Each module will provide you with the following:

Theoretical foundation

Practice and hands-on work with other members

Shamanic ritual

Meditative practice

Modern and Western therapeutic methods

Trauma healing methods




Processing sound and silence into wisdom

Using silence to grow, expand, and integrate

Use of music to enhance learning and build authentic experience

Frameworks for working individually and with a team, translatable to client practice

Meaningful and non-judgemental feedback


Our training aims to set the baseline values and principles on which true support, self-growth, inner discovery, and healing can occur. This process transforms the individual through the many different dimensions of being, from physical and emotional to the spiritual mind. Soul Wisdom Training integrates modern therapeutic practices with shamanic wisdom and ancient meditative techniques. This can help broaden the healing approach of any practitioner in a helping profession – from psychiatrists to social workers – and aid them in their assistance of others.

We combine modern and ancient approaches and everything in between to develop the most holistic possible perspective on human well-being. This allows both our trainees and their eventual clients to build out the necessary inner space and the capacity for deeper self-awareness that we all desire. The result is a deep, natural state of consciousness and an unflappable sense of self.

Certified trainers will gain the ability to process the emotional needs of a client while separating their personality constructs from their true desires for growth. This involves a careful balance of an individual’s defense mechanisms, emotional traumas, and existing self-awareness with the desired outcomes and possible consequences. The successful outcomes can then be integrated with a client’s daily life and become ritual.

Although our program builds up trainers, coaches, healers, and others, we are not methods-oriented. You will learn through doing, with you yourself going on a journey of self-discovery and healing. This expands you from your current framework into a deeper place where there is a greater capacity for presence, healing and understanding without judgement. All of this builds a safe, professional environment from which you can engage in deep trust with any future clients.

This module will teach you what your responsibilities as an Awareness Assistance Facilitator will be. Helping others will be your core motivation, with healing and development of spiritual consciousness in both yourself and your clients as the aim.

Those who are already professionals in helping fields, or those pursuing these careers, will get the opportunity to deepen and broaden their approach. One-on-one direction and support will be provided to all. 

The impact of our early childhoods on our lives cannot be understated. Those who care for us imprint themselves upon us, intentionally or not, and although this is how we learn, it’s also how we pick up on negative patterns, behaviors, and responses. This cycle of negativity can only be broken with concerted effort and awareness on the individual’s part.

This module focuses on this childhood element of healing. The family dynamics we all participate in fundamentally shape us and inform our actions throughout our lives until we embrace and understand the wounded parts of our being. With wisdom and confidence, the adult can heal the wounded inner child. This develops a new personal relationship with trust, love, and feelings of safety, worthiness, and belonging. Step-by-step, one can become more aligned with the self-respect and dignity we all deserve.

Those taking part will begin to resolve previously unknown or troublesome patterns related to feelings of unworthiness. These patterns follow us from childhood, making us feel unlovable and having a direct impact on our daily lives. Identifying these patterns helps us release the pain and anger we all have bottled up inside of us.


Of course, the end goal of any such process is one of forgiveness, both personal and external. Regardless of the current nature of a given relationship, forgiveness and acceptance within oneself can allow for more compassionate personal growth.


An understanding of the family dynamic as a whole is also generated as a result of this process. This allows the participant to better understand the matrix of inclusion and exclusion within family units, which can be used to better oneself and aid clients in the future.



Conscience and belonging


The give-and-take of family life

Victim-abuser dynamics

Perpetuation of trauma through man-woman dynamics

Healing words

Sincere communication

Dependent love vs. conscious love




Sexual abuse and other forms of abuse

Other topics:


Identification, recognition, and exploration of healing movement

 Parsing information


 Shamanic family understanding

 Removing oneself from the family context to heal

 The effects of the family dynamic on other dynamics in life

Moving from existing family dynamics to a place of conscious love is a crucial step in self-discovery processes. This leads to a greater connection with life and joy. It is only when we move beyond dependence that we can truly engage with a healthy relationship.

This module allows us to contend with our darker sides and unconscious parts of our being. Trauma represents a block, mental or emotional, and traumatic events often must be worked through or their consequences addressed before healing can begin. Although much of this pain is unconscious, you will learn to lead clients in a process guided by their active awareness and intention to a place of deeper healing.

This module follows naturally from the work we do on our own roots, as trauma often stems from these places as well. In this section of the training, we begin to develop somatic approaches that include understanding the ways in which our bodies react to trauma, be it physical, psychological, or emotional. 

We harness our innate survival energy and use it to understand bodily sensations instilled by trauma. Working on this at the physical level allows us to re-integrate our bodies with our spirits and minds, which may have been harmed by the traumatic events we experienced. During the events themselves, it was our nervous systems that were affected, and thus unless we are activating our nervous systems when we heal, that traumatic energy will be frozen within us. By re-integrating and focusing on the physical, a healing that endures can be found.

