There is so Much Poetry to talk about by Satya

There are days that we cry⠀

There are days that pray⠀

There are days we shut up⠀

There are days we scream⠀

There are days like there is none⠀

Enter a vacancy that takes us⠀

We are taken without option⠀

We are taken without a heart⠀

We are thrown into these waters of life⠀

I know I have no metric in poetry⠀

But I also know that there is no metric in life⠀

So ... I shrug my shoulders⠀

Not because I don't want to know⠀

But I just shrug my shoulders and shoot my gaze up to the sky⠀

And I try that my prayers join so many prayers⠀

I try that my prayer, which is in every action, fills some heart⠀

I always have this feeling in my chest that I do little⠀

There is so much to do⠀

There are so many mouths to feed⠀

There are so many tears to wipe⠀

There's so much soul to pack⠀

There are so many arms that want to work⠀

There is so much music to play⠀

There is so much poetry to talk about⠀

There are so many laughs to drop⠀

There are so many kisses to give⠀

No, I cannot remain indifferent to those who need to go and ask to eat and have shame in their eyes⠀

It's as if they squeezed me by the neck and hung me there in a place without a floor⠀

No, I can't not feel the pain of the other⠀

It hurts me anyway ... and this pain has no color, no border, no name, no tongue, no age ... just looks hidden on the floor⠀

It hurts me to know that there are so many without eating⠀

Even if I fill the days, hours, minutes, seconds to help ... I always have this feeling that my arms stretch a little to give ...⠀

Come to hope⠀

Come to innocence⠀

Come love⠀

Come the regrets that grab those who have no hand⠀

Come to freedom⠀

Come ... please come ....⠀

And whoever writes this has no despair ... there is but it's heart⠀

And then ... I look at that horizon and I remember the word forgiveness ...⠀

Come come...⠀

Come on ..."⠀




1 May 2020

1 :00 AM ⠀

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