED LOTUS belongs to you.

In Red Lotus we will deepening other dimensions of The Mystery of Being a Women, we will quest the qualities of


Our heart grows in strength and acceptance as we explore sexuality, sensitivity, personal power and our capacity to love. Transformation happens when we become conscious and present.


W E  W I L L  W O R K  W I T H

  • Sexuality

  • Sensuality

  • Relationship with the mother - mother's influence on the woman I am

  • Relationship with the father - influence of the father in my relationships with men

  • Self-confidence

  • Self-love

  • From pain to love

  • From wounds to freedom

  • Healing the wounds, the shame and the disconnection that happened in the past around sexuality,

  • Bringing a new awareness to the potential of your sexual energy at this present stage of your life

  • Opening up to the moment in future when sexuality becomes meditation and inner union

  • Healing and Empowering relationship to the Feminine in you and those around you,

  • Deeply connecting to your womb and your natural intuition,

  • Discovering your most authentic expression,

  • Discovering ways in which you are dimming your own radiance,

  • Unleashing your sensual enchanting power in a safe environment,

  • Reclaiming your deepest pleasure,

  • Releasing any feelings of shame or guilt around sexuality,

  • Releasing old blockages and psychic wounds stored in your womb and pelvis.

Y O U  W I L L  W A L K  A W A Y:

Feeling radiantly alive.

Feeling soft and connected to your femininity and sexuality.

With an expanded sense of You.

Deepening into the mystery of Compassion heart.

Having made deep connections and maybe even friends for life.

With a whole new vision of what is feminine sexuality.

And even some new tools and techniques that you can surprise and empower your partner with.

Feeling relaxed, nourished, open and grounded.

You will start loving yourself more and also loving all the people around you. This will drastically improve your relating with

red lotus
Love, Sexuality & Relations  ​  Red
Love, Sexuality & Relations  ​  Red
Love, Sexuality & Relations  ​  Red
Love, Sexuality & Relations  ​  Red
Love, Sexuality & Relations  ​  Red
Rocks in Desert

“Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it.

What is wrong is seeking it outside, when it is inside.”

-Sri Ramana Maharshi

The Red Lotus symbolizes the original nature of the heart. It is the symbol of love, compassion, passion and other emotions associated with the heart.


When you choose to feel


You can accept the pain, heal and grow from it to ultimately transform your life…

Satya empowers you to become responsible for your own happiness and well-being.

In this workshop you will be able to feel the openness of your heart to a deeper level of love.

As we create more inner space, limiting conditioning loses power; with new courage and confidence, we experience ourselves as vibrant and living beings.

We feel the love that surrounds us.