The skills our participants develop in this module will aid those helping clients with post-traumatic stress disorder, or those who are otherwise affected by past trauma, in finding the strength and resolve to overcome, build confidence, and rebuild trust.

Rather than reliving past trauma, which victims often do regularly on their own, we take a “re-storying” approach. This comes with awareness of the bodily sensations associated with traumatic stress and appropriate input from a knowledgeable guide. The practice builds an individual’s ability to harness his or her own immune responses to trauma. By discharging built-up survival energy that has been frozen into the nervous system, people are often freed from the impacts of their trauma.

This can lead to a deep sense of self-understanding, a greater feeling of connectedness, and greater empowerment of the individual. The results are often profound for those who need it most. Often, participants experience what can only be called a spiritual awakening or reawakening, from which they can truly connect with the universe.


Among the greatest challenges in this practice is the process of facing your own difficulties while assisting a client with theirs. This module aims to help you understand when your own darkness is creeping in, what a client’s shadows may look like, and how to use them both to your advantage in a process of shared healing.



To use ritual as a means of dispelling trauma from daily life.

To understand the difference between an open and a closed question.

To help clients with no abuse.

To set professional and confidentiality boundaries.

To communicate in stressful or emotional situations.

To love yourself despite any darkness within you.

To remain a professional even when overtaken by your own emotions.

To use your instincts to better understand your relationship with your client.

To remove yourself from potential “hot spots.”

To understand your intuition for the process of healing trauma.

To understand projection, both in yourself and in a client.

In just the same way that our physical bodies are made up in a particular way, with a musculoskeletal system interconnected by tendons and tissues and other structural components, so does our mind and spirit have a framework that makes it up. Understanding this system of consciousness is key to our healing approach. Our energy bodies can be read, observed and acknowledged by the chakra system, the munay ky system, the natural elements of chakana, the spiritual energy mesh, ancient representations and singular visions of the being and human consciousness much like modern therapeutic techniques on psychological and emotional human development. This training integrates these several teachings. An ancient way of understanding the deep spirituality within ourselves. Integrating this approach with modern therapeutic techniques provides a robust, deeply meaningful technique for self-discovery and healing.

Learning to both read and map energy will be a result of this module, with participants learning how to use a client’s own energy to aid them in their journey for spiritual self-discovery. This energy reading approach is not new – it has been practiced for millennia and brings us one step closer to the essential truths of ourselves. In addition, we learn how to differentiate between true energy and what is made up simply of inner projection.

Energy readings are a way to provide solutions to issues of any kind in one’s life. These ancient tools are developed through an intuitive approach to meditation and love. This is of course non-analytical by definition. The result is not a categorization, but an experience of entering a deeply loving and meditative space within oneself.

This module teaches us to see with our third eye and walks us through the archway of our heart chakra. Step-by-step, we will undo the rationalizations and projections in favor of subtler, deeper energies. This will allow us to align with our natural beings and reside within our feminine hearts, both men and women in balance and support. 

The heart’s intuition provides a foundation for the two primary energy reading tools: unconditional love and awareness.


Honest and truthful embodiment of intuition.

Uncovering each chakra’s and other ancient systems of energy reading transformative power and understanding its place in the whole energy system

Energy reading practice for each chakra, along with inner female and inner male energies

Communicating and reading a chakra map and the shamanic golden energetic body

Grounding a client with an ancient Peruvian Munay Ki tool

Intuitive dream interpretation and understanding of sleeping moods 

Accessing information through akashic records in different realms and dimensions and using these as symbols for self-discovery


By the end of this module, participants will have an expanded sense of self and their own intuition. We aim to support every individual through this process to ensure they can help others on their journeys to awareness.

Shamanism connects us to all of creation through one of the most ancient ways of life known to human beings. More than simply the practices of one or another indigenous culture, shamanism is an embodiment of all wisdom and all inherited knowledge from ancestors around the world.

Our common belonging to Mother Earth has been forgotten in the modern world, resulting in a disconnect that should be healed. Our shared Mother is still giving life, we only need to wake up to Her. Recognizing Planet Earth as an interconnected whole is the key to this effort.

Shamanism is built on this recognition and transcends the individual. Life, death, and the balance in between as well as the health of the entire symbiosis are among the purview of shamanic wisdom. This includes all of life, from human beings to the animal kingdom to plants and fungi.


It’s about recognizing the mystery of life and transcending the “me.”


Shamanism is a radical shift from modern perspectives, as it treats all existence with equality, valuing and honoring every leaf, every puff of smoke, every atom, and the void between atoms. All existence has purpose because existence is purpose.

Shamanism is tapping into the inherent wisdom in all of us, as indigenous peoples to Mother Earth. This natural wisdom allows us to deepen our connection to the natural world through higher understanding and awareness.

