Updated: Dec 1, 2019


Filipa /42 years old / Researcher and Teaching Assistant  What is the meaning of life?  Life is a mystery!!! How is true peace? Accept responsibility for everything in my life What is the greatest quality humans possess?    

Honesty; Forgiveness; authenticity

Name 3 people that you admire and why?   

Marie Curie (She was the first woman to win a noble prize); Galileo Galilei (played a leading role in the scientific revolution)Fernando Pessoa (Portuguese visionary)  What does love mean to me?    

Selflove; truth, honesty, complicity Where does my happiness come from?    

Help others; Share moments, memories and time with family and friends What is my inspiration?

Books; traveling; Music; talking to casual people; simple things; my daughters; silence  One song: Abrete Corazon - Claudia Stern Is Nature important for you? Why?

Yes - to connect to ourselves  What is faith for you?   

Believe in me and in my essence  Do you believe in GOD?   

I believe in magic... Do you believe in a higher consciousness? 

The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must felt with the heart (Hellen Keller) What message would you give to the future generations?   

What hurts you blesses you, darkness is your candle (Rumi) How do I want to be remembered?  Human person

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