The deep, spiritual link between the individual and all of the universe, from our physical bodies to our souls to our sense of belonging, is naturally represented through shamanism.


Emerging from the Andean shamans, ancient wisdom regarding healing as awareness and awakening in relation to infinity can still be understood today, even in a modern context.


These esoteric and nearly-lost ritualistic practices show us how to transform our bodies, heal our spirits, and change our lives. Today, neuroscience is only just beginning to corroborate the reality of these ancient techniques.


Our perception of reality is a mirror held up to our subconscious minds, our projections, and our preconceptions. Neural networks, as neuroscientists call them, store these truths, something shamans call the Luminous Energy Field. This is what encodes our very DNA.


All of our habits, behaviors, temperaments, and health problems can be understood through this framework. Even more, we can learn the ability to change it.


Shamanism is implemented through rituals, and that is what we will learn. These create intense focus and awareness of energy within us, which is the first step towards making a change. This change is powerful enough to heal trauma, cure disease, destroy toxic behavior patterns, create a new way of life, and more.


These rituals will teach you to be in greater concert with your inner self and provide you with a deep connection to the mysteries of the universe. Once you have integrated these rituals into your daily life, you can help your clients to do the same, enriching their lives just as these practices will enrich yours.


By putting yourself in dialogue with the universe, you allow it to enter your life and your soul to change you for the better.

You will learn in this module how to embody the awareness you have been taught, in order that you may pass this on to your clients by setting an example. The healing that is developed by this will put you in contact with your essential self, giving you deep insight into the journey of self-discovery we all must take. Both skillful touch and somatic resonance are used in this process to cultivate a meaningful relationship between you and your client.

This close contact with your essential self allows you to build capacity within yourself and others to form more meaningful relationships in general – with others, with yourself, and with the world.


In turn, this allows trust, self-worth, lovability, and many other traits to grow authentically. Through this growth, the critical pillars for self-improvement will be formed in you and your clients turn, providing tools to overcome challenges and change lives. This promotes self-dependence, or independence, and generates sincere resourcefulness in participants.

Many such awareness practices as those learned in this module can be used as forms of self-care in everyday life. Touch is an important one of these, and so it must be learned and applied with care to ensure boundaries are not crossed.

Presence, support, and awareness will be developed through the following:

Combining touch and breathwork


Understanding the process of giving and receiving a hug


Interpreting maternal and paternal needs through the lens of touch


When it’s okay to touch and when it isn’t


Supportive, non-invasive touch techniques


Working with victims of sexual assault or other violence


Role play as a mediator for authenticity


Supporting higher vibrational modes of joy


Removing shame and expressing your soul non-judgmentally

The result of this module will have participants with a better understanding of awareness, the deep states of it that are possible, and how to use it to find true, natural bliss.

This program aims to support all individuals in their right to experience bliss shame-free, without any trauma or abuse.

All human beings deserve to experience their true radiance!


This module is optional and qualified. It involves a sacred retreat to the Peruvian Amazon, where shamanic wisdom can be imparted in the ancient ways.


These ancient healing traditions can be learned nowhere else, and an experience like this is truly life-changing.

This unique opportunity will shape your journey of self-discovery and put you on a path to spiritual bliss.


Balance darkness and light, heal your wounds, and understand yourself better. Explore the peace and bliss that come with letting go of negativity.


 Discover your true soul and let your spirit be guided by this ancient shamanic experience of self.


 Capture the ultimate mysteries of the universe and explore the infinite variety of the eternal self.


Learn the wisdom as it has been passed down for generations in the very place where it began. Walk the true shaman’s path.


Detox your spirit and soil and purify your body with natural, shamanistic support. Learn what is possible when the soul is truly cleansed.


 Connect deeply with nature in the heart of the mighty Amazon Jungle. Become one with it and breathe as it breathes.


Learn new consciousness mapping techniques and find awareness.

Expand your horizons beyond where you thought possible.

Let the unpredictable nature of the jungle guide you into the unknown.

Expand your horizons and transcend personal issues.

Find clarity and move away from toxic narratives.


Don’t miss this opportunity to find yourself and explore your soul in the deep mysteries of the Amazon Rainforest.

1 module


Becoming a modern counselor for consciousness and well-being.

2 module


Understanding the lifespan and its relation to family lineage. Birth, life, wisdom, responsibility and freedom













A completion certificate will be provided to all individuals who complete the required six modules and who attend private coaching sessions. The individual sessions must be charged separately from the primary training seminar.


3 module



Using past trauma to build awareness and transform darkness into light

4 module



Exploring the ultimate Mystery of life and the universe

5 module



Understanding the use of energy and its relation to transformation. A spiritual journey.​

6 module



​Building self-trust and understanding life through the lens of sacredness.

7 module





This bonus module is not required for a certificate. Psychological and emotional assessment will determine your suitability.​














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